Bride of the Water God synopsis

Before I start summarising the drama can I just say how much I LOVE Nam Joo-Hyuk? He  has that 'prince' feel to him, he's absolutely adorable yet masculine, he is perfect. After the Weightlifting Fairy Era I'm sure everyone were having withdrawal symptoms. I sure did, I missed seeing his cute smile especially how he doesn't [...]

Bride of the Water God ep 2 summary

EPISODE 2   Soo-ah closes her eyes and does not push Habaek away. Habaek pushes her away and announces she is the servant of a god. She will feel like something has slowly crept into her heart, he asks her to be grateful since it's a blessing from god. Soo-ah does not respond as she's [...]

Bride of the Water God ep 1 summary

EPISODE 1   A monk tells a young girl that gods live in a world that is composed of 3 different countries: Water Country, Sky Country and Earth Country. People from the realm of the gods send gods to their world in order to look after the world. The girl asks the monk whether the god [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 32 summary

EPISODE 32   Bong-hee receives a call from the police station, a child called Jae-hong has been brought there because he's witnessed a murder however he does not remember the murderer's face. Without a choice Bong-hee has to go back being an attorney. She takes Jae-hong to the office and introduces him to the gang, [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 31 summary

EPISODE 31   Ji-wook pauses and ask Bong-hee when did she found out. Bong-hee does not answer him and asks him back the same question. Ji-wook answers he found out recently which she questions why he never told her. Ji-wook answers it does not mater to him; what her father did does not affect him [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 30 summary

EPISODE 30 With Bong-hee's help Eun-hyuk finally remembers the man whom Yoo-jung chased after. He's called Lee Joon Hae, he's also the witness of the case and also an arsonist. The team agrees to looking out for news clips related to the case as there's a high chance Lee Joon Hae is the real culprit. [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 29 summary

EPISODE 29   No it can't be, Bong-hee's father is the man whom Ji-wook fears the most, the man who appeared in the inferno and approached him sinisterly. Ji-wook thinks back to all the comments Bong-hee made about her father, everything seems to be falling into place and making sense now. After they've washed up [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 28 summary

EPISODE 28 Yoo-jung is interrogating a man. The man tells Yoo-jung that he started a fire in Doboo-dong 2 years ago and it caused someone to die. However someone else got arrested instead and now he feels guilty. The drama skips to Yoo-jung and Moo-young's conversation. Moo-young tells Yoo-jung that the prosecutors should never make [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 27 summary

EPISODE 27 Hyun-soo is placed on the stretcher and taken to the hospital. Ji-wook and Yoo-jung are distraught as they were only 1 step away from capturing Hyun-soo however an expected misfortune has occurred. Ji-wook gives Yoo-jung a lift back to the office because he wants to ask her something- who tipped her off about [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 26 summary

EPISODE 26   Bong-hee gets a call from the police station, both Ji-wook and Hyun-soo are arrested. Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee quickly arrives to the station so they can understand the situation. Ji-wook meekly smiles at Bong-hee which Bong-hee returns back with a smile. Hyun-soo glances at Bong-hee however she completely ignores him, Hyun-soo looks disappointed [...]