Bride of the Water God synopsis

Before I start summarising the drama can I just say how much I LOVE Nam Joo-Hyuk? He  has that 'prince' feel to him, he's absolutely adorable yet masculine, he is perfect. After the Weightlifting Fairy Era I'm sure everyone were having withdrawal symptoms. I sure did, I missed seeing his cute smile especially how he doesn't [...]

Suspicious Partner synopsis

I don't know whether I am biased or what, but I always loved Ji Chang Wook's acting, I think his acting is always professional and he can portray any character perfectly. It's my first time watching a drama featuring Nam Ji-hyun but I am pleasantly pleased with her acting too, I've read that some people don't [...]

My Secret Romance ep 1 summary

EPISODE 1- THE ONE NIGHT RELATIONSHIP Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is your main dude of this drama. He enters the night club and seemingly seems popular with the girls as they cannot help but look at him. He shortly joins his friend and comments on the bad music, he states he learnt how to be [...]

My Secret Romance synopsis

So I have finished "Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon" and I am quite clueless with what to watch next, I wanted to watch the "The Liar and his Lover" but turned against the idea because it doesn't seem as entertaining as this; we all love a bit of humour. Also the drama has already progressed quite [...]

Chief Kim ep 8 summary

EPISODE 8 Seong-ryong is clearly doing a full on strike. He brings not only a massaging chair but pillows and entertainment items. The 'witch' demands him to remove it immediately but he refuses because none of these items break the waiting room rules. He takes out the list of rules and insists he has stayed [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 4 summary

EPISODE 4 Jung confesses to Seol in the most emm unromantic way. What makes it worst is that Seol never considered him more than a friend, she reacts in a very shocked and flustered way. Jung lets go of Seol's hand because he assumes it's a rejection. Seol immediately grabs on to his hand and says [...]

Cheese in the Trap synopsis

SYNOPSIS I have never read the webtoon before so I cannot tell you if it's identical but I have read that it's slightly different. Moreover, I believe the webtoon has not finished... correct me if I am wrong... It has been around few months since I have watched this and even re-watched this drama to [...]