Suspicious Partner ep 28 summary

EPISODE 28 Yoo-jung is interrogating a man. The man tells Yoo-jung that he started a fire in Doboo-dong 2 years ago and it caused someone to die. However someone else got arrested instead and now he feels guilty. The drama skips to Yoo-jung and Moo-young's conversation. Moo-young tells Yoo-jung that the prosecutors should never make [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 27 summary

EPISODE 27 Hyun-soo is placed on the stretcher and taken to the hospital. Ji-wook and Yoo-jung are distraught as they were only 1 step away from capturing Hyun-soo however an expected misfortune has occurred. Ji-wook gives Yoo-jung a lift back to the office because he wants to ask her something- who tipped her off about [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 26 summary

EPISODE 26   Bong-hee gets a call from the police station, both Ji-wook and Hyun-soo are arrested. Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee quickly arrives to the station so they can understand the situation. Ji-wook meekly smiles at Bong-hee which Bong-hee returns back with a smile. Hyun-soo glances at Bong-hee however she completely ignores him, Hyun-soo looks disappointed [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 25 summary

EPISODE 25 The drama skips back to Mr Bang and Hyun-soo's fight. Mr Bang is already panting in pain however Hyun-soo will not let this fight slip by he uses the knife he's carrying to stab Mr Bang in the abdominal area. The drama skips to Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk's. They're inside the car right now [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 24 summary

EPISODE 24   There's no evidence of Yeon-woo's boyfriend attacking Yeon-woo hence Bong-hee heads off to search for evidence, Ji-wook being the caring boyfriend he is joins Bong-hee on the search. However to no avail nothing could be found despite searching through bins and toilet cubicles. Once Bong-hee and Ji-wook returns from their search the [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 23 summary

EPISODE 23   Ji-wook voices over: "I hesitated to start this because I was afraid of it coming to an end. The moment I realised my feelings for you I ran away from you like a coward. And I failed because I started to have feelings for you without realising. " Bong-hee is taken aback [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 16 summary

EPISODE 16   Hyun-soo confronts Chan-ho. He threateningly approaches Chan-ho and asks why he left traces of his footprint at the crime scene and also the button of his shirt. Hyun-soo explains Chan-ho always cleaned up nicely yet he made such a mistake. Hyun-soo aggressively pushes Chan-ho against a car using his elbow. He will [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 15 summary

EPISODE 15   Ji-wook bumps into Hyun-soo while he is returning from meeting the couple. Ji-wook requests Hyun-soo to drink with him before he goes. However once Ji-wook returns he finds the whole group in a drunken mess. Ji-wook and Hyun-soo starts drinking together. Hyun-soo tries to start a conversation, he tells Ji-wook that he [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 13 summary

EPISODE 13   Ji-wook sternly tells Bong-hee to not fall for him, Bong-hee is surprised by his sudden words and asks what he means but Ji-wook remains silent. Bong-hee explains there's many things she wants to ask but she knows he will not answer. Ji-wook gently nods his head but in his mind he asks [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 12 summary

EPISODE 12 Yoo-Jung confronts Eun-hyuk as he steps outside the building. She demands to know why he's ignoring her calls; is he and Ji-wook going against her or something. She questions why she's being childish herself and sighs. She continues speaking, she was bad but he's bad too. Yoo-Jung asks whether he knows Ji-wook has [...]