Cheese in the Trap ep 13 summary

EPISODE 13 Seol is helping In-ho with studying, however Seol is not fully concentrating and is busy sending texts to Jung. Jung asks Seol what she is doing and she goes to call Jung, she explains she's helping In-ho but that's it, there's nothing more to it. In-ho happens to leave and overhears Seol saying [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 12 summary

EPISODE 12 Seol is lost in her thoughts because of Jung's sudden change in attitude. As she walks home she senses that someone is following her, she says aloud to the person who is following  to come out. Turns out the person who is following her is Young-gon. She steps back and warns him to [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 11 summary

EPISODE 11 Seol reassures herself that there's nothing between Jung and In-ha before deleting the photo of them. Young-gon is thinking about his new plan- he should confront Seol about the photo of In-ha and Jung because this can cause Seol to break up with Jung, if not, then at least it can embarrass Jung [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 10 summary

EPISODE 10 As Jung hugs Seol he places a can of coffee into Seol's pocket, without another word he leaves. After the exam Eun-taek leaves Bora and Seol as he claims he's not hungry and does not need lunch which leaves Seol and Bora in confusion. Turns out Eun-taek is meeting Jung. Jung states Seol [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 9 summary

EPISODE 9 Seol: "The small problems in life flows at me like ripples. But they are merely ripples. Like everyone has done, I can endure it" Young-gon is just as obsessed with Seol despite having a girlfriend- Da-young. Not only that but school work is not going well with Seol either, Sang-chul does not send [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 8 summary

EPISODE 8 Seol says to Jung that he fights with In-ho every time they see each other however she does not think they are fighting because they hate each other. Jung answers that he does not like it when she speaks to In-ho, nor does he like it when she takes In-ho's side. He requests [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 7 summary

EPISODE 7 Bora, Eun-taek and Jung are here to help Seol move her stuff back to her family home. However they decides to eat before moving, on their way to the restaurant they bump into In-ho and Seol's younger brother. They end up eating together, the topic- Young-gon arises during the meal. In-ho angrily asks [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 6 summary

  EPISODE 6 Seol and Jung are positioned at an expensive long dining table, Seol is curious as to why they are here however Jung answers she always want to argue with him, she was the one who made judgements about him and created the misunderstandings. From the time at the year party and at [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 5 summary

EPISODE 5 Almost like she is caught cheating, Seol is shocked to see Jung's appearance at her apartment doorstep. Jung urges Seol to go in first because he needs to speak to In-ho. In-ho demands to know why he cut his sister's credit card off. Jung does not seem to care and adds that he [...]

Cheese in the Trap ep 4 summary

EPISODE 4 Jung confesses to Seol in the most emm unromantic way. What makes it worst is that Seol never considered him more than a friend, she reacts in a very shocked and flustered way. Jung lets go of Seol's hand because he assumes it's a rejection. Seol immediately grabs on to his hand and says [...]