Suspicious Partner ep 27 summary

EPISODE 27 Hyun-soo is placed on the stretcher and taken to the hospital. Ji-wook and Yoo-jung are distraught as they were only 1 step away from capturing Hyun-soo however an expected misfortune has occurred. Ji-wook gives Yoo-jung a lift back to the office because he wants to ask her something- who tipped her off about [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 26 summary

EPISODE 26   Bong-hee gets a call from the police station, both Ji-wook and Hyun-soo are arrested. Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee quickly arrives to the station so they can understand the situation. Ji-wook meekly smiles at Bong-hee which Bong-hee returns back with a smile. Hyun-soo glances at Bong-hee however she completely ignores him, Hyun-soo looks disappointed [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 25 summary

EPISODE 25 The drama skips back to Mr Bang and Hyun-soo's fight. Mr Bang is already panting in pain however Hyun-soo will not let this fight slip by he uses the knife he's carrying to stab Mr Bang in the abdominal area. The drama skips to Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk's. They're inside the car right now [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 24 summary

EPISODE 24   There's no evidence of Yeon-woo's boyfriend attacking Yeon-woo hence Bong-hee heads off to search for evidence, Ji-wook being the caring boyfriend he is joins Bong-hee on the search. However to no avail nothing could be found despite searching through bins and toilet cubicles. Once Bong-hee and Ji-wook returns from their search the [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 23 summary

EPISODE 23   Ji-wook voices over: "I hesitated to start this because I was afraid of it coming to an end. The moment I realised my feelings for you I ran away from you like a coward. And I failed because I started to have feelings for you without realising. " Bong-hee is taken aback [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 22 summary

EPISODE 22   Young-hee senses something strange going on between Bong-hee and Ji-wook. He confronts them however both rejects they're dating. Young-hee throws a fit as he does not believe their words, he threatens to throw water and money on Bong-hee. Ji-wook asks Young-hee why he's so interested in their relationship anyways, Young-hee shouts back [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 21 summary

EPISODE 21   Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk returns from jogging which Bong-hee happily greets them. Ji-wook is confused by her happy expression which Bong-hee express seeing 2 grown up men returning from exercising is every girls' dream. Ji-wook quickly urges Eun-hyuk to leave but Eun-hyuk refuses. Ji-wook quickly drags Bong-hee to the kitchen so she watches [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 20 summary

EPISODE 20   It's the first trial for Seong-eun's case. Ji-hye explains Seong-eun has committed murder in such a brutal manner. Eun-hyuk defends his client, although she admits to murder however they should also acknowledge the fact she's been verbally and physically abused for the past 20 years. Bong-hee and Ji-wook watches over the trial. [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 18 summary

EPISODE 18 Ji-wook updates Mr Bang that they went to Hyun-soo's place but discovered nothing important but just to be safe he brought along the photo to see whether Mr Bang can notice anything they couldn't. Mr Bang states it will be difficult but they'll try his best. Mr Bang catches Ji-wook staring at Bong-hee, [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 6 summary

EPISODE 6 After Bong-hee finishes the case she uses her briefcase to hide her face and runs out the courtroom because she made a mistake during it (Ji-wook distracted her too much). However Bong-hee will also use this chance to spy on Ji-wook, she watches him not in theĀ audience but from a window. Eun-hyuk notices [...]