Suspicious Partner ep 40 summary

EPISODE 40 Yoo-jung tries to avoid Eun-hyuk the next day however Eun-hyuk will not let her slip by, he refuses to leave her alone and suggests they talk about 'them'. With such a straightforward suggestion Yoo-jung has to agree. She tells Eun-hyuk that she wants to apologise for the other day however Eun-hyuk can only [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 39 summary

EPISODE 39 Bong-hee lazes around Ji-hye's sofa, Ji-hye demands her to get up like a normal person because she hasn't moved from the sofa for the whole weekend. Bong-hee thinks back to her kiss with Ji-wook, after this passionate kiss Bong-hee leaves the court promptly, leaving Ji-wook chasing after her. She tells Ji-wook that she [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 38 summary

EPISODE 38  Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that she visited Moo-young because she found out that he was the prosecutor responsible for So-young's case. She also found out that few of the assailants were from rich, well-connected families and their parens obviously wanted the case to be buried. The family even tried to blame So-young for trying [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 37 summary

EPISODE 37 Yoo-jung calls Ji-wook to tell him that Hyun-soo has confessed to murdering Hee-joon and the people that were found in the boiler. Ji-wook is startled by this sudden news, he asks Yoo-jung whether Moo-young was present when Hyun-soo made that confession. Yoo-jung replies he was watching from outside when he was being questioned. [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 36 summary

EPISODE 36 Ji-wook has been discharged from the hospital and the moment he returns back home he tries sneaking downstairs so he can work. However Bong-hee refuses because she believes he needs to rest more. She tells Ji-wook to quickly recover because if he does not she'll live in guilt forever. She pushes Ji-wook onto [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 35 summary

EPISODE 35 Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee rushes to the hospital to see whether Yoo-jung is okay. Eun-hyuk is already panicking once he sees the unconscious Yoo-jung, he raises his voice and demands Ji-wook to tell him what happened to Yoo-jung. Ji-wook answers that Yoo-jung has a mild concussion which Eun-hyuk snaps and claims concussion is important [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 34 summary

EPISODE 34 Ji-wook drops Bong-hee off at Ji-hye's apartment, Ji-hye greets him and states she thought they broke up. Bong-hee and Ji-wook stays silent in awkwardness. Bong-hee gestures Ji-wook to leave first before it gets even more awkward. Coincidentally Eun-hyuk and Yoo-jung arrives, Ji-wook looks at them awkwardly and Ji-hye asks why they are together. [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 32 summary

EPISODE 32   Bong-hee receives a call from the police station, a child called Jae-hong has been brought there because he's witnessed a murder however he does not remember the murderer's face. Without a choice Bong-hee has to go back being an attorney. She takes Jae-hong to the office and introduces him to the gang, [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 31 summary

EPISODE 31   Ji-wook pauses and ask Bong-hee when did she found out. Bong-hee does not answer him and asks him back the same question. Ji-wook answers he found out recently which she questions why he never told her. Ji-wook answers it does not mater to him; what her father did does not affect him [...]

Suspicious Partner ep 30 summary

EPISODE 30 With Bong-hee's help Eun-hyuk finally remembers the man whom Yoo-jung chased after. He's called Lee Joon Hae, he's also the witness of the case and also an arsonist. The team agrees to looking out for news clips related to the case as there's a high chance Lee Joon Hae is the real culprit. [...]