Bride of the Water God ep 4 summary

EPISODE 4   Soo-ah is unconscious and the only place Habaek can bring her back is to his bouncy castle. Soo-ri celebrates the return of Habaek's power, he hands over a stone to Habaek and requests Habaek to transform it however to no avail the stone remains as a stone. Soo-ri wails in disappointment. Soo-ah [...]

Bride of the Water God ep 3 summary

EPISODE 3   Soo-ah glances at Habaek awkwardly, she asks whether he stays in this bouncy castle, Habaek replies yes proudly like there's nothing wrong with living inside a bouncy case. Soo-ah asks why he's alone which Habaek replies he has lost Soo-ri. Soo-ah gasp and asks what happened however Habaek refuses to tell her [...]

Bride of the Water God synopsis

Before I start summarising the drama can I just say how much I LOVE Nam Joo-Hyuk? He  has that 'prince' feel to him, he's absolutely adorable yet masculine, he is perfect. After the Weightlifting Fairy Era I'm sure everyone were having withdrawal symptoms. I sure did, I missed seeing his cute smile especially how he doesn't [...]