Bride of the Water God ep 4 summary

EPISODE 4   Soo-ah is unconscious and the only place Habaek can bring her back is to his bouncy castle. Soo-ri celebrates the return of Habaek's power, he hands over a stone to Habaek and requests Habaek to transform it however to no avail the stone remains as a stone. Soo-ri wails in disappointment. Soo-ah [...]

Bride of the Water God ep 3 summary

EPISODE 3   Soo-ah glances at Habaek awkwardly, she asks whether he stays in this bouncy castle, Habaek replies yes proudly like there's nothing wrong with living inside a bouncy case. Soo-ah asks why he's alone which Habaek replies he has lost Soo-ri. Soo-ah gasp and asks what happened however Habaek refuses to tell her [...]

Bride of the Water God synopsis

Before I start summarising the drama can I just say how much I LOVE Nam Joo-Hyuk? He  has that 'prince' feel to him, he's absolutely adorable yet masculine, he is perfect. After the Weightlifting Fairy Era I'm sure everyone were having withdrawal symptoms. I sure did, I missed seeing his cute smile especially how he doesn't [...]

Bride of the Water God ep 2 summary

EPISODE 2   Soo-ah closes her eyes and does not push Habaek away. Habaek pushes her away and announces she is the servant of a god. She will feel like something has slowly crept into her heart, he asks her to be grateful since it's a blessing from god. Soo-ah does not respond as she's [...]

Bride of the Water God ep 1 summary

EPISODE 1   A monk tells a young girl that gods live in a world that is composed of 3 different countries: Water Country, Sky Country and Earth Country. People from the realm of the gods send gods to their world in order to look after the world. The girl asks the monk whether the god [...]