Suspicious Partner ep 40 summary


Yoo-jung tries to avoid Eun-hyuk the next day however Eun-hyuk will not let her slip by, he refuses to leave her alone and suggests they talk about ‘them’. With such a straightforward suggestion Yoo-jung has to agree. She tells Eun-hyuk that she wants to apologise for the other day however Eun-hyuk can only sigh, he tells Yoo-jung that it may have been a mistake for her but he meant it. He tells Yoo-jung he’s been feeling this way for a long time, he tried to suppress his own feelings but he couldn’t. Even now the only person he’s looking at is still her. Eun-hyuk pleads Yoo-jung to like him back. Yoo-jung stammers in her response and replies she’s unsure how she sees him; as a man or a just a friend. She asks whether that will be okay with him which Eun-hyuk nods happily because that’s more than enough for him.

Bong-hee has her first client after the whole situation with Hyun-soo. It’s a woman who is being charged for using a metal bat to hit her husband due to his infidelity. Turns out the prosecutor is Ji-wook. Bong-hee suggests Ji-wook give her client a probation instead of imprisonment because the victim does not want her to be imprison too. Ji-wook smiles at Bong-hee and informs her that he will decide.

Ji-wook asks the client when did her husband’s infidelity started which she replies it started since 30 years ago. Ji-wook stammers in surprise of the duration. Bong-hee explains that she only hit her husband with the bat because she was momentarily shock and angry and could not withstand her husband’s action anymore.

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Ji-wook and Bong-hee goes for a walk together after the discussion. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that she can understand the woman’s action because she withstood it for years and years, but finally had enough. Ji-wook explains that the woman’s action is strange because if she was that annoyed then she would have resolved it by divorcing or hitting him harder with the bat. Bong-hee defends her client, her client might have stopped because of their kids. Ji-wook does not believe her suggestion and Bong-hee starts getting worked up. They start bickering due to the case. However Ji-wook quickly snaps out of it and tells Bong-hee that they should not get worked up over a case that does’t involve them. He grabs onto Bong-hee’s hand and persuades her to stop arguing over the case. Bong-hee huffs and tells Ji-wook that she’s not angry at him just for this, she huffs and walks away. Poor Ji-wook is experiencing what dating is like again. 

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Ji-wook consults Mr Bang, Eun-hyuk and Young-hee about why Bong-hee is mad, he understands why she’s mad but at the same time he does not. Young-hee laughs at Ji-wook’s problems and explains if he ever needs help then he should ask him because he’s a professional. After all he’s been living with his wife for 30 years. Young-hee tells Ji-wook to apologise earnestly every time Bong-hee seems to be mad because it will save him in every situation.

On the other hand Bong-hee asks Yoo-jung and Ji-hye of advice. Ji-hye and Yoo-jung does not seem interested in Bong-hee’s problem but Ji-hye cannot stay quiet anymore and wants to act like a pro. Ji-hye tells Bong-hee that couple’s bond deepens when there are external problems and once it’s gone they pick each other’s flaws hence leading to arguments. Ji-hye coldheartedly declares that’s what gonna happen in their near future.

Ji-wook tries to follow Young-hee’s advice however it completely flops because Bong-hee asks Ji-wook what he’s sorry about however Ji-wook cannot explain it. He immediately runs out the house before she questions him any further. The internal problem that Ji-hye warned is also appearing, Bong-hee keeps nitpicking everything Ji-wook does or say, but despite all that, their happy but argument filled lifestyle continues.

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Eun-hyuk and Yoo-jung are having lunch together, Yoo-jung stares at Eun-hyuk angrily as he eats. She questions why he didn’t call her yesterday which Eun-hyuk answers that he had a team dinner last night and went back home, and once he was back it was too late too call her. Yoo-jung glares at his excuse. Eun-hyuk promises to never do it again which she sulks but half-smiling at his promisel. Ji-hye overhears their conversation and comments to herself that their conversation is annoying.

The gang is all gathered around the dinning table. Eun-hyuk flicks through the lists of applicants and explains they have more applicants than expected. Ji-wook states they should host preliminary round first which Bong-hee enthusiastically volunteers to be the judge. However Young-hee refuses because she has bad taste and will only hire handsome lawyers. Eun-hyuk agrees because she previously said that too. Ji-wook glares at Bong-hee like she’s been caught red-handed. She tries to laugh it off and insists she was only joking. Eun-hyuk asks why there are people present that’s not meant to be here (Ji-wook, Mr Bang and Yoo-jung). Ji-wook defends himself and explains this is his house but Young-hee states he pays him the rent though. Eun-hyuk has replaced Ji-wook’s position, he quickly slams his hand on the table to stop the bickering. The meeting is yet again interrupted by Young-hee’s blabbing, the group slowly sneaks out so they don’t have to hear it.

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Bong-hee and Ji-wook holds hand whilst strolling in the forest park together. Ji-wook suddenly says Bong-hee’s name but does not say anything else. He stops his pace and suddenly declares he loves her. Bong-hee replies she loves him too. Ji-wook takes out a diamond ring and places it on her ring finger. He declares he loves her and will love her forever. Bong-hee is too surprise to say anything, she looks down on the ring and smiles. She asks Ji-wook whether he is proposing to her which Ji-wook smiles and nods. Bong-hee asks Ji-wook whether he is going to sing which he pauses, unsure what to say. Bong-hee leans in and kisses him on the lips. She tells Ji-wook that she loves him even if he does not sing, and her answer is yes.

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