Suspicious Partner ep 39 summary


Bong-hee lazes around Ji-hye’s sofa, Ji-hye demands her to get up like a normal person because she hasn’t moved from the sofa for the whole weekend. Bong-hee thinks back to her kiss with Ji-wook, after this passionate kiss Bong-hee leaves the court promptly, leaving Ji-wook chasing after her. She tells Ji-wook that she has a trial to attend as an excuse, poor Ji-wook looks at the leaving Bong-hee in complete surprise.

Bong-hee tells Ji-hye that she’s becoming really fickle minded recently and she doesn’t have the courage like she used to do. Ji-hye looks at Bong-hee blankly, clearly uninterested in her life story. Suddenly the bell rings and it’s none other than Ji-wook, he asks Ji-hye whether Bong-hee is in which Ji-hye replies yes, she pleads Ji-wook to come in and move her from the sofa. Ji-wook enters the apartment and tells Bong-hee to come outside because he wants to discuss something with her. Ji-hye who is standing behind Ji-wook gestures Bong-hee to fix her hair. Bong-hee immediately refuses and hides her face. Ji-wook informs Bong-hee that she does not need to feel ashamed because as he’s said before ‘she’s pretty even when she is dirty’. 

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Bong-hee follows after Ji-wook to the nearby park with her messy hair. Ji-wook suddenly looks around and tells Bong-hee that he tried to call her for the whole weekend. Bong-hee with the word ‘guilty’ plastered all over her face explains to Ji-wook that her phone ran out of battery. Ji-wook asks Bong-hee why she is avoiding him which she corrects him and says ‘avoiding’ isn’t the word to use but more like she is scared. Ji-wook scoffs and asks why she’s scared. Bong-hee explains they were dating happily before but things happened and now she’s scared bad things will happen again. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee they should just date again which Bong-hee stares at him in shock because he said it without a care whilst she’s been thinking for so long. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee to take responsibility after being all over him at the court, she can’t leave him now. Bong-hee answers him that it was only a kiss which shocks Ji-wook. Ji-wook is shocked by her statement. Bong-hee asks whether he’s not scared of bad stuff happening which Ji-wook answers that they cannot do anything about it anyways so they should just accept it when it comes. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee that breaking up with her is scarier, Bong-hee is touched by Ji-wook’s declaration, she agrees to dating.

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Moo-young explains during his court session that he admits his fault in bringing Hyun-soo to the apartment, however he only did it because there were many things he wanted to know in regards to his son’s death. Also he only brought the knife to the scene because he wanted defend himself against Hyun-soo if he ever tried to attack him. Moo-young states he never intended to kill anyone. Bong-hee watches it from the audience seat, Bong-hee asks Ji-wook what will they rule Moo-young which Ji-wook answers he’s not too sure.

It has been decided that Hyun-soo is sentenced for life-long imprisonment. Everyone starts congratulating Bong-hee for being completely innocent, Bong-hee can only give a meek smile in disbelief that she’s completely innocent now. To celebrate her official ‘release’ Bong-hee and Ji-wook decides to go on a date with each other, but their plan soon goes out the window when Ji-wook cannot leave his work early due to the never-ending workload. Bong-hee continues waiting patiently until she sees Yoo-jung and Ji-hye heading out for dinner. Being the thick-skinned person Bong-hee is she decides to tag along like there’s nothing wrong with with her intrusion.

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Yoo-jung advises Bong-hee that she’ll get stood up a lot from now on because Ji-wook is a workaholic, Bong-hee laughs and asks whether she’s advising her as the ex-girlfriend of Ji-wook. Yoo-jung asks whether Ji-hye is interested in Eun-hyuk which she asks back whether it’s okay to say yes. Bong-hee tells Ji-hye to not live a life of going after people are who are taken. Yoo-jung sulks and demands to know who Eun-hyuk is dating and whether he likes someone. Ji-hye and Bong-hee cheers to each other in agreement of Yoo-jung being obnoxious.

Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk arrives to the restaurant and discovers 3 drunk women. Ji-wook immediately takes Bong-hee away leaving Eun-hyuk to take care of drunk Ji-hye and Yoo-jung. Luckily enough Eun-hyuk manages to bring Bong-hee and Yoo-jung back to their flat in one piece. Eun-hyuk drops Yoo-jung off, he asks why she’s such a lightweight now, before she can drink a lot. Yoo-jung sulks and tells Eun-hyuk that she’s getting old and her body changes every year.

Eun-hyuk is about to leave but Yoo-jung starts swaying and is about to fall, Eun-hyuk manages to catch her before she falls over. They share an awkward look to each other. Eun-hyuk tries to brush it off and insists he’s leaving. Yoo-jung grabs onto Eun-hyuk’s hand and explains she’s really drunk right now. Eun-hyuk tightens his grasp on Yoo-jung’s hand and kisses her. He pulls away and apologises but Yoo-jung grabs onto Eun-hyuk’s shirt and brings him closer.

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