Suspicious Partner ep 38 summary


Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that she visited Moo-young because she found out that he was the prosecutor responsible for So-young’s case. She also found out that few of the assailants were from rich, well-connected families and their parens obviously wanted the case to be buried. The family even tried to blame So-young for trying to ruin their son’s future. Later on So-young even took her own life. Hyun-soo avenged her death by killing the guys who didn’t get punished back then. Bong-hee asks what Ji-wook is going to do, he answers that he’s going to charge Hyun-soo for gang rape. SAY WHAT?!

Ji-wook interrogates Hyun-soo again, he tells Hyun-soo that Min-young Hoon (the man who hit Hyun-soo with his car) confessed during interrogation that Hyun-soo was part of the gang-rape. Hyun-soo asks how much money Ji-wook gave him, he scoffs at how low Ji-wook has become to use such tactic. Ji-wook answers he’s not too sure but he will see him at the trial.

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“The defendants, Min-young Hoon and Jung Hyun-soo, with the deceased Yang Jin woo, Lee Jae Ho, Kim Min Gu, Sung Jae Hyun, and Ko Chan Ho who is missing, lured the victim Park So-young to a warehouse in Hyunjin-dong, Goyang around 5pm on July 11, 2003. After they lured the victim, they physically suppressed her resistance and sexually assaulted the victim. Ergo, I ask Jung Hyun-soo and Min-young Hoon be punished. I prosecute the defendants for a violation of the law for the victim”

Ji-wook presents his opening statement clearly, the judge asks the defence lawyer whether Min-young pleads guilty which the lawyer answers yes. However Hyun-soo’s lawyer states Hyun-soo does not plead guilty.

Ji-wook asks Min-young Hoon whether he had sexually assaulted So-young which he admits so. Ji-wook states he previously pointed out seven individuals as the violators of the victim, he asks whether this is correct which Min-young answers yes. Ji-wook asks Min-young to point out the violator and whether he’s present in this courtroom. Min-young without hesitation points at Hyun-soo.

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Hyun-soo states the whole situation is completely absurd and he thinks a certain prosecutor is throwing accusations at him and fabricating evidence. Ji-wook takes out an evidence- a list of names that So-young previously filed. Hyun-soo laughs, he states the list is so well kept that it seem fabricated to him. Ji-wook tells Hyun-soo they’re going to re-visit the day of the crime, Hyun-soo cannot keep his cool as Ji-wook throws more and more accusations at him. However Hyun-soo is quickly calmed down when the judge demands Hyun-soo to remain silent until asked.

Ji-wook tries explains the crime scene however he keeps getting interrupted by Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo starts to lose his temper because Ji-wook is getting the story wrong. Ji-wook points out that Hyun-soo seems to know the scene pretty well to point he could have been present too. Hyun-soo is left speechless, he stammers that he has heard about it and wasn’t there. Ji-wook asks Hyun-soo to list the 7 assailants, Hyun-soo starts listing however once he reaches the last person he starts panicking, he tries to list it again but stops at the last person again.

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The drama skips back to Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s conversation. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that Hyun-soo could have been one of the assailants because the detective that was responsible for the case has kept the case file, and on that list is has Hyun-soo’s name on it. Bong-hee also explains she visited the victim’s mother to verify and the results were the same. Ji-wook stares intensely at the list and questions what in the world happened. Bong-hee hesitates but explains when people are in great trauma or regret they sometimes get rid of their memories or change them. Ji-wook agrees, for example he changed his memory regarding the fire accident. Bong-hee continues, then it is quite possible that Hyun-soo has distorted his own memory.

Hyun-soo’s voice starts shaking, he questions Ji-wook whether he really thinks he’s like those scumbags which Ji-wook replies yes, he’s exactly like them. Ji-wook announces loud and clear that Hyun-soo, alongside 6 assailant raped So-young. Hyun-soo screams and bashes the table. He’s quickly detained by 2 security guards. Hyun-soo loses his cool, his voice is shaking with fear and anger. He claims he’s innocent and different from those scumbags, he killed them all to revenge for So-young.

Hyun-soo finally realises he’s been trapped. He bursts out laughing like a maniac person. Ji-wook announces that Hyun-soo is charged with both rape and murder but he’s interrupted by Hyun-soo’s shaky voice. Hyun-soo tells Ji-wook to go to Hyunjin-dong because he will find the evidence (Chan-ho’s body and murder item) he’s looking for. Hyun-soo begs Ji-wook to stop talking now. Hyun-soo looks around the court with wandering eyes, his feet is unsteady, he waves from one side to another unable to digest what just happened.

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Turns out the child version of Hyun-soo was not the Hyun-soo we now know, he was a pushover that couldn’t stop his friend or even talk back to them. He was a spectator during the crime but to make matter worst he had a crush on So-young and he felt so bad he couldn’t protect the girl he liked his memory changed as a defence mechanism.

Bong-hee approaches Eun-hyuk and suggest they hire an attorney that’s good-looking and young. Eun-hyuk huffs and asks whether he’s not good enough which Bong-hee jokingly says yes. Eun-hyuk asks whether Ji-wook is good enough however Bong-hee stays quiet. Speaking of the devil, Ji-wook walks into the kitchen and sees them talking. Eun-hyuk whispers into Bong-hee’s ears and tells her to follow her heart. Ji-wook is feeling unsteady about their whispering, he can’t help but continue turning back as he’s searching through the fridge. Bong-hee loses her courage and walks straight pass Ji-wook. Eun-hyuk tells Ji-wook that he’s dense and slow, Ji-wook angrily asks what he has done for him to call him that.

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Bong-hee voices over as she reminisces her fateful encounters with Ji-wook:

“Some memories just pop into my head suddenly. You and I faced each other in court as the prosecutor in charge and a suspect of the case. You demanded that I spend 15 years in prison and also you rescued me and I fell for you who tried to save me. Now that I think about it, after that day, my life was a series of days for me to fall for you again and again. Even at this very moment, I fall for you again”

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