Suspicious Partner ep 37 summary


Yoo-jung calls Ji-wook to tell him that Hyun-soo has confessed to murdering Hee-joon and the people that were found in the boiler. Ji-wook is startled by this sudden news, he asks Yoo-jung whether Moo-young was present when Hyun-soo made that confession. Yoo-jung replies he was watching from outside when he was being questioned. Ji-wook immediately heads out but happens to see Bong-hee, he tells her that he’s sensing something strange about Hyun-soo’s case which Bong-hee also agrees because Moo-young apologised to her. Ji-wook frowns at her comment because there is definitely something strange going on.

As expected Moo-young has taken Hyun-soo away and Yoo-jung has discovered this through the CCTV cameras in the parking lot. She immediately tells Ji-wook which Ji-wook passes the message to Bong-hee. However no surprise to them because they have already figured it out. Bong-hee asks Ji-wook whether Moo-young wants to take revenge on Hyun-soo. She starts banging her head against the window trying to figure out where Hyun-soo and Moo-young could be. Something suddenly hits her, she tells Ji-wook that they could be at her old apartment because it’s under re-development now and also that’s where Hee-joon died. Turns out Bong-hee’s suggestion is current Yoo-jung updates Ji-wook that Hyun-soo is indeed at her old apartment.

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Moo-young is beating up the handcuffed Hyun-soo at the exact spot where Hee-joon died. Moo-young screams at Hyun-soo for brutally murdering his innocent son. Hee-joon replies that his son may have been innocent but Moo-young isn’t. Hyun-soo continues his speech but he starts choking at the thought of Moo-young’s crime. Hyun-soo declares So-young died because of Moo-young, this is all because Moo-young acquitted those ‘scumbags’. Hyun-soo explains murdering Hee-joon was unintentional however once he had discovered that Moo-young is the father of Hee-joon, he can’t help but feel accomplished. Moo-young is angered by his words, he reaches for his knife to stab Hyun-soo but Hyun-soo managed to stop him despite being handcuffed.

Hyun-soo demands Moo-young to remember So-young, the girl who got severely injured because of guys who were like beasts, and also because of Moo-young who was a prosecutor during that time. Hyun-soo starts crying in anger, he reminds Moo-young that he sided with the men and not with the girl who was in pain. Moo-young attempts to stab Hyun-soo again but Hyun-soo pushes him back, he shoves him against the wall and uses this chance to escape.

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Luckily Ji-wook and Bong-hee arrives to the scene. Ji-wook chases after Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo stops and turns towards Ji-wook. They’re both out of breath, Hyun-soo asks Ji-wook why he won’t leave me alone, he tells Ji-wook that he survived the stab and so did Mr Bang therefore he does not understand the problem. Ji-wook confesses that he will capture him no matter what. Hyun-soo taunts Ji-wook by asking him whether he will be okay capturing him despite his unhealed injury. Ji-wook asks him back whether he will be okay as he’s currently being handcuffed. They start fighting each other but after few seconds it comes to an end when Bong-hee does a flying kick at Hyun-soo which sends him flying to the floor. Hyun-soo pants in pain and then falls unconscious. Yoo-jung and the polices soon arrive to the scene, both Moo-young and Hyun-soo are arrested.

Bong-hee requests to talk to Ji-wook. She tells Ji-wook that she’s sorry for being too harsh on him before, she’s come to realise that Ji-wook is not at fault because he was simply brainwashed to say inaccurate statement and accuse her father. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee to not apologise because her father saved him and died trying to save his parents. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that no one is indebted to each other because she owes him a lot as well.


“So we should just call it even. Let’s just go back to before it all happened. let’s go back to when we first met”


“Great, that sounds good. Okay. Let’s do that”

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The first person Ji-wook visits after becoming a prosecutor again is Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo and Ji-wook are inside the interrogation room, he tells Hyun-soo that life is mysterious because he was his defence lawyer and now he’s the prosecutor. Ji-wook tells Hyun-soo that he’s being charged for a list of murders and he’s previously confessed to murdering these people as well. Hyun-soo pretends to not understand what he’s saying and asks Ji-wook when did he confess that. Hyun-soo shows a recording of the interrogation between Hyun-soo and Yoo-jung. Ji-wook asks Hyun-soo whether he remembers it now which Hyun-soo answers that he’s been in a car accident recently and his mental state right now isn’t exactly the best. Ji-wook asks Hyun-soo how he managed to identify the bodies in the boiler tank if his memory isn’t great. Hyun-soo tries to make up an excuse claiming he heard about it somewhere.

Ji-wook has had enough, he slams his hand against the desk. He angrily asks Hyun-soo whether he has a lot of free time to style his hair. This bit made me laugh cause it’s so random and it’s exactly what we’re thinking too. Ji-wook warns Hyun-soo that he will make him remember no matter what.

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The meeting is getting larger and larger, now the whole team is gathered at the dining table. However before the meeting can take place Young-hee has to interfere like every single time, he asks Mr Bang whether he’s really leaving them to work with Ji-wook at the prosecutor office. Mr Bang says he’s thinking of it however Young-hee refuses and offer him a 20% increase in his salary. Mr Bang replies that he cannot buy him with money but states he will agree to stay if he offers 50%.

With much bickering and disturbance the meeting finally starts. Ji-wook announces that Hyun-soo is changing his statement now which Yoo-jung replies in disbelief because she found evidence inside his house. Ji-wook admits the evidence is fabricated and explains if they use it then it means they’re illegally acquiring evidence. Mr Bang asks whether they have any other evidence which Eun-hyuk replies they need to find other sources of evidence otherwise he will never be proven guilty. Ji-wook explains they can only charge Hyun-soo with attempted murder right now but Hyun-soo also can use the excuse of being mentally ill to excuse himself from heavy punishment. Ji-wook states they must dig up more information about Hyun-soo. You-jung tells the team that she’s found out the person who did the hit-and-run on Hyun-soo, his name is Min-young Hoon and right now he’s on the run but she managed to find his mistress.

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Mr Bang announces that he’s found out who the detective involved with So-young’s case. Without further ado Bong-hee and Mr Bang heads to meet this detective. They show him a photo of So-young and asks whether he remembers her which he does however he refuses to say anything else. However the detective states he caught the group of men but once he handed over to the prosecutor their crime was turned down for prosecution. Turns out the prosecutor in charge of the case is Moo-young.

Bong-hee immediately meets him, before she starts she asks him whether the prison is comfortable. Moo-young urges her to just say what she came here for. Bong-hee tells Moo-young that she wants a formal and sincere apology unlike last time, also seeing him in this current state doesn’t make her pity him at all; knowing what he has done to Ji-wook, Ji-wook’s parents and her father she does not have a does of sympathy for him.

Moo-young sighs and asks whether an apology is enough which she answers yes however she won’t make it easy for him because she has discovered something- he was the prosecutor that was responsible for the case related to Hyun-soo, a gang-rape case. He was the prosecutor that set the gang free from prosecution.

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