Bride of the Water God ep 4 summary



Soo-ah is unconscious and the only place Habaek can bring her back is to his bouncy castle. Soo-ri celebrates the return of Habaek’s power, he hands over a stone to Habaek and requests Habaek to transform it however to no avail the stone remains as a stone. Soo-ri wails in disappointment. Soo-ah has a dream/ nightmare, she remembers the past event, she wakes up screaming. The moment she wakes up she sees Habaek looking down on her, she closes her eyes again and reassures herself that she’s still dreaming. She does this several times and finally Habaek pinches her cheek. Soo-ah finally realises it’s not a dream, she sprints away, unable to digest what she just experienced. Whilst she’s walking back she tells herself that she’s experiencing these due to guilt and nothing else. First she experienced auditory hallucination and now she’s experiencing visual, it’s nothing serious, that’s what Soo-ah is telling herself.

Suddenly she stops her trail, she remembers the feeling of the man grabbing her and dragging her to the rooftop. Soo-ah’s eye starts shaking as the feeling is too real to be fake. She turns around thinking that someone following her. Soo-ah starts sprinting away as she feels someone’s presence.

soo ah run away.png

Suddenly someone grabs her from behind, Soo-ah starts screaming and tries to push the other person away. Habaek tells the frantic Soo-ah to get a grip on herself, Soo-ah immediately quietens down knowing the person is Habaek. He hands Soo-ah her car keys, Soo-ah starts walking away to her car however her hands are still as shaky. She struggles to even unlock her car. Habaek stares at Soo-ah as she drives off. Soo-ah tries to drive but her nerves are getting the best of her, she starts reversing and the car keeps stalling. Habaek has no choice but to drive Soo-ah home.

Habaek tells Soo-ah to think carefully on who she has wronged before, Soo-ah replies she’s unsure who the man is. Soo-ah states she will report this incident to the police however Soo-ri tells her not to because she can’t exactly declare she was nearly murdered but then a water god saved her.

Soo-ah finally makes it home, Soo-ri and Habaek follows behind her. Habaek looks at her house and comments on how she made such a fuss over a small house. Soo-ah asks Habaek whether he’s really a god and not a ghost or a monster. Habaek does not answer her. Soo-ah still cannot come into terms with the idea of Habaek being a god she decides to go back inside her house.

soo ah does not believe her eyes.png

As Soo-ah is pushing open her gate Soo-ri pushes Habaek inside too. Soo-ri declares Habaek has stepped into he property therefore she brought a god into her home hence she must serve him no matter what. Habaek looks at Soo-ri with a disapprove look, he tries to exit Soo-ah’s property however Soo-ri refuses. Soo-ri asks Soo-ah whether she believes Habaek is the water god which she replies she does. Soo-ri asks whether she wants to show disloyalty to a god because it will bring her many hardship in the future. Soo-ah stares at Soo-ri in disbelief and shock at the consequences of kicking Habaek away. Soo-ah is left confused and unsure what to do, she looks at Habaek but he refuses eye contact as he’s too busy looking at her house.

Soo-ah brings Habaek to her rooftop, he looks around in complete disgust. He angrily asks Soo-ah how ungrateful she must be to make him stay in such a place. However once he turns around Soo-ah is gone. Habaek tells Soo-ri that he would not be here if he knew the rooftop is going to be in such a state. He goes around the rooftop examining the state, he open the door and he’s unsure whether outside is better or inside is better.

habaek rooftop.png

Soo-ah wakes up and the first thing she remembers is that Habaek promised her to grant her any items that she desired, Soo-ah immediately heads towards the rooftop however she pauses at the stairs because she remembers Habaek telling her that he cannot do it right now due to his current state.

As Soo-ah gives Soo-ri his breakfast, Soo-ri tells Soo-ah that Habaek is on the search for the god’s stones, although it sounds easy but it’s more difficult than it sound, due to the fact that Habaek lost his powers. Soo-ri tells Soo-ah that Habaek is having a rough time due to losing his powers and unable to live in his usual realm. Soo-ah heads back to the rooftop and tells herself she has nothing be scared of since he has no powers whatsoever. However the moment she sees him, Soo-ah can’t help but scream. Habaek is taking a bath in the large plastic tub. Soo-ah urges him to get out immediately, which Habaek refuses but after few more protest Habaek gets up but is stopped by Soo-ah’s scream. Soo-ah hands him over a towel to cover himself up. Habaek refuses but agrees in the end because Soo-ah states police will come due to his indecent exposure.

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Habaek tells Soo-ah to stop bossing him around because he is her “master”. Soo-ah replies that she’s heard about him losing his powers therefore if a god does not have powers then it’s questionable whether he’s even god. Habaek scoffs at her comment and replies he admits losing his powers and the fact it comes and goes, but she’s wrong about something. A god is still a god despite losing his powers, it’s also questionable if a human is still a human if it loses it’s humanity. Habaek points at the flower and asks Soo-ah to explain why the flower can talk to her. He grabs onto Soo-ah and states he will make her remember why. He pulls Soo-ah towards him and warns her to never test him again. He explains the voices stopped because he made it stop however if she does something wrong again then she’ll hear it again.

He knows she’s not a great help nor can she even assist him on his journey however he would like her to make his stay comfortable. Soo-ah stays quiet. Habaek commands her to repay his kindness because he saved her life. Soo-ah agrees but she would like to be addressed as ‘assistant’ rather than ‘servant’. Also he needs to start acting like a human than a god, he can’t boss people around because humans are people and not objects.

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Soo-ah is seeing Habaek everywhere, even going out for lunch is a big no-no if she wants to avoid Habaek. Habaek calls out to her the moment he sees her, he addresses her as “woman” first but is ignored completely by Soo-ah. Habaek screams out “servant at the top of his lungs, Soo-ah has no choice but turn around because it’s gaining publics’ attention. Habaek commands Soo-ah to buy him new clothes because Moora will be offended if she saw him in this current state. Habaek drags Soo-ah to buy him clothes, Habaek tries on various of clothes however Soo-ah either laughs at it or cannot afford it.

Unable to afford the high-street brands Soo-ah takes Habaek to a market stall to buy clothes for him. Soo-ah is interested in a suit for Habaek, she asks the owner to reduce the price which the owner agrees. He notices Habaek’s huffy mood, Soo-ah explains Habaek is being like this because the suit is not branded. The owner tries to comfort Habaek that brands does not matter because the person wearing it is the luxury good itself. So no matter what he wears it will look good. Habaek seems to approve his comment and does a weak smile, he looks away approvingly.

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Soo-ah finally persuades Habaek to eat, she tells Habaek to be more grateful towards Soo-ri because she wouldn’t care about him at all if Soo-ri didn’t beg her. Soo-ah shoves a spoon of noodles into his mouth which causes Habaek to scream in shock but after few seconds Habaek starts feeding himself. Soo-ah comments on how forgiving he is to Moora, Habaek replies he’s always like that to Moora because he trusts her unconditionally. Soo-ah snorts at his comment and declares he’s being naive. Habaek states you should always have someone you trusts wholeheartedly, Soo-ah warns him that he’ll feel completely betrayed when the person he trusts abandons him.

Soo-ah calls the owner over to give her hot water, Soo-ah uses the hot water to pour into her cold water. Habaek asks whether she hates cold water which Soo-ah replies yes, he asks why but Soo-ah simply states “because it’s cold”. Habaek asks if it was her who jumped into the water in winter, and why did she try to kill herself. Soo-ah pretends she does not know what he’s talking about and questions his question. Habaek asks whether it’s because of the person she trusts betraying her, but before Soo-ah can reply she gets a phone call.

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Habaek and Soo-ri are discussing about Moora however turns out she’s only few steps away from them. She frowns the moment she sees them. Soo-ri wishes Moora has the personality of a goddess and not just the face of one. Soo-ri also warns Habaek that she will treat him like dirt if she knows about him losing his powers. Habaek warns Soo-ri to keep his mouth shut however too late, Moora has heard everything. She approaches Habaek and angrily demands to know why he has lost his powers.

Moora takes them inside her house to ask Habaek more questions, she asks him again why he has lost his powers however Habaek replies it’s only momentarily. Soo-ri starts crying and tells Moora that Habaek is having a hard time, he has no where to go and knows nothing about this place. Soo-ri continues explaning that Habaek is currently residing at the descendant’s house but things aren’t looking too good. Habaek tells Moora that he needs to move to her house, also he wants to know where Bi Ryeom and Joo Dong are. He tells Moora to prepare the god stone because he needs it. Moora tells Habaek that she cannot give him the god stone because she does not know where it is, and also the 3 gods have the right to decide whether they want to hand over the god stone or not. Soo-ri warns Moora to re-think her decision because this is against the law. Moora warns Habaek that she cannot accept a King that has no powers. If he was really the King then he’ll have Bi-ryeom and Joo-dong next to him right now.

Habaek is about to walk off but he decides to ask Moora a question- what can he do to make her give him the god stone. Habaek raises his voice, he asks her angrily what he can do to make her acknowledge him. Habaek slowly walks closer and closer to Moora, he raises his voice and shouts at her. Moora seems to be afraid of Habaek, she whimpers that he should not approach her any closer. She quickly tells him to report all the negative comments about her on the internet. Moora immediately regrets her offer that she made on the whim.

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Soo-ah is all smug and happy knowing Hoo-ye is going to buy her plot of land, she acts all important and arrogant knowing how important this plot of land is for their business development. Soo-ah tells Hoo-ye that she will only be willing to sell her land if he buys it for 5 times the current value. Hoo-ye explains he was going to buy it for 7 times the current price but he has to respect her decision otherwise she won’t sell it. Soo-ah immediately regrets her decision, she never knew he will offer a higher price, Hoo-ye explains he’s going to call someone so they can send her a contract over. Soo-ah stammers that she won’t sell it and wobbles away from the shock of making the wrong deal.

Soo-ah walks out the hotel and starts verbally expressing her regrets in not selling the land. Habaek happens to see her as he finished talking with Moora. With few short exchanges Hoo-ye interrupts their conversation, he tells Soo-ah that he would like to finish their discussion. Soo-ah agrees and they go back inside, however, deep down Soo-ah feels bad as the land is the connection she has as a descendant with God Habaek. As they’re walking away Hoo-ye looks back and gives Habaek a strange look.

hooye looks at habaek.png

Hoo-ye gives Soo-ah a contract, a contract of offering her 7 times the current price for her land. Soo-ah is beyond delighted because she is officially debt free and can move out of Korea. She goes out and celebrate but as she is walking back home she can’t help but reminisce her life in Korea. Soo-ah picks up a large stone as she’s walking back home as she’s scared someone will attack her. She sees someone leaning against the stone wall, Soo-ah approaches him with caution and tightens her grip on the stone. But when she gets close enough she notices this person is none other than Habaek. Soo-ah smiles at the sight of him but hides her smile. She asks Habaek why he’s outside which he replies he’s thinking on how to get his powers back, but the truth is that he was actually waiting for her.

Soo-ah tells Habaek that she bough fried chicken today because she’s in a good mood. Habaek asks why she’s in a good mood which she replies that she met a real god today. Habaek eyes widen thinking it could be Bi-ryeom and Joo-dong. Soo-ah explains she met a god who will rescue her from the hell she’s currently living in. Habaek thinks back to Hoo-ye and he tells Soo-ah that not all handsome men are gods. Soo-ah tells Habaek that a god is a superior being who makes their dream come true.

Habaek looks at Soo-ah with annoyance. Soo-ah changes the topic and asks whether he has dealt with the bad comments, however she quickly corrects herself because he cannot read. Feeling offended Habaek grabs the stone that Soo-ah is holding and starts writing her name. To Soo-ah surprise Habaek manages to master the Korean Language in seconds. Then he writes down his name and explains his name is “Habaek”. However Habaek manages to write down his name incorrectly, Soo-ah smiles at the chalk letters on the stone wall and quickly corrects it. Aww but he can spell her name!

habaek learns how to write.png

Habaek is all haggard and battered from being Moora’s bodyguard. After doing all that Moora refuses to give him the god stone because she does not trust a King who does not have any power. Habaek is annoyed by her refusal and calls Soo-ah to lend him her car because he wants to drive to relieve his stress. Soo-ah refuses and tells him to go home but Habaek is not going to take no as an answer, he tells Soo-ah that he’s searched online on how to break into a car. Without a choice anymore Soo-ah takes Habaek and Soo-ri for a drive.

After taking them to the beach Soo-ah drives them to a beautiful grassy hill where they can enjoy the sun and the view. Habaek who is sleeping on top of the long grasses tells Soo-ah that her car is weird because it makes weird noises. Soo-ah laughs at his ignorance, she asks whether he knows everything just from a glance. Habaek states the fact that he’s a god therefore he knows everything. Soo-ah tells Habaek that she’s looked up on him, and she knows about his relatives and everything about him. She asks whether he has a wife which surprises Habaek, he blinks few times and brushes it off that he’s not married.

Soo-ah lays down next to Habaek and tells him that she’s feeling stressed today, she tells Habaek that she wishes he still has his power because she wants to experience what it’s like to float on top of the sapphire sea and experience nothing but relaxation.

Habaek manages to make her wish come true through her imagination, Soo-ah is able to picture the blue ocean thanks to Habaek. Soo-ah is swimming in the blue ocean and Habaek joins her, he swims next to her. Habaek reaches for Soo-ah’s back as she cannot swim, Soo-ah complains which Habaek releases his hand immediately. Soo-ah starts panicking because she’s still a bit rusty with swimming. Habaek smiles at Soo-ah and tells her that she has nothing to fear because if she’s in the water he will always keep her safe. Soo-ah’s imagination comes to an end when the Habaek next to her starts talking. Habaek tells Soo-ah “sorry”. 

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