Bride of the Water God ep 3 summary



Soo-ah glances at Habaek awkwardly, she asks whether he stays in this bouncy castle, Habaek replies yes proudly like there’s nothing wrong with living inside a bouncy case. Soo-ah asks why he’s alone which Habaek replies he has lost Soo-ri. Soo-ah gasp and asks what happened however Habaek refuses to tell her because it’s none of her business. Soo-ah changes the topic and tells him that he cannot continue living here, Habaek asks whether she has finally decided to let them stay at her place which she denies hinting that, instead she wants them to seek help from Korea’s welfare system. Haebaek walks away and explains he does not understand her. Soo-ah asks whether she has thanked him properly which Habaek replies yes however it’s not like he has saved her live (clearing implying her ungratefulness). Soo-ah whose in a confusion questions him with an “eh?” but Habaek does not say anymore and gestures her to leave.

As Soo-ah is leaving but hears voices again, a voice branding her as ungrateful. She looks around for the voice but there’s nothing. As she continues walking again she hears the voice again, she turns around but nothing.

soo ah hears voices.png

Soo-ah consults Yeom-mi (Choi Woo-ri) as her hallucinations are getting more and more severe to he point she cannot use fatigue as the cause of it. However instead of telling Yeom-mi she’s suffering from hallucinations, Soo-ah pretends to be asking for a patient. Yeom-mi tells Soo-ah that the ‘person’ may be experiencing hallucination due to guilt.  Soo-ah asks how it’s possible to suffer hallucination just from guilt. Yeom-mi explains it varies from person to person however, for example, if a person who is kind but cannot action it then it will cause them stress and this stress builds up causing them to hallucinate as a form to relieve their mental state.

Habaek tells the returned Soo-ri that he saw Moo-ra on a mobile hence followed it therefore losing him on the underground tube. Soo-ri believes Habaek’s words and insists they should summon Moo-ra. After borrowing a kid’s mobile Soo-ri starts whispering to the phone so he can summon Moo-ra, Habaek snorts at his behaviour. Habaek explains the mobile is one of the human’s creation therefore there must be a trick behind it, he grabs the mobile and is about to examine it however the owner of the phone requests to have his mobile back. Habaek asks the child whether he wants to learn another skateboard trick in exchange for letting them to use the mobile longer. The young boy refuses and questions why they don’t have a mobile despite being an adult. Habaek is angered by his words but nonetheless asks the young boy how he came to possess a mobile. Habaek and Soo-ri immediatelyy goes to a phone shop to purchase a phone but came to a conclusion they need Soo-ah’s money to even purchase one.

habaek borrow mobile.png

Soo-ah finally decides to look for Habaek because her hallucinations aren’t getting any better. She follows around Habaek as he strolls away from her, Soo-ah accidentally trips which Habaek manages to grab onto her before she falls onto the floor. He tells Soo-ah that he’s only been thinking of her the whole time, he couldn’t erase the thought of her no matter what. Soo-ah stutters in surprise to his confession, she brushes it up off by laughing at his declaration. Habaek continues, he tells Soo-ah that he does not understand why she’s so foolish and dull-witted to the point he can’t erase her from his mind. He then comments on how it’s not just her mind that’s slow but her leg, implying her tripping-over incident.

Before Soo-ah leaves she tries to persuade Habaek in seeking treatment however instead of agreeing Habaek gives Soo-ah his own thoughts and feelings. He’s come to realised a lot of stuff ever since he came to Earth; he wonders whether he’ll be perceived as weird if he told people the truth. Would she consider herself sane if she brand herself as a servant of a god. Soo-ah replies no but with much hesitation first, she then continues to say “no” few more times to emphasis her opinion. He tells Soo-ah how much he trusts her, it’s not an easy feat to win someone’s trust but she managed it. She is someone he trusts sincerely. Soo-ah mumbles to Habaek that he should come see her when he’s changed his mind about therapy. Soo-ah walks away reassuring herself that she tried her best but pauses when Habaek shouts after her, declaring this is her final warning.

come see me bride of water.png

Soo-ah with mountain of debts decides to forget her pride and go to a charity event (college alumni fundraising party) to see whether she can gather money for a ‘good cause’, meaning sponsoring the rent for her Psychiatric Office. However the event is hosted at the top of a hill which means Soo-ah has to hike up there with her heels. Soo-ah is struggling to walk up the hill with her heels, she takes a break by sitting on the edge of the kerb. Hoo-ye passes by her, he asks whether he is being nosy if he offers her a lift. Soo-ah plays it cool and explains he is, Hoo-ye nods at her answers and bids her farewell. Poor Soo-ah finally manages to hike up to the hotel and makes it inside the elevator, she chucks her heels on the floor and laugh at her misfortune. She cannot stop herself thinking about Habaek’s warning.

Hoo-yee’s secretary tells Hoo-ye that some humans have a special way of communicating, for example if someone says “I’m not okay” it could mean “I’m okay”. Hoo-ye gasps at this suggestion because Soo-ah might be this type of human too. However he quickly brushes it off and explains Soo-ah isn’t this type of person because she’s a doctor therefore will just cut to the chase.

hoo ye and secretary.png

The event isn’t going well for Soo-ah as one of the alumni is none other than Hoo-ye. Soo-ah’s ex-classmates praises Hoo-ye for having brains and look however Soo-ah quickly jumps in and explains you can never trust a person from just their face. Her ex-classmsmates do not believe that they’re close at all and questions Soo-ah’s relationship with Hoo-ye for her to be saying such mean words. Soo-ah insists she doesn’t know him however Hoo-ye happens to be passing by and hears her comment, he explains to Soo-ah’s ‘friends’ that they’re simply in a relationship where they can discuss about interest rates in a VIP room.

Knowing she has no chance of finding sponsors tonight Soo-ah walks away however Hoo-ye is following closely behind her. Soo-ah turns around and gasps, but quickly hides her surprise, she snorts and asks whether he was trying to be a prince in front of her classmates. Hoo-ye states he never knew they were from the same college otherwise he will… however he’s cut off by Soo-ah. Soo-ah asks what he will do if he knew earlier, she asks whether he will lend her money. Hoo-ye asks whether she came here for money. Soo-ah snorts at his question, she comments on how you can’t ask someone straight up for questions like these. Soo-ah sarcastically replies she’s also thinking of picking up a guy once she sobers up.

hoo ye and soo ah alumni party.png

Their conversion is soon interrupted when Soo-ah notices Ja-ya’s presence. Soo-ah quickly bids farewell to Hoo-ye as she does not want to interact with Ja-ya at all, Hoo-ye also says his farewell and heads the opposite direction, walking pass Ja-ya. However Ja-ya immediately calls out to Soo-ah before she leaves. Ja-ya is already throwing hostile comments at Soo-ah, she calls her “3 second goddess” because she looks like a goddess after first glance but after few seconds she’s nothing special. Soo-ah cannot seems to concentrate on Ja-ya words as she keeps hearing voices coming from the rose. Soo-ah quickly ends the conversation by laughing at her pronunciation and requesting her to stop acting so childish. Soo-ah starts walking away however Ja-ya asks the leaving Soo-ah whether her father has returned. Soo-ah pauses. Ja-ya sarcastically praises Soo-ah’s father for doing volunteering work and bringing homeless people to his house. She laughs at him for doing pointless work and abandoning his family. Soo-ah clenches her fist to hold back her anger, but no more, she walks back and grabs the ‘talking’ bouquet that repeats Ja-ya’s every word from Ja-ya’s hand and throws it on the floor.

soo ah and the rose.png

Soo-ah is about to walk away but Ja-ya grabs onto her shoulder to prevent her from leaving but instead she accidentally rips Soo-ah’s shirt. Soo-ah turns around and glares at Ja-ya, she starts lecturing her for opening her big mouth and sprouting nonsense. Ja-ya is enraged by Soo-ah’s comment, she chases after Soo-ah but Hoo-ye stops her, he requests her to stop embarrassing herself however she refuses and continues her pursuit.

Ja-ya manages to catch up to Soo-ah but is stopped by Habaek. He blocks her path with his whole body. Ja-ya angrily demands to know who he is. Habaek asks whether her surname is “shim” because he also knows a “shim”- a rude and unpleasant woman. Ja-ya is angered by his words, she pushes him but Habaek does not budge at all. Habaek questions why she’s harassing “his woman”, Ja-ya eyes widen as she does not believe Soo-ah is capable in getting herself a boyfriend, a very good-looking boyfriend too, but nonetheless Ja-ya quickly leaves because people are surrounding them and she wants to avoid the humiliation.

Habaek walks up to Soo-ah and notices the rip on her shoulder. Soo-ah starts shedding tears, she tells Habaek that she keeps hearing voices to the point she thinks she’s crazy. Habaek wraps his jacket around Soo-ah and replies with a “I told you so”.

habaek sooah help.png 

Soo-ah voices over:

“That night, the reason I ran recklessly wasn’t because I wanted to catch my father, who ran away. It was so I could gather up my pain and turn it into strength to keep living. My father was going to continue living his own life, like he always has. and from then on, I had to support myself. That was the premonition I had that night. That night, the pain I felt all over my body was carved into me. And, I believed it was all because of my father. I decided to live on by using that hatred as strength. I ran to let my father go. It was my last resort”

young soo ah bride of water god.png

Habaek asks Soo-ah if she’s going to leave right after receiving his help, Soo-ri adds his own opinion by calling her a “dine and dash”. Soo-ah has no choice but purchase 2 mobile for them to show her gratitude. As Habaek walks Soo-ah back home, he tells Soo-ah that he’s found Moo-ra. Soo-ah is confused about how he saw her on the large TV screen, and who even is this ‘Moora’ but nonetheless is most curious about Habaek and Moo-ra’s relationship. Habaek tells Soo-ah that he can recognise Moora with his eyes closed, Soo-ah asks whether she’s a woman which Habaek answers that Moora is a goddess. Soo-ah rolls her eyes at his typical reply of a love-strucked maniac.

They continue taking about Habaek’s world, Soo-ah even shows less of a judgemental mind to his statement as well. As they’re walking Soo-ah keeps stopping as her feet hurts from the heels. Habaek notices it and offers his arm for Soo-ah to hold on. He places her hand onto his arm and explains she should accept his offer as it’s the generosity and duty of a god. Soo-ah quietly accepts his offer and they walk in silence.

As they’re resting on the bench Soo-ah wishes he’s really a god because he can give her lots of stuff and make her filthy rich. However Habaek answers he could turn anything with a swish of his finger but in his current state he cannot do it. As they’re speaking Moora appears on that large TV screen, Habaek immediately points it out and Soo-ah can’t help but sigh.

habaek help sooah hand.png

Soo-ah tells Habaek that this Moora is indeed a goddess, because she is the goddess of Korea and her name is Hye-ra. Habaek replies Hye-ra must be the name she’s living by. Soo-ah replies she does agree Moora being a goddess though, Habaek continues and states Moora is radiant and her existence cannot be denied. Soo-ah tries to persuade Habaek using his own theories, she asks Habaek whether a goddess like her will meet someone like him. Habaek replies confidently that he’s Moora’s lord and king. Habaek instructs Soo-ah to bring him to Moora’s castle. He tells Soo-ah that once she’s done then her mission is over and she won’t have to see him again.

The next day Soo-ah drives Habaek to Moora’s ‘castle’. Soo-ah hesitates outside and asks herself whether this is even legal. Before Habaek leaves he tells Soo-ah that she’s done a good job of bringing him here despite being a poor servant until now, but he will reward her once he has his powers back. He dismisses Soo-ah however she grabs onto his arm and asks whether he must go inside.

soo ah hold onto habaek.png

Habaek looks at Soo-ah and tells her he would love to bring her along but he cannot as Moora hates female human just as much as he does. Habaek walks away from Soo-ah but turns around once more, he smiles at her and does an acknowledging nod. Soo-ah freezes in guilt knowing he will get into trouble for intruding. She tries to drive away but stops, she starts again but stops. Soo-ah debates with her inner angel and devil. Turns out Hoo-ye also has business at Moora’s castle, his secretary parks their car next to Soo-ah. Hoo-ye gets off and approaches Soo-ah, he knocks on her window and she gives a surprise look. He asks whether she’s looking for him which she snorts at and asks back why she would be looking for him. Hoo-ye answers that he misunderstood them for being in a some-sort-of-relationship and she’s also parked outside his hotel too. Soo-ah is about to laugh at the idea of the hotel belonging to him but stops, realising it can actually be possible. Soo-ah mumbles whilst asking if Hye-ra (Moora) is inside the hotel.

Habaek wanders around the hotel. He comments on Moora’s decent living and how well she’s trained her ‘servants’. Servants meaning the hotel staff. A staff approaches Habaek and asks whether he needs any help which Habaek replies he does not because he wants to surprise her. Habaek continues walking towards Moore because he can sense her presence.

habaek looking for moora.png

Moora is indeed inside the hotel, she’s getting her make-up touched up too. Suddenly she hears Habaek telepathically calling her. She pauses and looks around, there he is, Habaek smiles at Moora. Moora does not seem pleased to see Habaek, she looks at him and turns back to her default position, she gestures the make-up artist to continue. Habaek screams out, he requests help from Moora; he lost his coordinates on his way here. Habaek manages to push away all the body guards and is slowly making his way to Moore but is slowly stopped when 5 grown men are wrestling Habaek down.

Soo-ah manages to make it in time before it gets even more messy. She apologises and explains Habaek is her patient however the bodyguards does not listen and pushes Soo-ah to the floor. Habaek is enraged by their actions, he grabs the body guard and warns him to not touch his servant. Habaek immediately helps Soo-ah get back up and asks whether she’s okay.

sooah habaek at moora castle.png

Moora’s eyes twitches in anger, she screams out “stop” the moment Habaek and Soo-ah are together. Moora makes her way to Habaek and glances at his hand; holding tightly on Soo-ah’s. She looks directly at Habaek’s face and slaps him across the face. Soo-ah demands to know who she is and what right she has to hit someone. Moora asks Soo-ah who she is and Soo-ah replies she’s Habaek’s guardian. Moora states she hit Habaek because he deserves it. Soo-ah asks Moora whether she really thinks she’s a goddess just because people call her as one, she explains everything ages and comes to an end. Soo-ah suggests she should start being nicer and take care of her mental heath. Soo-ah reaches inside her pocket and hands Moora her business card, she also explains she’ll give her a celebrity discount.

Soo-ah drags Habaek away and gestures him to get inside his car. Habaek lectures Soo-ah for interfering, he tells Soo-ah that Moora slapped him on the impulse and she is a real goddess, she’s a flower that will never die. Soo-ah sighs and explains she wanted him to face the reality himself but never would have imagined it will be this difficult. All along she wanted him to  escape ‘his world’. Habaek answers they lived in different worlds from the start. Soo-ah is speechless, she asks if he really wants to meet a god which Habaek replies he must meet one.

soo ah habaek god.png

Moora calls Bi-ryun (Gong myung), she asks where he is which he replies he’s in Shanghai because he wanted to fly. Bi-ryun is resting on the top of a skyscraper. Moora tells him that Habaek is here and he looked like a beggar too, like that’s the biggest issue of seeing Habaek again. Moora panics and asks what they should do, Bi-ryum tells her to calm down because he’ll look for him too and he’ll deal with him later. Moora replies he won’t because he has lost his coordinates but she’s unsure what it really means because she kicked him out. She tells Bi-ryum that one thing she knows for sure is that they’re accomplice. Seems like they have done something to the God Stone. 

Turns out the god Soo-ah was referring to is a medium. She introduces Habaek to Yeom-mi. Soo-ah drags Yeom-mi to a corner and tells her that Habaek wants to meet god and none of the medical treatments are working on him. Yeom-mi looks at Habaek and states she really thinks he’s god. Nonetheless the treatment continues. Yeom-mi takes Habaek into her office and starts asking him question. Habaek wants to know where Bi-ryum is. Yeom-mi explains she has never met anyone called Bi-ryun. Habaek sighs and mumbles to himself that Soo-ah is poor at everything she does.

yeom mi and habaek.png

Soo-ah approaches Habaek. Habaek asks Soo-ah whether she was playing him, Soo-ah tries to explain herself but Habaek interrupts, he asks whether it’s really that hard to believe him. Soo-ah tries to explain herself but Habaek tells her to go, this time he will let her go and will not forsake her. Soo-ah starts walking away but after few steps she turns back around. She tells Habaek that she cannot believe things that are impossible, but she tried her best. Habaek questions how she can differentiate a lie from the truth. He states it’s always true when you believe what you want to believe because it’s easier. Soo-ah is hurt by his words, she thinks back to her father abandoning her and how she believed that because it was easier for her to accept it.

Habaek’s words cannot escape Soo-ah’s mind as she walks down the staircase. Suddenly a man from behind grabs Soo-ah and drags her to the rooftop. Soo-ri is waiting outside whilst playing on his phone, suddenly he looks up and sees half of Soo-ah’s body on the edge of the building. Soo-ri immediately calls Habaek, he tells Habaek that Soo-ah is fighting with some man on the rooftop. Soo-ri screams out “she’s falling, she’s falling!”. Habaek does not understand what he’s saying at all until he looks back and sees Soo-ah’s falling body through the glass window.

Habaek immediately jumps through the window and his entire body is made out of water. He manages to reach Soo-ah, he wraps his water-like body around Soo-ah and catches her before she reaches the floor. Soo-ah stares right at Habaek unsure what even just happened. Habaek states “I…Told you I’m a god”. 

habaek powers returned bride of water.png