Suspicious Partner ep 36 summary


Ji-wook has been discharged from the hospital and the moment he returns back home he tries sneaking downstairs so he can work. However Bong-hee refuses because she believes he needs to rest more. She tells Ji-wook to quickly recover because if he does not she’ll live in guilt forever. She pushes Ji-wook onto his seat and places down his food, Ji-wook whines because he does not like rice porridge but nonetheless eats it anyways.

Mr Bang tells Ji-wook that his father’s case may have been an incidental fire instead of arson. Ji-wook clutches his eyes shut with a worryingly expression, he asks Mr Bang on how to tell this to Bong-hee. Afterwards he gathers his courage and walks up to Bong-hee and requests to talk to her today. Bong-hee is slightly startled by the suddenness of Ji-wook’s behaviour but agrees.

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Ji-wook tells Bong-hee that he does not know the cause of the fire yet but one thing he knows for sure is that her father was not an arsonist that killed his parents. It was actually opposite, he saved his life and passed away trying to rescue his parents. Bong-hee pauses in shock, unable to digest what Ji-wook just said. Bong-hee demands to know why her father was accused of killing Ji-wook’s parents then. Ji-wook looks down completely ashamed of his previous accusation. He mumbles in the most disheartened way “it’s because of me”. Bong-hee refuses to believe what he just said and requests him to repeat it. Tears exits from Ji-wook’s eyes and explains he made a mistake while giving his statement- he claimed her father was the culprit. Ji-wook looks at Bong-hee pleadingly hoping she’ll understand him. Bong-hee is shocked by his declaration, she asks why he would do this which Ji-wook explains he has a reason although it may only seem like an excuse to her. Bong-hee raises her voice, she demands Ji-wook to say something, anything that can redeem his past action.

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Ji-wook explains he lost his memory momentarily due to the shock from the incident and Moo-young who wrongly charged her father had to conceal his mistake therefore he brainwashed Ji-wook to accuse her father. Ji-wook admits whatever reason he giving right now seems like nothing but an excuse. Bong-hee stays in silence and her heart is hurting every second knowing her father died protecting a person who accused him as a murderer.

Ji-hye cries whilst looking at her phone because Eun-hyuk hasn’t called her at all despite his ‘betrayal’. Bong-hee returns and finds Ji-hye with a red eyes like she’s just been crying. Bong-hee eyes are wet as well trying to hold in back her tears from finding out the truth about Ji-wook and his testimony. Bong-hee approaches Ji-hye and hugs her tightly, Ji-hye thinks Bong-hee is crying for her, she tells Bong-hee not to, however after saying it Ji-hye starts to sob even more. They both embraces each other and cry to their heart’s content. They’re like besties now!

Yoo-jung asks Eun-hyuk whether it’s simply a coincidence that he appears every time she needs help, Eun-hyuk confirms so. Yoo-jung emphasises they’re only friends which Eun-hyuk nods and agrees. She walks inside her apartment and pauses, she reassures herself that she did the right thing.

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Young-hee visits Moo-young, he tells Moo-young that he wants to tell him something, Moo-young becomes annoyed and urges him to spill it. Seems like Moo-young and young-hee are pretty close or have some long-term friendship. Young-hee tells Moo-young he’s about to say something he does not want to hear, it’s about his son Hee-joon. Moo-young warns him to leave if he’s going to spurt nonsense. Young-hee continues and states the person who killed his son is Hyun-soo. He tells Moo-young to think carefully and he’ll come to realisation that Hyun-soo is the murderer. Young-hee also requests Moo-young to no harass Ji-wook and Bong-hee anymore, he also wants Moo-young to reinstate Ji-wook as a prosecutor. Moo-young sighs and loosens his tie.

After Young-hee leaves Moo-young looks through the case files related to Hyun-soo. After reading the case files Moo-young notices some similarity in the cases. Coincidentally he bumps into Bong-hee at the hallway. Bong-hee tells Moo-young that she’s here to see him because she has few things to say. Her dad, Eun Man Soo, was never an arsonist and neither is she a murderer. Bong-hee raises her voice and shouts at Moo-young for always thinking he’s right and never wrong. She asks whether he ever thought about Man-soo’s family, whom he ruined with his own hands. Bong-hee emphasises her father was never a criminal and he was the person who made the grave mistake. Go you Bong-hee, you tell him!

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Bong-hee gives Ji-wook the first aid kit so he can mend his wounds, Ji-wook insists it’s okay because he does not want to bother her. Bong-hee asks whether he is sorry for what he’s done which Ji-wook nods. Bong-hee explains she knows Moo-young’s mistake is greater than his and that’s it, however, it’s also true he made a false statement against her father. Right now she doesn’t know how to act around him but he should wait for her decision. Ji-wook sincerely nods in agreement because he knows he’ll wait for her no matter what.

Ji-wook visits Hyun-soo, he asks whether he remembers him which Hyun-soo bursts out laughing. Ji-wook takes his reaction as a yes, he tells Hyun-soo that he cannot escape this, he has murdered many people and he will pay for this. Ji-wook tells Hyun-soo that their law system is merciful, if he admits his wrongdoing then his punishment will be reduced. Hyun-soo bursts out laughing. Ji-wook holds in his anger by asking him a question, he asks Hyun-soo whether he understands the current situation. Hyun-soo replies he still thinks someone is on his side. Hyun-soo smirks at Ji-wook. Can I just say something, why did his hairstyle change? I mean it suits him and all but like why?

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Hyun-soo admits his crime to Yoo-jung, he tells her his murder story in the most calm manner. He explains whose bodies it was in the boiler and he also admits murdering Hee-joon. He tells Yoo-jung that he had no intention of murdering Hee-joon but Bong-hee witnessed his murder therefore he went over to her flat to kill her, but instead he found a drunk man- Hee-joon. Hyun-soo imitates Hee-joon’s last cries while mocking him for being such a cry baby. Moo-young watches over the whole interrogation session through the one-way glass.

Moo-young walks past Bong-hee on the hallway, he tells Bong-hee that he’s sorry however Bong-hee replies she will not accept his apology. Moo-young accepts her answer and walks away.

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Hyun-soo is escorted out by the police after his interrogation however a man in suit goes up to the police’s ears and whispers something. Hyun-soo is then taken away by the man to a car, inside the car is Moo-young. Hyun-soo sits inside the car and the car soon drives away, Hyun-soo starts laughing and does not seem to be frightened at all.

Ji-wook goes to his wardrobe and takes out his prosector gown again. Ji-wook has passed the recruitment exam for experienced prosecutors. In other words Ji-wook is a prosecutor again!

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