Suspicious Partner ep 35 summary


Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee rushes to the hospital to see whether Yoo-jung is okay. Eun-hyuk is already panicking once he sees the unconscious Yoo-jung, he raises his voice and demands Ji-wook to tell him what happened to Yoo-jung. Ji-wook answers that Yoo-jung has a mild concussion which Eun-hyuk snaps and claims concussion is important too and can be serious. Eun-hyuk states Yoo-jung needs to see a specialist doctor immediately, He goes back to Yoo-jung’s side and calls her worryingly. Yoo-jung pretends to be unconscious but soon tells Eun-hyuk to be quiet because it’s embarrassing. Eun-hyuk finally realises his behaviour and explains he was acting, he quickly leaves.

Ji-wook and Bong-hee goes outside to discuss about Hyun-soo. Ji-wook requests Bong-hee to return back to living with him because it’s dangerous right now. Bong-hee refuses and insists she’ll be fine.

Eun-hyuk takes Yoo-jung back to her apartment which Ji-hye happens to witness. Yoo-jung limps back to her apartment with her arms around Eun-hyuk’s shoulder. She plops herself on the sofa and rests her eyes. She tells Eun-hyuk that she wishes she would never wake up from her sleep because she’s a prosecutor that lost her suspect. Yoo-jung slowly falls asleep and Eun-hyuk places a blanket over her before leaving.

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Yoo-jung and Ji-hye watches the news of Hyun-soo with their senior. Senior turns off the TV in anger and Yoo-jung bows and apologises. He is beyond angry and tells Yoo-jung to get out of his face if she is really sorry. He warns Yoo-jung that he’s about to fire or suspend her if she doesn’t take a leave of absence immediately. Yoo-jung looks down completely ashamed of her own ability.

Hyun-soo sits on a brick wall, a place where he remembered through his recalled memories. He brings a photo of Park So Young and a flower, he places the flower next to him and suddenly more flashbacks appear- Park So Young’s face is filled with fear, she appears to be running away from someone. Hyun-soo clutches his head in exhaustion and looks up again with a murderous intent.

Bong-hee and Ji-wook are still discussing about Hyun-soo. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee his hypothesis, if Hyun-soo really regained his memory then he will go back to the places he previously visited. Bong-hee replies she already contacted the company and sent out flyers of Hyun-soo. They start walking away and Hyun-soo appears few metres from them. He watches the leaving Bong-hee with an intense look, he thinks back to his connection with Bong-hee and what relation he has with her. He says aloud “who are you?”. 

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Bong-hee is working late in the office, she gets up to get herself something to drink from the kitchen and goes back to her desk. As she is sorting the stack of paper out she feels something, something sinister piercing at her. She looks towards that direction and sees Hyun-soo sitting there. Bong-hee jolts back in shock and fear. Hyun-soo asks who she is however Bong-hee is so startled she asks whether he’s asking her, she replies she should be the one asking this since he’s here uninvited. Hyun-soo replies she’s the first person he saw once he’s awake but something is telling him to get rid of her. He asks Bong-hee whether she knows the reason, Hyun-soo gets up due to impatience and approaches Bong-hee. He demands to know what connection they have, Hyun-soo starts stuttering as he becomes more flustered.

Bong-hee hesitates but tells Hyun-soo the reason why he searches for her; she witnessed the murder. Bong-hee quickly picks up a nearby stack of paper and flings it towards Hyun-soo. Bong-hee and Hyun-soo starts a full-on fight however the fight is interrupted by Ji-wook. Hyun-soo takes out his knife and starts swinging it towards Ji-wook, luckily Ji-wook manages to kick Ji-wook back and hold him against the floor. Bong-hee rushes besides Ji-wook to help in restraining Hyun-soo. Bong-hee notices that Ji-wook is bleeding near his abdominal area. Ambulance soon arrive to take Ji-wook for treatment.

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As Ji-wook is in the state of unconsciousness he recalls his father’s death. His father is on the floor unable to move and suffocating from the the smoke. Bong-hee’s father rushes towards him trying to help however Ji-wook’s father repeatedly says his son’s name which is Ji-wook. Bong-hee’s father has no choice but pick up Ji-wook and leave as the inferno is getting bigger and bigger. Bong-hee’s father places Ji-wook outside the house and tells Ji-wook that he’s going back in to get his parents.

Ji-wook regains consciousness and finds the whole team surrounding him. Young-hee won’t stop talking and asking Ji-wook questions. Ji-wook questions who Young-hee is to scare him which causes Young-hee to panic immediately. Knowing Ji-wook is safe Young-hee cannot help but smile knowing his son is safe and sound. However he’s soon dragged out by Mr Bang and Eun-hyuk because they think they’re interrupting Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s alone time.

Ji-wook apologises to Bong-hee and she can no longer keep her tears leaving her eyes. She tells Ji-wook if he’s really sorry then he should stop getting injured because of her he’s lost his job and now he’s injured. Bong-hee continues sobbing feeling both guilt and gratitude.

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Luckily enough Hyun-soo has been captured too, thanks to Bong-hee and Ji-wook. Yoo-jung starts interrogating Hyun-soo, she asks whether he has regained his memory. Hyun-soo does not answer. Yoo-jung asks whether he knows why he’s here whilst chucking out photos of people he’s killed before in front of him. She asks if he remembers them. Hyun-soo refuses to answer and glares at Yoo-jung instead.

Ji-wook wakes up and finds an asleep Bong-hee resting at the end of his bed. He can’t help but smile at her sleeping face despite her messy hair. Bong-hee gets up and fixes her hair immediately, she then asks Ji-wook whether he’s okay and if she can see the wound. Ji-wook refuses and pushes her hands away. Bong-hee apologises and explains she cannot separate work from her personal life. Ji-wook insists it’s okay and he has something he would like to tell her too, something very important. However before they can start talking Mr Bang, Young-hee and Jae-ho comes inside, Jae-ho immediately rushes to Ji-wook and demands to see the injury however obviously Ji-wook refuses.

Eun-hyuk stands outside Yoo-jung’s office, he hesitates to go inside but after a while he gathers his courage and is about to walk in however coincidentally Yoo-jung opens the door as she’s exiting her office. Both of them jolts back in surprise. Yoo-jung asks why he’s standing in front of her office, Eun-hyuk awkwardly brushes it off by changing the topic. He asks Yoo-jung whether she’s suffering from headaches, dizziness or memory loss. Yoo-jung explains she feels depressed because of her life right now. Eun-hyuk tries to comfort her by stating Hyun-soo has been captured which Yoo-jung agrees in relief. Eun-hyuk hands Yoo-jung a bag of food and explains it’s for her since she’s been doing all-nighters recently and needs nutritiousness food especially after her whole ordeal. With that said and done Eun-hyuk takes his leave, Yoo-jung smiles at the leaving Eun-hyuk.

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