Suspicious Partner ep 34 summary


Ji-wook drops Bong-hee off at Ji-hye’s apartment, Ji-hye greets him and states she thought they broke up. Bong-hee and Ji-wook stays silent in awkwardness. Bong-hee gestures Ji-wook to leave first before it gets even more awkward. Coincidentally Eun-hyuk and Yoo-jung arrives, Ji-wook looks at them awkwardly and Ji-hye asks why they are together. Yoo-jung asks back the same question, why are the 3 of them hanging out. Bong-hee replies she lives with Ji-hye and Eun-hyuk compliments Ji-hye immediately which Ji-hye smiles at the compliment of course. Yoo-jung asks whether Ji-wook and Bong-hee has broken up because they used to live together. Ji-wook leaves before it gets any more strange, Eun-hyuk follows after him and claims he’s leaving too. Ji-hye does a small wave gesture to the leaving Eun-hyuk which Bong-hee cannot help but look disgusted at.

Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk decides to go for a drink. Before they even start drinking Ji-wook claims he cannot do this because the presence of Eun-hyuk puts him in a foul mood. However Eun-hyuk insists he likes it because it’s been too long since they’ve had a drink together. Eun-hyuk asks Ji-wook why he’s having problems with Bong-hee which Ji–wook replies that Eun-hyuk should mind his own business. Eun-hyuk gives Ji-wook an advice- don’t break up with Bong-hee. Ji-wook takes few shots of soju and replies they haven’t broken up yet. Eun-hyuk encourages him to talk about it but Ji-wook refuses because not exactly it will help the situation.

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Ji-wook finally opens up and explains the situation to Eun-hyuk however once Eun-hyuk asks more Ji-wook tells him that he does not feel any better when he tells him these stuff. Ji-wook requests to leave, he brands Eun-hyuk as useless before getting up. Ji-wook takes one more shot of soju and states he does not care about him nor does he care about Yoo-jung. Eun-hyuk stands there with a pained expression.

Yoo-jung tells Hyun-soo that’s he’s arrested for attempted murder. Hyun-soo holds onto his head and repeats the word “murder”. Yoo-jung tells him that he has the right to stay silent. Hyun-soo replies that if he really did murder someone then he deserves to be punished. Yoo-jung stares at him trying to figure out what he’s really thinking.

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Ji-wook visits Hyun-soo and Hyun-soo asks Ji-wook a question immediately. He asks whether Ji-wook never told him the truth to prevent him being shock. Ji-wook nods. Hyun-soo explains he gave it some thoughts on why he killed someone but still can’t understand why he did it. Ji-wook suggests helping him regain his memory however he must cooperate. Hyun-soo agrees and replies he’ll be grateful for his help. Ji-wook shows a collection of photos to Hyun-soo however Hyun-soo does not remember a single person, nor does not remember any objects.

Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk decides to go on a field investigation to see whether Hyun-soo knows anyone and whether they can find clues on triggering his memory. They happen to find themselves in a restaurant which Eun-hyuk tells Bong-hee to not expect anything and just enjoy her meal, Bong-hee agrees however something catches her attention. She hears the song that Hyun-soo whistled to. She looks behind her to see where the sound is coming from, it’s from a CD player and next to it are family photos of the owner and her daughter.

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Hyun-soo is flicking through the pages of his middle school year book however nothing catches his attention until he sees a photo of a girl called Park So young. Hyun-soo stares at her photo and tears escapes his eyes. Memories of Park So Young returns to him, Hyun-soo starts sobbing unable to control his emotion. However Ji-wook is one step too late, once he returns he finds a normal Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo tells Ji-wook he wants to go outside however Ji-wook refuses. He starts collecting the photos to put it away. Hyun-soo asks Ji-wook whether he told him once he had no friends or family, Ji-wook replies yes because that’s what he heard. Hyun-soo asks if he’s ever liked anyone before which Ji-wook replies he wanted to ask him the same thing too.

Hyun-soo sits on his hospital bed and slowly his memories are returning, it’s hazy but the memories are there. He closes his eyes to recall it better, scenes of him murdering people are coming back. Hyun-soo goes to the toilet and turns on the tap, one of the police officer standing outside senses something strange and goes to check. Hyun-soo is on the ground and the police officer immediately approaches him as he believes Hyun-soo is injured but Hyun-soo uses this as a chance to attack the officer, he pushes him against the wall several times until the police loses consciousness. Hyun-soo looks at the officer with a deadly look.

Hyun-soo manages to get changed and is about to exit the hospital but sees Yoo-jung approaching. He bends down and hides behind a metal trolley, Yoo-jung and the 2 polices passes by him but Yoo-jung senses something is off. She instructs the 2 police officer to go in first and she’ll follow after. She goes to the staircase to see what was the strange feeling she felt, and Hyun-soo uses this chance to appear behind her, Yoo-jung starts fighting back but after few physical exchanges Yoo-jung falls against the wall completely unconscious.

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Ji-wook sensing something strange from Hyun-soo’s question he thinks back to what Hyun-soo was looking at previously. Ji-wook immediately looks inside the middle school year book to see whether there’s any clues, there it is, a big rip in one of the pages. Ji-wook runs back inside the hospital, he gets onto the escalator and from the corner of his eyes he sees Hyun-soo on the opposite elevator that’s going towards the other direction. Ji-wook immediately pursuits Hyun-soo but Hyun-soo manages to escape by hoping inside of an ambulance. Emm excuse me, how did you get into the ambulance without the staff noticing?

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