Suspicious Partner ep 33 summary


Bong-hee calls Hyun-soo by his full name however he replies by asking whether she knows him. Ji-wook immediately goes to the hospital and sees Hyun-soo with a group of police walking pass him. Hyun-soo looks at Ji-wook with a neutral face. After bumping into Hyun-soo Ji-wook approaches Bong-hee and asks whether she’s okay which she replies yes and explains she saw Hyun-soo and he looked a bit strange. Once Bong-hee and Ji-wook have discussed about Hyun-soo’s condition with Yoo-jung they awkwardly bids each other farewell. Bong-hee insists to take the bus which Ji-wook agrees, however flashback of his past is bothering him. He calls out to Bong-hee however changes topic the last second, he asks Bong-hee whether she knows the way to the bus stop. Bong-hee answers yes, she knows the bus routes fairly well. Ji-wook leaves it at that and says bye to Bong-hee.

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Mr Bang, Young-hee and Eun-hyuk are discussing about Hyun-soo, Eun-hyuk reassures them that everything will be fine because Yoo-jung is doing her best to keep Hyun-soo in custody. After their discussion Young-hee finally notices Jae-hong’s presence, he asks what he’s doing inside the office which Mr Bang answers that Jae-hong is waiting for Ji-wook to return before he leaves. Young-hee keeps trying to make conversation with Jae-hong but Jae-hong completely blanks him. Ji-wook returns and Jae-hong runs up happily to Ji-wook and embraces him.

Bong-hee asks Ji-hye whether getting amnesia is a common illness which Ji-hye sighs and replies questioning why would she would know the answer. Bong-hee suddenly gets up and hands Ji-hye an envelope containing money, she explains it’s not a lot but it’s for her living expenses. Ji-hye smiles hoping it’s a large amount but turns out Bong-hee gave her next to nothing. Bong-hee is about to have a heart-to-heart with Ji-hye but Ji-hye refuses to listen claiming she’s sad too. Bong-hee is left alone in the living room and declares that she really is sad though.

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Young-hee asks Ji-wook whether he’s trying to be a prosecutor again, he then shows Ji-wook an application form that he’s found. Ji-wook tells Young-hee to not be so nosy. Young-hee requests Ji-wook to not be so harsh on him. Young-hee asks whether being a lawyer doesn’t suit him which Ji-wook replies he feels constantly frustrated because he can’t do anything about criminals like Hyun-soo. Young-hee replies he didn’t like it when Ji-wook worked as a prosecutor which Ji-wook asks why and Young-hee explains he worked extremely hard and couldn’t even get enough sleep. Young-hee is scared Ji-wook might become like his dad because he works with criminals. Ji-wook laughs it off and says he might not even get hired anyways.

Ji-wook arrives at the hospital and Yoo-jung updates him immediately, she tells Ji-wook that Hyun-soo’s results are normal according to his brainwave and MRI scan. There’s also no physical damage found on his brain. Ji-wook tells Yoo-jung that Hyun-soo cannot recognise him which means there can be 2 possibilities behind this: Hyun-soo is indeed suffering from dissociative amnesia or he’s pretending so he can get away with it. Yoo-jung agrees but explains they have to wait no matter what. She also states dissociative amnesia could have been caused from trauma or guilt however Ji-wook disagrees because Hyun-soo is not that type of person who will feel guilty. Ji-wook requests Yoo-jung to grant him a visit because he wants to see Hyun-soo.

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Ji-wook walks into Hyun-soo’s hospital room and Hyun-soo immediately shoots up and approaches Ji-wook. He asks Ji-wook whether he was the man who claims to know him. Ji-wook asks Hyun-soo whether he remembers him and Hyun-soo replies that he saw him yesterday at the hallway. Ji-wook compliments Hyun-soo for having good memory and Hyun-soo replies he might have had good memory before, Ji-wook suspiciously looks at him and states he has a “superb memory”. Hyun-soo explains he can’t remember anything right now and asks Ji-wook to tell him anything that he knows about him. Hyun-soo begs Ji-wook to tell him however Ji-wook replies he’s unsure whether he has the answer for him. Hyun-soo starts punching the cupboard but apologises right away, he tells Ji-wook he feels frustrated because no one is telling him anything. Hyun-soo starts ranting to Ji-wook- the moment he woke up he’s been interrogated left and right, he doesn’t even know who he is or who Ji-wook is. Ji-wook smiles at Hyun-soo and replies even if he does not remember his memory he’s definitely the Hyun-soo he knows.

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Ji-wook tells Hyun-soo that he used to be his attorney. Hyun-soo sighs in relief and exclaims happily he has someone on his side. Ji-wook does not know how to respond. Hyun-soo requests Ji-wook to tell him everything since he’s on his side. Hyun-soo starts to get worked up and Ji-wook is about to tell him but is interrupted by Yoo-jung. Yoo-jung tells Ji-wook that his time is over and he needs to leave. Ji-wook bids Hyun-soo farewell.

Yoo-jung asks Ji-wook whether he found out if Hyun-soo is acting which Ji-wook replies he couldn’t tell but one thing for sure is that his personality is the same despite memory loss. Hyun-soo sits on his bed and sighs, he curls in and sits straight again. His eyes moves from one side to another, seemingly to be in deep thoughts.

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Bong-hee is at the office to collect Jae-hong so he can go back to his auntie’s place however Jae-hong refuses because he still gets nightmare and wants to stay here, he tells Bong-hee that Ji-wook still gets nightmares too. Young-hee comments on how Jae-hong reminds him of the young Ji-wook, they’re both so self-reliant and independent. Ji-wook returns and Jae-hong immediately runs up to Ji-wook and hugs him. Ji-wook sees Bong-hee and requests they talk. He tells Bong-hee to return back to work however they can increase the distance between them because he wants some alone time too. Plus it will only get harder if she drags it on. Bong-hee replies she’ll have a think about it. Ji-wook agrees she can think about it but first they’re having a meeting. Bong-hee is shocked at the suddenness but follows after Ji-wook.

Young-hee is working hard, she tries to get an arrest warrant again but her supervisor rejects the idea because Hyun-soo’s case is too sensitive right now and everyone has their eyes on it therefore if they did something wrong it will cause an uproar. Yoo-jung spends her lunch reading over journal articles about memory loss. Eun-hyuk sees Yoo-jung and offers her a drink, he plops himself next to Yoo-jung and tells her to eat properly. Eun-hyuk wipes away the sauce from Yoo-jung’s lips and insists she should stop multi-tasking. Eun-hyuk takes Yoo-jung’s laptop and offers to read it for her and summarise it. Yoo-jung tells Eun-hyuk the paper is over 100 pages which Eun-hyuk immediately tries to escape. Yoo-jung grabs onto Eun-hyuks clothes and thanks him. They both smile at each other.

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