Bride of the Water God synopsis

Before I start summarising the drama can I just say how much I LOVE Nam Joo-Hyuk? He  has that ‘prince’ feel to him, he’s absolutely adorable yet masculine, he is perfect. After the Weightlifting Fairy Era I’m sure everyone were having withdrawal symptoms. I sure did, I missed seeing his cute smile especially how he doesn’t post much on his Instagram too *inserts sad face*. So hearing the news that he’ll be doing a drama excited me so much, I couldn’t wait. I think it was one of the most looked-forward drama for me, don’t judge! Oh and for other actresses and actors, let’s just say I was meh. I mean Shin Se-kyung’s acting is always good but it’s down to whether the character suits her, so hopefully in this drama she’ll able to execute her character well. She was so-so in ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’, nothing really stood out, well to be honest the drama was very lukewarm in general so it does’t say much for her so hopefully after this drama I’ll become a fan of hers!

I heard many criticism and issues about this drama before it even aired. How’s that possible? The problem is that Bride of the Water God is extremely similar to another drama, which we should all know of- Goblin. Being an avid fan of Goblin, I didn’t really liked the sound of this drama either because no drama can replace Goblin or even compete with it. Goblin has the dose of magic, and everything flowed beautifully, it was a masterpiece indeed and definitely worth the hype. However, we have this drama that is slightly similar and also competing in the same genre which is Romance and Fantasy. To make matters even worst, it’s about a relationship between God and a Human Girl, okay anti-fans of ‘Bride of the Water God’ calm yourself. We are in the 2017 so be respectful of everything, everything is similar to something in one way or another. So calm, we cannot always jump to conclusion and lash our knowledge of copyrights and plagiarism.

So yes, I watched this drama with an open heart, knowing there might be many similarities with Goblin but I still watched it. I can honestly say that Bride of the Water God is different to Goblin, and honestly it’s unfair to compare a drama to another constantly, so if you’re hesitant to watch it, just watch it and you won’t regret it. Hopefully…


There are 3 countries that forms the Heavens: Water Country, Earth Country and Sky Country, but there is only one King of the Realm and it’s destined that the King of the Water Country will take the throne every time because it is a tradition. However to be the King of the Realm is not an easy task, the King of the Water Country must gather 3 stones which are called the Guardian Stones before the 7th Red Tide. These stones are in the possession of Gods that resides on Earth and the Water God must go to Earth and search for these stones.

But things gets slightly complicated when our wise yet arrogant Lord Habaek (Nam Joo-hyuk) loses his powers in the human world, and finds himself completely defenceless against the harsh reality and with only one sidekick around him- Soo-ri (Park Kyu-sun), the loyal and knowledgeable servant that vows to look after Habaek. With no power, no money and time is ticking every second Habaek seeks out his human servant; the person whom is destined to serve him due to a promise that the family made previously with a God. The human servant is none other than our main heroine Soo-ah (Shin Se-kyung) however to complicate things even more Soo-ah is a psychiatrist that has a mountain of debts and the last thing she cares about is a crazy man who claims he is god, brands her as a servant, stalks her around and causes nothing but problems.

Their journey to the 3 guardian stones is filled with challenges and hurdle. There is no alliance between Soo-ah and Habaek due to the fact that Soo-ah completely believes Habaek is crazy but her judgement soon changes when she witnesses strange things around her that cannot be explained with science. With better understanding of Habaek Soo-ah soon finds herself in a situations she could have never imagined. Having a God as your master seems easy and great but Lord Habaek soon brings many troubles to Soo-ah.