Bride of the Water God ep 2 summary



Soo-ah closes her eyes and does not push Habaek away. Habaek pushes her away and announces she is the servant of a god. She will feel like something has slowly crept into her heart, he asks her to be grateful since it’s a blessing from god. Soo-ah does not respond as she’s startled from the kiss (despite closing her eyes). Soo-ri drags Habaek away and demands to know why he did that. Habaek is angered by his action and is about to go back to Soo-ah to persuade her she is indeed the god’s slave but Soo-ri refuses because Soo-ah will slap him. He tells Habaek that he cannot go around kissing a woman because he will only get a slap.

Habaek tells the asleep Soo-ri that he is wrong and Soo-ah will seek him sooner or later. However something else is keeping Habaek awake, it is the thought of his kiss with Soo-ah. He reassures himself that it’s nothing and explains his strange emotion is from the change in environment. Habaek looks at the beautiful skyline to calm himself down. Yes, the bouncy castle is his home in the human world. 

habaek river .png

Soo-ah wakes up and panics believing it’s the weekday and she’s late for work. However her alarm starts going off (her alarm is voice recordings of Sang-yoo telling Soo-ah to get up and exercise otherwise she might get diabetes when she’s older). Soo-ah aggressively hits the alarm to get it to shut up. Soo-ah tries to go back and sleep but cannot as her stomach hurts and also her kiss with Habaek is bothering her.

There’s many people at the park because it’s the weekend and there’s a skateboarding competition going on. Habaek looks over the contest and smirks to himself as this is no more than a monkey performance to him. However despite that Habaek is quite interested in this object called “skateboard”, he keeps glancing at it to understand how it works. Soo-ri sulks and pleads Habaek to try it out because they cannot survive in this world without “money”. Habaek threatens him and asks whether he wants to turn back into a fish however it does not stop Soo-ri in whining. The MC asks if Habaek has chickened out which causes Habaek to accept the challenge immediately. Habaek looks at the lists of prizes and asks what he must do to receive it all, the MC is shocked by his question and does not reply. Habaek kicks the skateboard into his arm and walks off, getting ready to start.

habaek skateboard.png

Habaek starts off at a harder part of the course which gets everyones’ attention and laugh but their laughing soon comes to an end when Habaek’s skills wows them. MC tells Soo-ri that professionals are not allowed to take part however Soo-ri replies it is Haebak’s first time trying. Soo-ah happens to be passing by, she notices Habaek’s amazing performance and stops to watch, however realises that Habaek has spotted her she starts running away. Despite being all wrapped up and half of her face is covered Habaek notices her from the crowd. Habaek starts chasing after her on the skateboard. Soo-ah sprints away like the wind and luckily manages to blend herself in with the other joggers, she uses this chance to escape from Habaek.

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Soo-ri lectures Habaek for going over the top with his performance because of that the MC did not give them the prize as he does not believe Habaek is a beginner. Soo-ri continues sulking and explains if he has powers like Habaek he would use it to help him. Habaek explains he wanted to get 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize to make Soo-ri happy too. Soo-ri is touched by his words and is about to cry but Habaek asks Soo-ri whether he was actually expecting him to say these words. Soo-ri plops back down, mentally and physically tired. He tells Habaek to admit defeat and they can go back to Water Country.

Soo-ah is rushing off to somewhere, she crosses the cross walk however slows down as an old man is also crossing. Although the light has changed Soo-ah does not leave the road as she’s keeping the man company, the man slowly walks across the road and Soo-ah matches his pace. She subtly shields the man from the approaching cars whilst causally playing on her phone to make the man feel comfortable. Habaek happens to see Soo-ah’s act of kindness because he was looking for her. Hoo-ye is inside one of the car and happens to witness it too. The driver tells Hoo-ye that perhaps Soo-ah can see stuff others cannot because she’s a psychiatrist, also the doctor’s coat suits her. Hoo-ye smiles and agrees with his comment.

hoo ye and soo ah man crossing road.png

Habaek immediately approaches Soo-ah and asks why she didn’t greet them yesterday despite being awakened. He tells Soo-ri to instruct Soo-ah of her duties however Habaek starts telling Soo-ah the duties himself. He tells Soo-ah that she needs to provide somewhere for them to live and food for Soo-ri and she must provide clean clothing for him to change into everyday. But most importantly she must give him “money” because he’s heard it makes life easier. He announces he has other gods to find therefore she must get a move on. Soo-ah stares at him completely speechless. She drags Soo-ri away from Habaek, she tells Soo-ri that he cannot let himself get dragged around by Habaek because Habaek must seek treatment immediately.

Habaek interrupts their conversation and announces she must feed Soo-ri and he’s feeling thirsty himself. Soo-ah replies they need to go home to seek such service however Habaek replies they don’t have anywhere go apart from her house. Soo-ri wails to emphasis they have no where to go however Soo-ah does not seem to care, she suggests they go to the community centre and asks for help there because someone will bound to help them. She explains it is the country’s obligation and duty to take care of people like them, and it’s not the citizen’s responsibility. The drama shows a young Soo-ah arriving to an orphanage-looking place and obviously unhappy and scared.

soo ah childhood.png

The drama goes back to the present time. Soo-ah announce she’s not in the correct state to help them at all, nor can she afford it. Habaek asks why she helped the old gentleman just now which Soo-ah insists she did not help him. Habaek states she walked him over which Soo-ah replies she was just walking and not helping anyone. Soo-ah starts to walk away which Habaek states if she continues walking away then he will abandon her. Soo-ah turns around and replies she’s relieved to hear that.

Sang-yoo calls Soo-ah to asks whether she managed to meet up with Section Chief Bang however Soo-ah did not manage because she cannot find the office. Sang-yoo asks Soo-ah to return back to the office first because Patient Ma Bong Yeol’s is here and Soo-ah needs to sign his referral as he wants to be transferred to another hospital. Suddenly Soo-ah hears a voice telling her she’s in trouble now and asking if she knows who she just spoke to. Soo-ah asks Sang-yool whether he said anything which he did not. Soo-ah looks around immediately but there is no one in sight at all.

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A weird man called Geol Rin spots Habaek and Soo-ri from the restaurant. He immediately runs out and follows them. Habaek senses his presence and shouts out for the person to come out. He slowly creeps out from the bushes and asks whether he’s Lord Habaek, he introduces himself and asks if Habaek remembers him. Habaek is confused and cannot recall this man at all. This man runs up to Habaek and kisses him on the lips. Habaek eye’s widen in complete shock. Geol Rin laughs at Habaek for losing his powers, he then quickly runs away. Soo-ri approaches Habaek and asks whether he’s okay, Habaek aggressively wipes his own lips and demands to know who Geol Rin is. Soo-ri replies Geol Rin is someone who left the Water Country because of Habaek and Moo Ra. Soo-ri asks whether Habaek will be okay after suffering from such a horrific kiss, Habaek’s whole body shakes in anger and glares at Soo-ri for asking such a dumb question.

Hoo-ye arrives at Chairman Shin’s office’s parking, a speeding car approaches Hoo-ye but manages to stop before it hits him however that does not faze Hoo-ye at all. Shin Ja-ya (Bae Noo-ri) approaches Hoo-ye and asks what he wants and whether he’s here to steal today. Chairman Shin greets Hoo-ye as his nephew however Ja-ya laughs at the title ‘nephew’. She states that not everyone on the family register are family. Chairman Shin does not listen to his granddaughter’s whining and invites Hoo-yee inside.

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Hoo-ye’s and Chairman Shin’s discussion is interrupted by Soo-ah. She introduces herself as the tenant from the 3rd floor- Happy Psychiatric Clinic. Hoo-ye flinches at the sight of Soo-ah as he’s seeing her everywhere. Chairman Shin shouts at Soo-ah for not paying her rent despite having high intelligence. Soo-ah looks away embarrassed. Chairman Shin continues complaining, he states he’s an old man who needs to live off her rent so she must pay it. Soo-ah suggests coming back later because he has a guest right now.

Soo-ah stands next to the elevator and curses at the fact she’s seeing Hoo-ye yet again. She suddenly hears a voice asking for water, she immediately looks around but there’s no one around her but a shrivelled up plant. Soo-ah’s attention is all on the dried up plant. A woman bumps into Soo-ah, she curses in her mind about Soo-ah blocking the way which Soo-ah manages to hear her inner thoughts. Soo-ah stares at the woman in shock because Soo-ah seems to be turning ‘crazy’ too.

However before she can analyse what these voices are Hoo-ye appears next to her and suggests her begging at the bank because she has a higher chance of getting a loan than begging Chairman Shin in showing sympathy. Soo-ah tells him that he’s nosy which he calls Soo-ah nosy too because she helped out an old man at a cross walk. Soo-ah insists she wasn’t helping the old man but Hoo-ye does not believe her. They start bickering and Soo-ah shows no interests to his conversation topics at all with replies that basically screams “leave me alone”. Hoo-ye suddenly brings up the car wipers which Soo-ah quickly replies she’ll call her insurance for that. Hoo-ye is surprised by her response because he wanted to tell her she does not need to pay it back. Soo-ah instantly regrets her fast answer. Hoo-ye asks whether he was being too nosy for that too, Soo-ah replies he is being nosy to keep her pride.

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Habaek is starting to show signs of hunger, his stomach is growling and he cannot help but stare at the little boy’s corn dog. Soo-ri asks Habaek whether he’s hungry which he denies it but continue staring at the child eating. Habaek asks why they are not taking the taxi and Soo-ri replies him that they have use their limited money sparingly. Soo-ri shows Habaek few coins and a note. Habaek sighs and looks away but something catches his attention, he looks at a girl’s mobile and sees the back of Moora. Habaek stares at it knowing she is Moora but suddenly the woman receives a phone call and exits the tube. Losing sight of ‘Moora’ Habaek finally realise he’s out of the tube and Soo-ri is still inside. Habaek chases after the leaving tube and calling out to the wailing Soo-ri. But to no avail Habaek slowly loses sight of Soo-ri.

Bong Yeol sees Habaek from afar and stares at him in admiration. Bong Yeol even buys food for Habaek, he offers him a fried chicken leg and shoves it inside Habaek’s hand. Habaek angrily asks what Bong yeol is doing but refuses to let go of the fried chicken either. Habaek holds it tightly whilst breathing in the aroma from the fried chicken.

fried chicken habaek.png

Sang-yoo calls Soo-ah to ask whether she has found Bong Yeol which Soo-ah replies no, Sang-yoo also updates Soo-ah about Sang Yeol’s attempted suicide last night. He explains Bong Yeol family refused to send Bong Yeol to another hospital due to the attempted suicide. Soo-ah tells Sang-yool to contact the police because this is not their job however Sang-yoo is reluctant and explains the police hates him because he keeps causing problems. Soo-ah shouts at Sang-yoo, she commands him to take his hands off the case and contact the police. Once Soo-ah hangs up she receives a photo from Sang Yeol- the photo is of himself and Habaek. Soo-ah gasp in surprise because of all people Sang Yeol has to be with Habaek.

On the other hand we have 2 crazy people hanging out together- Habaek and Bong Yeol. Habaek crushes all of Bong Yeol’s belief by stating Obama cannot save the world. Bong Yeol is crushed by his words and demands to know who can save the world. Habaek shows no interest to the topic at all and stares at the fried chicken instead. Soo-ah watches from a distance using a newspaper to cover her face.

sooah hiding bride of water.png

Habaek concludes everything Bong yeol saying is fake which causes Bong yeol to get worked up and shouts at Habaek. Habaek gets up and introduces himself as the to-be King of Water Country and the to-be emperor of the Realm of the Gods. Bong Yeol’s voice starts shaking and declares if he’s really god then he should know who is going to save the world. Habaek replies that even if someone ruins the world a person cannot save it that is why Bong Yeol should return to his daily life and do a good job at his own duties. Bong Yeol asks Habaek how he can work harder because no matter what he does he cannot reach the sky. Bong Yeol starts curling up and shows signs of agitation. Soo-ah intervenes and calls out his name. Habaek is still holding his fried chicken by the way. 

Soo-ah tries to calm Bong Yeol down but Bong Yeol is showing no signs of cooperation. He starts walking towards the loch which causes Soo-ah to freeze in fear and her hands are shaking. Habaek shows no interest whatsoever and continues to staring at the fried chicken, Soo-ah begs Habaek to stop Bong Yeol which Habaek refuses because a lowly ‘servant’ like her cannot control him. Soo-ah pleads Bong yeol to stop where he is because she does care what he says. Bong Yeol snaps at Soo-ah, he shouts at Soo-ah for always try to act understanding but deep down she does not care at all. Soo-ah looks at the waves and steps back, she starts stuttering and cannot keep her mind in a calm state.

panic soo ah bride of water.png


Teenage Soo-ah is sobbing and calling her dad, however no one answered her call. She curls down and stares at the Han River whilst sobbing. She states she’ll make him regret it forever, she chucks her mobile into the Han River and jumps in shortly after. Soo-ah slowly sinks into the deep river, she opens her eyes and sees complete darkness. She begs her father to save her, she’s scared and regretted her decision. She wants help but no one was around. Her body continues sinking but somehow she ends up washed up to the side and luckily survived.

Bong Yeol keeps on threatening Soo-ah that he’s going to jump into the river however Soo-ah cannot listen to his cries at all as she’s still in her panic state. Soo-ah suddenly hears a splash, she snaps to consciousness and looks at the drawing Bong Yeol. Soo-ah starts panicking again, she reaches for her mobile but drops it due to her shaky hands. Soo-ah starts crying and her body is weak from the fright, she tries to get up but her body wobbles in fear. Soo-ah gathers up her courage ready to dive in but Habaek grips onto Soo-ah. He hands over his fried chicken to Soo-ah and instructs her to hold onto it tightly, and once he has saved Bong Yeol he wants both of them to leave because they’re noisy and he wants them out of his ‘house’. 

habaek and his fried chicken.png

Habaek dives into the river as well, Soo-ah screams and begs them to come out. She starts sobbing and curls in out of fear. She wails her apology but suddenly Habaek comes out of the loch, dripping wet of course. Bong Yeol is unconscious but out of the water, Soo-ah runs up to Bong Yeol and starts preforming CPR. Bong yeol manages to spit out the water before Soo-ah does a mouth-to-mouth. Soo-ah hugs Bong Yeol in gratitude of him being alive. Habaek looks at Soo-ah and tells her to leave with Bong Yeol. Habaek walks away and sees the fried chicken on the floor, he picks it up with the most shocked expression and greatest pain. He shouts at Soo-ah for chucking it on the floor. Habaek holds back his tears and exclaims he wasn’t going to eat it but was saving it for Soo-ri.

Soo-ah starts walking up to Habaek which causes him to freeze. Soo-ah tightly embraces Habaek and thanks him whilst tears exits her eyes. Habaek lowers his fried chicken and does not push Soo-ah away. High priest voices over “it’s fate”. 

fried chicken hug bride of water.png



Aww the hug was just sweet and Shin Se-kyung’s acting is on point, the way she emphasised her fear of water really hit me because I love swimming and being in the water does not scare me at all, but when I saw Soo-ah reacting like that it made me think that water is actually very dangerous. There are so many people who died from drowning and tsunami so it’s definitely an element that people should not look down on. Plus we need water to survive, so drink up children!.

How Habaek held the chicken leg was gold, he treasured it so much that I wish I was the chicken thigh. I liked how he said it was for Soo-ri but was it really? I mean he kept drooling at the fried chicken. I loved how he emphasised he isn’t hungry but deep down he was starving just as much as Soo-ri was but wanted to act noble. I do agree with him being noble, he has a lot of pride and may seem childish but he never once wanted Soo-ri to suffer. There were scenes of Habaek ‘picking’ on Soo-ri but we know it’s for the comedic relief and nothing else. Plus Habaek is a God that has been treated, well, like a God, so for him to even consider about Soo-ri’s needs is actually very admirable. I also like how he starts to understand the importance of food, shelter and just basic needs because before it’s something that will never cross his mind.

I think we are going to get a love-triangle for sure! It will be between Soo-ah, Hoo-ye and Habaek. I can sense the growing affection Hoo-ye has for our righteous psychiatrist and obviously there will be romance between Habaek and Soo-ah. I might be early to say this but I think Soo-ah and Habaek are already catching some feels for each other hehe. I cannot wait for the next episode so please hurry up next week, I have been listening to this drama’s OST all day long… think I am addicted already.