Bride of the Water God ep 1 summary



A monk tells a young girl that gods live in a world that is composed of 3 different countries: Water Country, Sky Country and Earth Country. People from the realm of the gods send gods to their world in order to look after the world. The girl asks the monk whether the god looks after human too which he answers that human are capable of looking after themselves. The monk continues explaining about god- every King of each country were fated to be kings from birth. Especially the Water God who was given special power of being the emperor of the Realm of the Gods. However the new emperor (the Water God) must bring the three god stones together and make a royal seal in order to be the next emperor. However the gods that possesses these stones are guardian gods that resides in the human world. Soo-Ah asks what will happen if the Guardian gods does not hand over the stones which the monk answers that will never happen.

Soo-Ah (Shin Se-kyung) is now an adult, she chucks a white rose into the river and then she jumps in herself. Soo-Ah shows no resisting to the water and slowly sinks down.

so a sinking.png


High Priest dips his hand into a basin of blood coloured water, he explains it’s about time the new Realm of the Gods will welcome a new emperor after 3,200 years. He asks the servant next to him where Lord Haebak is. Lord Habaek (Nam Hoo-hyuk) is in deep sleep yet having his portrait drawn. One of the servants tells Haebak that the water has turned red which causes Haebak to get up immediately to meet the High Priest. High Priest hands over a map to Haebak, he explains these are the location of the guardian gods who possesses the god stones. He places the map onto Haebak’s hand which dissolves into water immediately. High Priest explains he must retrieve the god stone before the 7th red tide. Haebak reassures the High Priest that he will retrieve it immediately which the High Priest answers he can take his time because the 7th tide won’t be here till awhile later. Haebak scoffs at his suggestion and insists he will retrieve it ASAP.

Haebaek walks away which the High Priest follows after. Habaek announces he will take away all the formalities once he’s king. High Priest replies he can do whatever he wants once he’s king however in a know-it-all manner. Haebak becomes annoyed at his comment as he’s hinting he will never become king. High Priest explains he could entangle himself in an unpreventable situation. High Priest asks Haebak whether he’s heard of the god’s servant which Haebak says yes, they’re the line of family that vowed to serve god. High Priest hands over an emblem to Haebak and explains if he ever needs help from them he simply needs to show his servant the emblem. Habaek is reluctant to receive the emblem because he won’t be needing their help however High Priest insists Habaek takes it just in case.

bride of the water god emblem.png

Soo-ah is a psychiatrist however she’s only working to pay off her debts, she shows no passion for her career whatsoever. After the consultation the male nurse (Sang-yoo) suggests they go for a drink. They start talking about Soo-ah’s debt which she can only sigh at. Soo-ah declares once she pays of her debt she will live in Vanuatu. The male nurse replies she could simply marry a rich man and he’ll take care of it for her however Soo-ah rejects the idea. However she explains she did received a diamond ring from a 2nd generation heir before but of course Sang-yoo do not believe her words. Later on Soo-ah goes to the playground to dig up the buried diamond ring, she happily exclaims to herself the ring is still there. Soo-ah places the diamond ring away and chirps to herself she can use it pay off her debt and interest.

Soo-ah looks up at the sky and comments on how she can’t even see a single star in the sky, suddenly a weird star keeps moving around. Soo-ah automatically deducts it being a shooting star, she prays to the star to make her rich. The next second something hits Soo-ah and she’s knocked unconscious. The person that fell from the sky is no other than the legendary Habaek. He grabs a shirt from Soo-ah’s bag to cover his naked body up, he tells the unconscious Soo-ah that she should feel privileged to lend him her clothing. Habaek is about to walk off but he feels like he should wake Soo-ah up first. His way of waking someone up is hitting their forehead full force. The impact automatically causes Soo-ah’s forehead to turn into a bright red colour but it did help her wake up though.

haebak land on earth.png

Believing it was an act by thief Soo-ah curses out, Habaek who is already at a distance turns back and glares at her accusation that he’s heard from afar. He vows to ‘pay her back’ the next time he sees her. Nam Soo-ri (Park Kyu-sun) runs up to Haebak and happily declares he’s safe. Habaek looks at Soo-ri’s clothing and asks why he’s wearing his outfit. Habaek commands Soo-ri to trade outfits with him. Once they have swapped outfit Habaek comments on how it’s strange, their journey to earth has been strangely ‘bumpy’. Nonetheless Haebak remembers his real mission- to find the guardian gods. He asks Soo-ri for the map however he does not have it, neither does Haebak. The both sigh sensing this will not be an easy task at all.

Habaek tries to use his power to track the map however something is weird, he cannot use his powers at all. Haebak sighs in annoyance, he suggests they go back to the water country using another gate however Soo-ri refuses because they can only return if they have gathered all the god stones. Soo-ri suggests they find the god’s slave first for help however Haebak has lost the emblem too. With much confusion Soo-ri decides to find appropriate clothing before they embark on their journey, before he leaves he instructs Haebak to stay put and not cause any trouble until he’s back. Habaek gets up and tries to use his powers once more, he repeatedly declares he is Habaek and coincidentally the fountain shoots water into the sky (someone is testing the fountain therefore it’s not Habaek’s power). Habaek smirks at it approvingly thinking his power caused it.

haebak fountain power.png

Soo-ah happens to be walking by the fountain too, Haebak sees her and starts approaching her. He tells Soo-ah that she’s mistaken despite not clarifying what she’s mistaken on, however if she tells him her name and address he can compensate it. Soo-ah concludes immediately that he’s mentally unwell. She tries brushing him off however Habaek refuses to let her go, he raises his voice in a commanding manner. Soo-ah goes through all the symptoms he might possess to see what psychological issues he categorises in but after a while she gives up. Soo-ah starts walking away but Haebak refuses to let go, he grips onto her arm as he thinks Soo-ah is looking down on him. Yang-soo sees them and approaches, he helps Soo-ah to get Haebak’s grip off her. Haebak is enraged by their action, he shouts out he’s the God of the Water Country and to-be King of the Realm but neither of them are interested. Before they leave the male nurse hands Haebak their business card so he can get treatment there. What nice promotion service.

Soo-ah is trying to extend her deadline for her loan however instead of getting a definite answer Soo-ah waits all day for the assistant to solve her problems. CEO Hoo-ye (Lim Ju-Hwan) walks in with a group of other business men, the assistant immediately flocks and greets them. Soo-ah overhears her saying she’ll offer them a 1% interest deal. Enraged by these words as Soo-ah only received 7% interest loan she chases after the assistant and kicks off in front of Hoo-ye and the other business men. Hoo-ye insists they leave so the assistant can serve Soo-ah first. The assistant is not happy and shouts at Soo-ah for making Hoo-ye upset however Hoo-ye corrects her she’s wrong, he is not upset at Soo-ah but at her instead, she exposed the interest he is going to receive in public. Hoo-ye tells Soo-ah that he will make a request to the bank so she can get the interest rate that she favours. Soo-ah asks why he would do that which he simply answers he’s doing it out of kindness. He also suggests Soo-ah to work harder for money instead of shouting at people.

soo ah hoo ye.png

With no power or ways to go back to the Water Country Haebak decides to meet up with his servant. He goes to the meeting place however there is no one. Soo-ri tells Haebak that the servant might not recognise him as he does not have the emblem, neither does he have his powers. Haebak is angered by his words but before he can start lecturing Soo-ri, Soo-ah appears. Haebak recognises her immediately and brands her as his servant as she appeared in the destined place. However for Soo-ah she is only at the plot of land because she wanted to sell it so she can pay off her debts. Soo-ah asks whether he’s interested in buying her land which he angrily replies why he needs to buy his own land. Haebak uses his seduction skills on Soo-ah as he has no powers, he approaches her and sweet talks about wanting to meet her for ages. Soo-ah is swayed by his words but quickly snaps out off it, she also slaps his hands away from her face too. Haebak is angered by her actions, he stares at his slapped hand in shock.

Soo-ah wants to leave immediately but Soo-ri jumps in front of her car. Luckily Soo-ri is not injured but Haebak insists he is not okay tricking Soo-ah to give them a ride too. Once Haebak is inside the car he cannot help himself but examine the car as everything is completely new to him. With Soo-ah’s faulty GPS they soon find themselves completely lost.

soo ah lost .png

Soo-ah lashes out and lays on top of the wheel giving up on life. Habaek asks whether she’s tired which she says yes, he asks if he can do anything to help her which Soo-ah replies no. Habaek insists to drive but Soo-ah refuses because Habaek does not have a driving license nor is he in the ‘right mental state’. Soo-ah starts driving again but finds herself out of gas and no connection on her mobile. Soo-ah approaches them and asks if she can borrow their cellphone however they look back at her blankly. Soo-ah explains they should walk around and find someone so they can borrow their phone. Haebak refuses the idea and states Soo-ri should do it. Soo-ah refuses because it will be quicker if she did it herself but Habaek does not listen and insists on her resting. As Habaek is so pushy that Soo-ah agrees but she hands her license plate number, insurance policy number and money for the petrol to Soo-ri first.

Soo-ah falls asleep inside the car whilst Habaek waits outside, once she’s awake she finds Habaek standing in the same position. She goes outside to call him so he can rest too however Habaek is annoyed by her not calling him by his title, he explains he’s the Water God and also the to-be God of the Realm. Soo-ah tries to be patient so she can figure out his psychological illness, she asks why he thinks he’s water god which he asks Soo-ah back why she thinks she’s a human. Soo-ah is taken aback by his question and asks what a Water God is. Habaek starts explaining however it just confuses Soo-ah even more.

car broke down bride of water god.png

Soo-ah cannot stop glancing at the resting Habaek. Habaek instructs her to stop looking at him because he’s too used to it. Soo-ah in her mind agrees he must get a lot of look as he’s crazy. Soo-ah tries to make some conversation, she asks if he has a family which he replies he does and he does not, their ‘family’ is different from the human world. Habaek asks why Soo-ah needs money and why it is so important. Soo-ah answers money is happiness. Habaek replies he can make it happen which causes Soo-ah to turn around happily but Habaek quickly adds he cannot as his current situation does not permit him. Habaek states if she wants money for happiness then ultimately she wants happiness and not money. Soo-ah is annoyed with his statement, she asks what he knows about her. Habaek replies he has no interest in the happiness of human therefore he will simply grant her money, but right not he can’t.

Soo-ah has had enough of Habaek, she leaves the car and insists they go find Soo-ri. Naturally they start bickering but their bickering comes to an end when Soo-ah notices a wild boar. She starts sprinting away whilst grabbing onto Habaek’s wrist. Habaek is confused with the situation but knows he needs to run, he removes Soo-ah’s grip on his wrist and holds her hand tightly instead. Habaek starts leading Soo-ah back to the car. Soo-ah commands them to get into the car’s trunk to hide away from the wild boar.

hide from boar bride of the water god.png

The knocking on the car stops which means the wild boar has left, Soo-ah asks Habaek whether he’s okay which he replies he’s feeling uncomfortable. Soo-ah suggests the boar might have left, she opens the trunk and finds the boar still standing outside. She closes it immediately and hugs Habaek tightly in fear. Confused by her actions Habaek hugs her back but in reality couldn’t care less about the boar or the knocking. Soo-ri returns with a filled bottle of petrol, he tells Habaek and Soo-ah that a hunter went pass and the boar is gone now. Soo-ah is beyond relief, she exhales and inhales to calm herself down.

Habaek manages to learn how to drive from just watching Soo-ah’s previous driving, his driving ability is so good that Soo-ah is tricked. She asks whether he has a license which he answers he does not. Soo-ah commands him to stop the car immediately which Habaek agrees but first he speeds up the car before parking at the side. Once Soo-ah gets off the car she leans over a nearby bench to calm herself down. Once she’s feeling normal again she reaches for her car keys from Habaek, she tells Habaek her thanks and gets ready to leave. Habaek refuses to let her leave, he tells Soo-ah that her ancestors made a promise with a god that their family will forever serve them. Habaek tells Soo-ah that she has no choice but assist him because that’s her destiny therefore she must take him to her residence and look after him. Soo-ah refuses and claims the hospital will help him instead.

bride of water god residence.png

Habaek threatens her that it will get more difficult if she refuses. Soo-ah snorts claiming she doesn’t care because this is difficult enough as it is. Soo-ah admits he was right, she’s searching for happiness all along but right now she’s exhausted. She pleads him to leave her alone. Soo-ah walks away. Habaek comments on how slow-witted she is despite his in-depth explanation. Habaek states he has no other choice but grace her with divine blessing so she can be awakened. Soo-ri shouts after Habaek to stop him but Habaek does not listen. Habaek leans down and kisses Soo-ah on the lips. Soo-ri be like me when I’m watching drama. 

bride of water god first kiss.png



A kiss scene already when we are in Episode 1?! No way! I was slightly shocked but I think it really emphasises Habaek’s character. He is a god that has a lot of pride to the point he seems arrogant, or yes, he is arrogant. He believes kissing Soo-ah will turn her into his servant and by using this seduction skill you can understand how naive Habaek is to the world around him. Habaek does not understand the human world at all, how human interacts or even just basic manners. This is what makes Bride of the Water God different to Goblin, Habaek is a God who lacks understanding of the human world but Kim Shin (God from Goblin) is a God that lived in the human world for 900 years and was once a human too. There is a difference and that’s why I believe Bride of the Water God isn’t a drama that people should diss just because their plot is also about a God and a human girl.

I also like the fact that Soo-ah is a psychiatrist, she has the greatest understanding towards human’s mentality, she sees crazy people half of her life so meeting Habaek is really nothing new to her but little does she know Habaek is not crazy but he’s actually a God. Their bickering is so cute too, I would ship them but we cannot forget Nam Joo-hyuk’s real girlfriend can we, so I’ll leave it at that- Habaek and Soo-ah has great chemistry together.