Suspicious Partner ep 32 summary



Bong-hee receives a call from the police station, a child called Jae-hong has been brought there because he’s witnessed a murder however he does not remember the murderer’s face. Without a choice Bong-hee has to go back being an attorney. She takes Jae-hong to the office and introduces him to the gang, everyone is ecstatic to see Bong-hee but their happiness is slowly washed away from the surprise of a guest- Jae-hong.

The drama skips back to the day of the murder. Jae-hong was inside a convenience store and accidentally dropped a handful of change. He goes down to pick it up and an unknown man enters the store and stabs the owner. Jae-hong happens to see everything and luckily enough he was by the corner of the room therefore the murderer did not see him.

Mr Bang receives a call from Jae-hong’s auntie, the auntie does not really care where Jae-hong goes. Bong-hee offers to let Jae-hong stay with her however she comes to realisation that she’s leeching off Ji-hye. Ji-wook insists to send Jae-hong to Eun-hyuk or Young-hee however those 2 are already out. Without much choice Ji-wook has to look after Jae-hong.

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Eun-hyuk gives Bong-hee a lift back to Ji-hye’s apartment. As they’re talking Bong-hee realises Eun-hyuk also visited her when she was hospitalised therefore it means seeing Ji-wook in her ‘dream’ was not actually a dream, it was the reality. Bong-hee curses herself and blames her behaviour around Ji-wook, she tells herself to die and starts banging her own head against the car window. Eun-hyuk’s is shocked by her sudden behaviour and tries to stop it by placing his hand between her head and the window. Eun-hyuk pleads her to stop before they get into an accident. Poor Eun-hyuk simply wants to drive in peace too.

Jae-hong wakes up from his nightmare- the murderer approached him slowly. Jae-hong goes upstairs to find Ji-wook despite Ji-wook’s command to not go upstairs. Ji-wook wakes up in shock to see Jae-hong standing beside him and looking at him expectedly with his puppy eyes. Ji-wook gives in and lets Jae-hong sleep next to him. Jae-hong cannot sleep and asks Ji-wook whether the criminal will be captured if he does not testify, and if he does testify will it be his fault. Suddenly Ji-wook remembers a bit of his own past, Moo-young telling Ji-wook that he needs to testify because if he doesn’t then it will be his fault. Ji-wook simply needs to report back what he saw. The present Ji-wook pauses at his own memory. Jae-hong calls Ji-wook to snap him out of his daze. Ji-wook answers Jae-hong he does not need to testify if he does not feel confident, he then strokes Jae-hong on his head to reassure him.

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Jae-hong seems to be running away from someone, the next second he bumps into an unknown man (assuming he’s a police). The man asks if he’s running away from someone. Jae-hong is frightened by the man and steps away. Bong-hee arrives to the scene and lectures Jae-hong for not waiting outside the school gate. Bong-hee and the man share a short conversation about Jae-hong not being able to recall the murderer’s face. They leave the man and walks towards the school. Ji-wook is waiting there as well, turns out he intended to collect Jae-hong from school too.┬áIn the car ride back Jae-hong asks Ji-wook whether he’s dating Bong-hee (Bong-hee not being present of course). However before even hearing Ji-wook’s response Jae-hong giggles because he knows the answer already from analysing Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s interactions. Ji-wook glares at him and commands him to not laugh however Jae-hong does not listen and continues giggling.

With Ji-wook’s reassurance Jae-hong decides to testify. Ji-wook tells Jae-hong that he will protect him no matter what, whether he decides to testify or not. The next morning Ji-wook takes Jae-hong to the police station. Jae-hong points at the man whom he bumped into yesterday. Jae-hong starts humming the man’s ringtone and then he points at man’s shoes, he explains there’s blood on it. Everyone stares at the man in shock. Ji-wook holds Jae-hong close to his chest to reassure him. The man is taken away by other police officers.

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Ji-wook praises Jae-hong and suddenly his own memories hits him again. His younger self declares he’s unsure who the murderer is, then the next second he declares he knows who the murderer is. Ji-wook gets up and suddenly more memories appear- Moo-young showing a photo of Bong-hee’s father and telling Ji-wook he was the man who murdered his parents. Ji-wook holds onto the wall in shock of his own conflicting memories.

Bong-hee visits Hyun-soo, she approaches next to his bed and sits by his side. She sighs whilst looking at unconscious Hyun-soo. The next second she gets a call therefore she goes to her bag to answer it. Bong-hee receives a call from Mr Bang who is asking about Hyun-soo’s health conditions. Bong-hee reports back that he’s still the same, unconscious and not showing signs of improvement. She turns around and sees Hyun-soo standing up. Hyun-soo stares at Bong-hee coldly but in a dazed manner. Bong-hee jumps back in shock.

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