Suspicious Partner ep 31 summary



Ji-wook pauses and ask Bong-hee when did she found out. Bong-hee does not answer him and asks him back the same question. Ji-wook answers he found out recently which she questions why he never told her. Ji-wook answers it does not mater to him; what her father did does not affect him at all. Bong-hee replies it’s important to her which Ji-wook asks what difference does it make. Bong-hee replies seeing him suffer because of her makes it hard for her, plus her father is not the man who Ji-wook think he is, however she does not even have the evidence to support her statement. She concludes she does not like the situation they’re currently in, he should just let her go and don’t try to change her mind. Ji-wook answers he does not understand what she’s saying right now and he does not want to let her go. Bong-hee states no matter how hard he tries she’ll leave him no matter what. Bong-hee starts walking away from Ji-wook, tears starts rolling down her face the moment she turns around. After few metres away Bong-hee reassures herself on her decision. Upon realisation of what she’s just done Bong-hee asks herself where she’s going to stay now.

Bong-hee has no choice but go to Ji-hye’s apartment to stay over. Ji-hye is shocked at her presence but is even more shocked to see Bong-hee willing to stay over at her house. Ji-hye demands Bong-hee to leave however Bong-hee refuses and helps herself to Ji-hye’s sofa. Bong-hee threatens Ji-hye she’ll list all the evil stuff she’s done to if she doesn’t let her stay in her apartment. Ji-hye snorts in disbelief.

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First thing in the morning Ji-hye is startled by Bong-hee, whom is lazing around on the couch like a zombie. Bong-hee requests Ji-hye to feel her forehead because she feels ill however instead of doing so Ji-hye passes her a thermometre. Bong-hee immediately uses it and turns out her temperature is fine. Bong-hee picks up her phone and sees a text from Ji-wook telling her to attend the meeting at 10:30am. Bong-hee complains to Ji-hye that it does not make sense for her to attend the meeting however Ji-hye corrects her thinking, she should accept it as there is no other firm that will hire her. Ji-hye advises Bong-hee to forget her pride and go to work because she can’t live her life relying on others. With that said Ji-hye leaves for work.

With much hesitation Bong-hee finally reaches the office. Ji-wook greets her by gesturing her to follow him to his desk however Bong-hee realises the others are not here. She hands him her resignation letter and explains she hesitated in handing it over as well however it’s for the best. She thanks for all his help. Ji-wook explains her contract term is 2 years therefore if she wants to leave she has wait till it’s over first. He suggests Bong-hee to separate work from personal life, he points over to her desk and tells her to work. Bong-hee explains it’s hard for her to work pretending she never knew about the ‘incident’ and also it will be hard for him to continue working too if she’s there. Ji-wook informs Bong-hee he’ll let her go on holiday for now and hopefully it can help her think rationally once she’s back.

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Ji-wook asks Moo-young whether he was the prosecutor for his father’s case. Moo-young answers yes and wonders what he would like to ask him. Ji-wook asks why his parents were murdered. Moo-young answers it was revenge murder however that confuses Ji-wook because Bong-hee’s father was only prosecuted for a minor assault case therefore his actions is really extreme. Moo-young snaps and answers he’s unsure. Moo-young explains Bong-hee’s father just died in an arson case which happened to be the case that Ji-wook’s parents were involved in too. Ji-wook angrily questions why he deducted him as a culprit despite having no evidence. Moo-young admits there was no evidence. The drama skips back to Moo-young talking to a young Ji-wook, he shows a photo of Bong-hee’s father and tells Ji-wook he’s the man who murdered his parents. The drama goes back to present time, Moo-young tells Ji-wook that he was the person who claimed Bong-hee’s father was the murderer.

Bong-hee is lazing around on the sofa, she constantly checks her own temperature however the machine keeps on saying it’s 37°. Ji-hye approaches Bong-hee to wake her up however Bong-hee is unconscious and unable to be woken up. Ji-hye immediately looks at the thermometer and release the thermometer is broken. Ji-hye starts to panic, she shakes Bong-hee frantically to wake her up. The drama skips to Bong-hee being taken away to the hospital, Eun-hyuk and Ji-wook arrives to the hospital and Ji-hye tells them that Bong-hee’s temperature is 40°. Ji-wook immediately runs inside to see Bong-hee. Ji-wook approaches Bong-hee, worried about her health. Bong-hee is weak but able to tell it’s Ji-wook, she says aloud she wishes it’s not a dream. Bong-hee reaches her hand out towards Ji-wook’s face and pulls it towards her to kiss him.

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