Suspicious Partner ep 30 summary


With Bong-hee’s help Eun-hyuk finally remembers the man whom Yoo-jung chased after. He’s called Lee Joon Hae, he’s also the witness of the case and also an arsonist. The team agrees to looking out for news clips related to the case as there’s a high chance Lee Joon Hae is the real culprit. Ji-wook and Bong-hee are off to investigate and Bong-hee looks through the  lists of Arson cases, she comments on how she never knew there were so many arsonist and cases related to it. She pities Kang-sun as he could have been sitting behind the bars for 10 years and all along he was not the murderer. Ji-wook replies she shouldn’t sympathise with him because nothing is for definite. Bong-hee explains she’s not sympathising but simply wants to keep the possibilities open. They start bickering but Ji-wook quickly apologises realising his unconscious prejudice is affecting their relationship. Bong-hee also quickly apologises to Ji-wook.

Eun-hyuk is about to call Yoo-jung however stops as Ji-hye appears in front of him, he asks Ji-hye whether she knows where Yoo-jung is which she asks why he needs to see her. Eun-hyuk answers he’s seeing her for work however Ji-hye tells him that he does not need to emphasis it is for work because she won’t get the wrong idea anyways. Ji-hye asks if he has Yoo-jung’s number and he says yes, Ji-hye comments on how he’s specifically asking her such an easy question. Eun-hyuk is confused and walks away. Seems like Ji-hye likes our Eun-hyuk

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Eun-hyuk waits for Yoo-jung outside her flat, once he sees her he asks to speak to her however Yoo-jung snaps at Eun-hyuk that her legs aches and she wants to take off her heels therefore she wants to get inside her apartment ASAP. Yoo-jung uses this as a chance to invite Eun-hyuk up to her apartment. Eun-hyuk awkwardly stands by the entrance and explains he wants to know about more about Lee Joon Hae, Yoo-jung explains her higher-up wants her to bury Joon-hae’s confession because it will ruin the prosecutors’ image. Yoo-jung hands over some documents to Eun-hyuk, she tells Eun-hyuk to use these information during court. Eun-hyuk thanks Yoo-jung despite her behaviour being slightly strange and very not very prosecutor-like. Before Eun-hyuk walks away Yoo-jung asks him to sleep over, she quickly declares she’s joking before Eun-hyuk replies. Eun-hyuk stares at her with a shocked expression. Yoo-jung declares he will think of her like a witch anyways so she might as well make a joke like that. Eun-hyuk tells her to stop beating herself like that because it will not benefit anyone. He asks Yoo-jung why she didn’t tell Ji-wook that nothing happened that night. Yoo-jung replies ‘something’ could have happened hence why she never told Ji-wook. She asks the same question to Eun-hyuk which he says either way he will hurt Ji-wook hence never explained the situation properly.

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It’s the day of the trial. Eun-hyuk explains to the judge that Joon-hae’s man occupation is making paints, varnish and adhesives, and during this process they use Xylene which is a strong inflammable material. It was also the ingredient that caused the fire for this case. Eun-hyuk asks if he was aware of this which he answers no. Eun-hyuk quickly adds Joon-hae has recently been arrested for attempting incendiarism and they did a comparative analysis and found out the material that caused the fire 2 years ago is the same as Joon-hae’s recent attempt. Ji-wook and Bong-hee watches the trial, Bong-hee can’t help but notice the serious look on Ji-wook’s face. Something suddenly hits her, she finally realise why Ji-wook has been behaving strangely around her recently. She gets up and leaves the trial without watching it finish.

Bong-hee voices over:

“There are times when you come to a sudden realisation. How could I not have known? I read the article regarding my dad’s accident so many times that I practically memorised the story of the victim’s family. “

Bong-hee calls her mother and tells her mother there’s man who has been falsely accused of murder and arson, however the appeal trial seems to be going smoothly therefore she’s feeling happy because it seems like they have won already. Bong-hee pauses and holds in her tears, she tells her mother she’s busy right now and hangs up. Bong-hee curls in and tears starts flowing from her eyes upon realising why Ji-wook is behaving strangely around her.

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Bong-hee calls Ji-wook so they can meet up and hang out, as they’re walking through the park Bong-hee comments that she wants to eat spicy rice cake. Ji-wook immediately goes and buys it for her. As Bong-hee is eating the spicy rice cake she holds back her shaky voice and wet eyes, she explains the rice cake is really spicy. Bong-hee and Ji-wook continues walking around the park until Bong-hee can gather her courage and confront Ji-wook. She nervously glances at Ji-wook unsure when to tell him, Ji-wook senses Bong-hee’s strange behaviour almost like he can read her mind.

Bong-hee suddenly stops and releases her grip on Ji-wook’s hand however Ji-wook refuses to let go and grips onto her hand tighter. Bong-hee uses her other hand to push away Ji-wook’s grasp. Bong-hee pauses and suggests they break up.

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