Suspicious Partner ep 29 summary



No it can’t be, Bong-hee’s father is the man whom Ji-wook fears the most, the man who appeared in the inferno and approached him sinisterly. Ji-wook thinks back to all the comments Bong-hee made about her father, everything seems to be falling into place and making sense now. After they’ve washed up Bong-hee nervously approaches Ji-wook as she’s still embarrassed about their ‘activity last night’ however for Ji-wook he seems to be lost in his own thoughts. He’s so lost in his own world that he completely seasoned the breakfast incorrectly.

Eun-hyuk happens to see Yoo-jung chasing after Mr Lee (the one who once declared he wanted to confess to his crime, but now he’s withdrawing his decision). Eun-hyuk asks Ji-hye whether she knows who he is which she answers him shyly that he’s an arsonist.

Ji-wook requests Mr Bang to look into his parents’ death, he wants to know the cause of death and simply more details about it. Mr Bang is slightly surprise at his sudden requests however Ji-wook does not explain the real reason and plays it cool by stating he’s curious and it’s not urgent. Ji-wook even asks Mr Bang to investigate it slower almost like Ji-wook does not want to face the reality.

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Ji-wook offers to help out at the arson case because he wants to stop thinking about the possibility of Bong-hee’s father being the murderer. However upon agreeing Bong-hee also steps towards them and requests to help too. Ji-wook does not seem pleased about it but tries to cover his emotions. Eun-hyuk wastes no time and starts explaining the case to the duo. Kang-sun was ruled guilty due to the presence of motive, circumstantial evidence and witness testimony. Kang-sun’s daughter was hit by Chae-sung-woo therefore he seldom visits Chae-sung-woo and threatens to get his revenge. Coincidentally Chae-sung-woo was killed in a fire therefore causing Kang-sun the prime suspect.

Mr Bang returns with the documents associated with Ji-wook’s father case. Ji-wook opens up the envelope and looks over the case report of Eun Man Soo (Bong-hee’s father). Ji-wook cannot hold his tears anymore, he starts sobbing unsure what to do. Mr Bang joins him and apologises because he has read that file too. Ji-wook plays it cool and Mr Bang explains that Man-soo is Bong-hee’s father and also the suspect of the case. Ji-wook nods and says it doesn’t matter because Bong-hee was not the person who did it. Mr Bang simply looks at him knowing he does not mean his words. Ji-wook repeats his statement however his own brainwashing doesn’t seem to even persuade himself.

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Ji-wook is breathing heavily due to a nightmare. Bong-hee approaches Ji-wook as she’s worried about him, as he wakes up he hallucinates Bong-hee as her father. He jolts in shock and moves away from Bong-hee. Bong-hee looks at Ji-wook worryingly and asks whether he’s okay which he answers yes. Ji-wook looks at the pillow that Bong-hee is holding and smiles knowing she came to his room to have a sleepover. As Bong-hee and Ji-wook are laying on the bed Bong-hee asks Ji-wook why he became a prosecutor, Ji-wook replies his father was a prosecutor and he wanted to be like his father. Bong-hee replies his father must be proud of him, Ji-wook says he’s unsure about that. Bong-hee becomes curious and asks why he said that however instead of answering her question Ji-wook asks Bong-hee back why she become a lawyer. Bong-hee explains she became a lawyer because of a perverted judge, she even stopped being an athlete to study on how to become an attorney. Once she started studying it she realised she was born to be an attorney. She wanted to become an attorney to defend people like her father. Ji-wook asks what her father is like which Bong-hee explains her father is like her, an innocent person who was misunderstood by the world and framed. Ji-wook is about to say something hurtful to her but holds himself back, he hugs Bong-hee and apologises.

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