Suspicious Partner ep 28 summary


Yoo-jung is interrogating a man. The man tells Yoo-jung that he started a fire in Doboo-dong 2 years ago and it caused someone to die. However someone else got arrested instead and now he feels guilty. The drama skips to Yoo-jung and Moo-young’s conversation. Moo-young tells Yoo-jung that the prosecutors should never make a mistake again because they need to gain the publics’ trust. Yoo-jung meekly nods.

On the overhand Eun-hyuk meets up with Mr Kang. Eun-hyuk apologises to Mr Kang because he got locked up because of him. Mr Kang requests Eun-hyuk to defend him during the appeal trial however Eun-hyuk is reluctant as he failed during the first round already. Mr Kang insists Eun-hyuk is the only person he can rely on. He pleads to Eun-hyuk that he has never started any fire, he wants Eun-hyuk to help him just this time. He clutches Eun-hyuk like his life is dependent on him.

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Eun-hyuk briefs the team about his case. His client is called Kang Sun, he was arrested as a culprit for an arson case. The victim is called Chae Sung Woo and he was suffocated to death as he was sleeping inside his home. Consequently Mr Kang has been sentenced for 10 years in prison as the judge believes the murder motive was revenge because Mr Kang’s daughter got hit by Chae Sung woo’s car and died. However Chae Sung did not receive any punishment for his crime. Eun-hyuk adds in the end that he lost in the first trial and now his client wants an appeal, he is feeling unconfident and wants their help. Ji-wook tells Eun-hyuk that he will not help him which confuses Eun-hyuk because last time he told him to not help yet he kept on nosing into the case. Ji-wook explains he only helped him because Eun-hyuk kept on asking him to not intervene. Eun-hyuk beams at Ji-wook and asks Ji-wook to not ‘help’ hoping it will trick him into helping him. Ji-wook nonchalantly agrees to not help as requested. Eun-hyuk sulks as wails that Ji-wook should help when he tells him not to.

There’s no persuading Ji-wook, he tells Eun-hyuk that he cannot simply assume someone is not a murderer because they did that for Hyun-soo and it turned out to be the wrong decision. Ji-wook quietly adds he doesn’t want to work on arson cases (father died in fire). Eun-hyuk apologises to Ji-wook because he completely forgotten about it. Mr Bang asks Bong-hee to assist Eun-hyuk however Bong-hee is also reluctant because her father passed away in a fire too. The whole meeting gets awkward.

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Bong-hee and Ji-wook decides to go on a date. Ji-wook anticipated something more romantic however Bong-hee requests to go to an arcade instead. Ji-wook does not match well with arcade games at all however it’s the opposite for Bong-hee, she’s good at all sorts of games. However their date is filled with challenges, Bong-hee heads inside the pharmacy as she needs to buy Mr Bang his medicine however once Bong-hee goes inside to buy the medicine Bok-ja happens to be passing by. She happily approaches her son which surprises Ji-wook too. Bok-ja explains to her son that she was around the area because she had a meal with Young-hee. Bok-ja pleads Ji-wook to hang out with them. Ji-wook awkwardly tells his mother that he has someone with him. Bok-ja asks in a shocked expression whether he has a girlfriend which Ji-wook happily nods and admits so. Bok-ja coughs in shock and her whole face darkens at the news; her little boy is not so little anymore.

Bong-hee watches their interaction from the pharmacy’s window, she stares in horror as the woman whom she wronged many times is her boyfriend’s mother. Ji-wook walks over to the pharmacy to call Bong-hee to see this mother but Bong-hee refuses to leaves because if his mother ever finds out he’s dating her she will flip. Bong-hee aggressively gestures to Ji-wook that she cannot go outside however Ji-wook is confused by her action and attempts to pull open the door. Bong-hee uses this chance to escape, she hides her face and bolts away. Ji-wook chases after her but unable to catch up to Usain-bolt-like-Bong-hee. 

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However Bong-hee’s effort goes straight to waste as Young-soon goes to the office to hand out pizza whilst introducing herself to Bong-hee’s colleagues. Ji-wook and Bok-ja also returns. As Ji-wook and Young-soon are exchanging greetings Bok-ja catches on quickly that the man Bong-hee mentioned before is her none other than her son. Bok-ja starts throwing insults at Young-soon which causes an argument. Bong-hee also returns and notice the awkward atmosphere, she tries to escape but Ji-wook holds her back and quickly declares they’re dating to prevent any more arguments and put a stop to their bickering.

Moo-young thinks back to the past whilst holding up a photo of Bong-hee’s father. The drama skips to the past. Bong-hee’s father is pleading to Moo-young that he never hit anyone and it was the man who drove the night taxi that did it. Moo-young does not believe his words and states the victim claims it’s him however Bong-hee’s father defends himself that the man must be mistaken as he was drunk. Bong-hee’s father gets onto his knees and begs Moo-young, he tells Moo-young that he’s barely making a living now because he got fired from the taxi company and he can’t do physical labour either due to going back and forth from the court.

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Mr Bang visits Hyun-soo, he places his hands to cover the unconscious Hyun-soo but leaving his eyes uncovered. Mr Bang comments on how the murderer must be him due to the similarity. Mr Bang says aloud how he wishes he will never wake up and then he exits the hospital room. Hyun-soo’s eyes starts to stir showing signs of consciousness.

Ji-wook kisses Bong-hee on lips before saying goodnight, they start walking towards their room however pauses to turn around. They go back to kiss each other again and the kiss soon turns into a full make-out session then the rest follows. The next morning Ji-wook snuggles into the asleep Bong-hee, he gently strokes her arm and kisses her asleep face but something catches his attention from the corner of his eyes. He looks at the photo inside the photo frame, it is of Bong-hee’s father. Ji-wook immediately pauses in shock and stares at the photo unable to comprehend the possibility. Bong-hee snuggles into Ji-wook, Ji-wook hugs Bong-hee back but his gaze refuses to leave the photo.

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