Suspicious Partner ep 27 summary


Hyun-soo is placed on the stretcher and taken to the hospital. Ji-wook and Yoo-jung are distraught as they were only 1 step away from capturing Hyun-soo however an expected misfortune has occurred. Ji-wook gives Yoo-jung a lift back to the office because he wants to ask her something- who tipped her off about the evidence in Hyun-soo’s apartment. Yoo-jung explains it was an anonymous informant and even if someone told her she cannot reveal their identity. Ji-wook starts lecturing that she’s in the wrong for doing it, she believed an ‘anonymous informant’ knowing the the person could be lying then she forcefully requested a search warrant. Yoo-jung snaps, she states she’s also in a tight position now.

Ji-wook rushes to the hospital as he heard Mr Bang is showing signs of movement however once he reaches Mr Bang is showing not signs of movement. Ji-wook is disappointed and cannot stop branding Young-hee as crazy from hallucinating. Ji-wook wanders back and forth in the room thinking how the knife could have gotten into Hyun-soo’s apartment. Ji-wook suddenly turns around and gives Eun-hyuk a death glare, he tells Eun-hyuk that if he’s behind this he will put him into prison. Poor Eun-hyuk does not understand why Ji-wook is suddenly throwing threats at him, he blinks few times in confusion before asking what he means by that. Feeling awkward Ji-wook quickly brushes it off. However Eun-hyuk is not offended by Ji-wook’s threat and even seems happy about it as Ji-wook is becoming comfortable with him again.

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Ji-wook is about to tell them about Hyun-soo’s accident however he suddenly hears heavy breathing, he instantly turns around and it’s Mr Bang waking. Everyone runs next to the bed to see whether Mr Bang is okay. Mr Bang soon regains consciousness and is able to talk too. Everyone is extremely relieved and happy. Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk are speechless by this miracle, Young-hee keeps on chanting his happiness. Ji-wook’s eyes are overflowed with tears as he tightly grasps on Mr Bang’s hand.

Ji-wook, Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee visits Hyun-soo, whom is in coma. Bong-hee asks what will happen now and Eun-hyuk explains Hyun-soo fell into coma in the process of getting arrested therefore they can only wait till he is awake. Ji-wook states if he takes too long to regain consciousness there will be a suspension of indictment. Yoo-jung suddenly joins them and declares he will wake up for sure. Ji-wook asks Yoo-jung whether she was able to track the hit-and-run vehicle. Yoo-jung replies they managed to find the car but the driver is no where to be found. She also adds that Hyun-soo suffered brain damage and has internal bleeding near his abdominal area, he also has a risk of brain damage. Eun-hyuk asks Yoo-jung if she’s okay which she replies she’s not, she got into trouble by her senior, she might even get fired soon. Yoo-jung asks whether she can work with them if she gets fired from her current work. Ji-wook, Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee stays silence which angers Yoo-jung. Yoo-jung  huffs and tells them to forget it because she won’t accept their offer even if they beg.

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Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk requests Yoo-jung to look into these lists of name as they suspect one of them hit Hyun-soo. Previously they visited these lists of people and asked them about Hyun-soo therefore they could have discovered Hyun-soo is after them hence attempted to murder Hyun-soo before Hyun-soo getting to them.

Moo-young is angered by Yoo-jung’s lack of competence in her latest pursuit. He does not bother listening to her explanation and heads to the hospital. A sea of paparazzi approaches Moo-young. Moo-young explains to the paparazzi that they will re-investigate after Hyun-soo regains consciousness, but for now he cannot tell what the results will be. Yoo-jung and Moo-young heads into Hyun-soo’s hospital room, she tells Moo-young that she believes Hyun-soo is responsible for many cases. Moo-young tells Yoo-jung to shut her mouth, he asks her how incompetent she must be to embarrass him like this. However instead of slapping Yoo-jung he slaps Yoo-jung’s senior. He warns Yoo-jung to never stain the prosecutor’s name again. Poor Yoo-jung stands there in shock, although the slapped never touched her it was technically directed at her.

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As everything is gone and dealt with Ji-wook and Bong-hee can finally experience some peace and have alone time. They exclaim to each other how they’re the only ones in the house however as they stated it they become more awkward around each other. Bong-hee and Ji-wook cannot sleep knowing they only have each other’s presence. Both Ji-wook and Bong-hee cannot sleep and goes to the living room to drink beer, after exchanging few sweet words they cannot help themselves discussing about cases again. How romantic…

Ji-wook is lost in his own thoughts as he tries to unravel the mystery of who moved the knife back to Hyun-soo’s apartment. Bong-hee catches onto his mumbling and asks what he’s doing which Ji-wook lies claiming he’s thinking aloud about a novel he’s been reading. Bong-hee replies her mother once told her that the person who suddenly appears is the culprit. Out of nowhere Young-hee appears in front of them. The suspense of the drama increases.

The drama skips back to Ji-wook talking to the unconscious Mr Bang with Young-hee resting in the corner. Ji-wook informs Mr Bang he will not use the fabricated evidence despite knowing Hyun-soo is the criminal as he admitted the crimes himself. He wants to be better than Hyun-soo because he wants to be someone who follows the law, Ji-wook continues talking to Mr Bang like he will wake up and give him advice. The drama skips back to Young-hee picking the fabricated evidence and hiding it behind his coat, he then goes to Hyun-soo’s apartment to place the knife back on the knife block. How the hell did he even get into his apartment?!

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