Suspicious Partner ep 26 summary



Bong-hee gets a call from the police station, both Ji-wook and Hyun-soo are arrested. Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee quickly arrives to the station so they can understand the situation. Ji-wook meekly smiles at Bong-hee which Bong-hee returns back with a smile. Hyun-soo glances at Bong-hee however she completely ignores him, Hyun-soo looks disappointed and looks away. Both Ji-wook and Hyun-soo refuses to settle therefore they’re placed in the holding cell. However this is all part of Ji-wook’s plan as he needs to buy time for Eun-hyuk.

The drama skips back to the police station, Ji-wook approaches Eun-hyuk despite the bars, he tells Eun-hyuk to find ‘it’ no matter what. Eun-hyuk asks what will happen if he finds nothing which Ji-wook answers they should steal a knife with Hyun-soo’s fingerprint on it, Ji-wook stares intensely at Eun-hyuk like his whole life is dependent on him. He tells Eun-hyuk that Hyun-soo’s house key is in the basket where their belongings are. Eun-hyuk pretends to knock down the basket and picks the keys back up but he also uses this chance to steal Hyun-soo’s house key.

hyun soo house key.png

Eun-hyuk searches through Hyun-soo’s apartment but there is nothing special or strange. Eun-hyuk thinks back to Ji-wook’s instruction- if he finds nothing then they should steal a knife with Hyun-soo’s fingerprint on it. Eun-hyuk sneakily takes the knife and places it in a plastic bag then inside his suit, he does this without Bong-hee noticing. Bong-hee approaches Eun-hyuk to tell him there’s noting interesting here but Eun-hyuk insists they should still try to find something.

Once Ji-wook and Hyun-soo are discharged. Eun-hyuk gives Ji-wook the knife and a fabric containing the blood of Jae-ho and Mr Bang. He tells Ji-wook that he can frame Hyun-soo if he smears blood on the knife which Ji-wook agrees he will do that. Eun-hyuk also tells Ji-wook if he decides to do this then it will be regarded as illegal activity and he will be sentenced to prison, plus losing his license as a lawyer. Eun-hyuk asks Ji-wook whether he’s still going to do this which Ji-wook replies yes, he cannot do anything else since there’s no evidence found anywhere else. He cannot let Hyun-soo wander around and murder more people. Eun-hyuk explains they can use this as their last choice but they should search more first. Eun-hyuk states he will be the person who fabricates the evidence as Ji-wook used to be a righteous prosecutor, Ji-wook disagrees and tells Eun-hyuk to stay out of it. Bong-hee appears from nowhere and requests to do it because she has experience living in the prison. Bong-hee claims responsibility because she was the person who caused this and brought Hyun-soo into their lives. Everyone is feeling guilty, they cannot stop blaming themselves due Mr Bang’s misfortune.

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Hyun-soo sits by the track and field ground whilst listening to the song he always listens to. The image of the girl appears again, she’s happily sitting next to Hyun-soo and smiling gently at him, however she soon disappears. Hyun-soo returns to his apartment and discovers his stuff in the wrong position, the difference is little but with Hyun-soo’s great memory ability he recognises it immediately. Hyun-soo finally understands why Ji-wook punched him and then refused to settle the fight, all along he was buying time so they can search his apartment. Hyun-soo comments to himself that this is getting interesting.

Yoo-jung has joined forces with our favourite trio to capture Hyun-soo. Yoo-jung updates them there’s no evidence nor DNA related in the bodies found in the boiler, neither there was anything on Mr Bang’s clothes. Bong-hee takes out a small notebook which she found on Mr Bang’s desk, she explains she looked into the names on the notepad and found out every one of them are related to Chan-ho; either from the same town or went to the same school. Yoo-jung sighs and states she wishes a weapon will appear out of nowhere, Eun-hyuk, Bong-hee and Ji-wook all look at each other awkwardly knowing they were a step away from fabricating an evidence.

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Hyun-soo sends 3 photos to Ji-wook, it is of Bong-hee and Mr Bang. Ji-wook is agitated by his actions which cause himself to storm out to find Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo is standing outside waiting for him which Ji-wook immediately pushes him against the wall. Ji-wook threateningly reminds him they’ve decided to mind their own business yet he is causing more problems. Hyun-soo asks Ji-wook whether he went to his house and rummaged through his stuff. Ji-wook denies it with a laugh. Hyun-soo also gets serious, he tells Ji-wook to leave him alone and he will leave them alone too; he wouldn’t come this far if people like him (lawyers) did their job properly from the start and didn’t lock up the innocence and let go of those that are guilty. Hyun-soo claims what he is doing is right, it’s something he must do no matter what.

Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee are going around investigating about the lists of names on Mr Bang’s notepad. Bong-hee discovers Chef Yang went to study abroad when he was in high school as he caused trouble in Korea. Bong-hee asks the man whether he remembers what the rumour was however the man does not remember at all. Eun-hyuk also meets up with another man to asks if he remembers anything however the man answers he does not remember as it’s been too long. Eun-hyuk thanks him for his time and starts walking off but the man stops Eun-hyuk and asks what’s happening to them since Eun-hyuk is digging up the past. Eun-hyuk looks a him curiously which the man immediately replies he’s only curious because Mr Bang kept calling him now a lawyer is talking to him now too hence it must be serious.

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Ji-wook has decided to not use the fabricated evidence as they should do it properly or they’ll become like ‘them’. Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee agrees with Ji-wook’s decision because it’s the right thing to do. The man that Eun-hyuk met up with is mumbling to himself whilst walking along the street, he concludes what has been happening- Chef Yang died and Chan-ho is missing, then Jae-ho died, which means he could potentially be next target. You’re right about that because Hyun-soo is right behind you!

A mysterious person (definitely a male but you cannot see his face) has taken the fabricated evidence out of Ji-wook’s drawer and placed it back onto Hyun-soo’s knife block. The next second Yoo-jung gets a message from someone (it does not show who it is) telling her there’s evidence inside Hyun-soo’s apartment. Yoo-jung immediately requests a search warrant so she can search Hyun-soo’s apartment. Yoo-jung is about to walk into Hyun-soo’s apartment but coincidentally Hyun-soo happens to be walking out. She presents the search warrant in front of Hyun-soo’s face however Hyun-soo tries to prevent her from intruding his apartment. Yoo-jung pushes his hands off her shoulder and marches inside his apartment. Yoo-jung and 2 other men starts violently searching through his stuff, well more or less knocking down his stuff to the floor. Yoo-jung goes to the kitchen and starts pulling out the knife from the knife block. Suddenly she discovers the fabricated evidence. Hyun-soo pauses in his rant he laughs at her discovery and how low Ji-wook has gone to (he assumes it was Ji-wook who placed it there). Hyun-soo has already concluded that he’ll be put to prison if he stays therefore he uses this chance to escape. He bolts out the door and Yoo-jung and the 2 polices chases after him.

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Hyun-soo runs to his motorbike and starts speeding away. Yoo-jung and the 2 polices starts a pursuit. Ji-wook originally was heading to Hyun-soo’s apartment as Yoo-jung previously told him that she found evidence at Hyun-soo’s apartment however as he’s nearly approaching the apartment he sees the pursuit. Ji-wook quickly joins in however he’s not the only one as the man whom Eun-hyuk spoke to earlier also tails behind them with his car. On the other hand Young-hee notices finger movement from Mr Bang. Mr Bang is alive!

Hyun-soo is being chased from all directions, suddenly a car out of nowhere hits Hyun-soo which causes Hyun-soo to fly off his motorbike and onto the ground. The man who was driving the car is no other than the man whom Eun-hyuk was speaking to, the man reverses and drives away. Ji-wook, Yoo-jung and the 2 polices gets off their car and approaches the unconscious Hyun-soo. The suspense of this drama is crazy!

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