Suspicious Partner ep 25 summary


The drama skips back to Mr Bang and Hyun-soo’s fight. Mr Bang is already panting in pain however Hyun-soo will not let this fight slip by he uses the knife he’s carrying to stab Mr Bang in the abdominal area. The drama skips to Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk’s. They’re inside the car right now heading to the hospital. Eun-hyuk updates Bong-hee that Ji-wook has already called the ambulance and police so they should be on their way to the hospital now. Bong-hee holds back her tears, she asks Eun-hyuk whether Mr Bang will be alright. Eun-hyuk answers her with a shaky voice that he’ll be okay. Bong-hee tightens her mouth to hold back her sobs. Young-hee also receives the news about Mr Bang, he’s also heading towards the hospital. He urges his driver to hurry up.

Ji-wook and Mr Bang are on the ambulance now, Ji-wook uses his hand to cover the injury. Tears flowing from his eyes he apologises to Mr Bang for not coming sooner. Ji-wook starts sobbing frantically unable to hide his sorrow and regret. Mr Bang disappears into the surgery room, Ji-wook with many mixed emotion flows through his mind. The images of Hyun-soo cannot escape Ji-wook’s mind, he screams out in anger. Ji-wook gasps through his cries and rests against the glass door of the surgery room.

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Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee arrives to the hospital, they find a blood covered Ji-wook sitting by the seats. Ji-wook tries his best to be calm, he asks Eun-hyuk whether he’s contacted Yoo-jung which Eun-hyuk replies yes. Shortly after, Yoo-jung joins them, she asks what happened to Mr Bang. Ji-wook tells Yoo-jung that he would like her to take the lead investigation on this case because Hyun-soo is a very cunning man and he once used a member of the forensic team to hide the evidence therefore he could do anything. Although Ji-wook continues giving instructions to Yoo-jung it is apparent he is not coping well with the recent attack. His mind is wandering in circles and his sentences are broken and short. Everyone can tell the pain through Ji-wook’s behaviour, Yoo-jung tells Ji-wook that he should leave everything to her and she’ll do her best.

The surgery has finished and the surgeon goes outside to updates Ji-wook and the others about Mr Bang’s condition. Luckily enough Mr Bang was brought to the hospital quickly therefore they managed to stop the bleeding however due to the lack of blood flow to his brain there could be a possibility of brain damaged. Although it’s not certain but there’s no guarantee on Mr Bang’s health. Hearing this update it only lifts an inch of relief as Mr Bang is still in critical condition.

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Hyun-soo has already planned his perfect alibi. He previously instructed someone to deliver the documents for him and use his phone too, he also instructed the person to never take off the helmet therefore no one can tell that Hyun-soo was not the person who delivered the documents. But Hyun-soo’s planning does not end there, he instructs the person to remember the environment of his trip and then report it back to him.

Bong-hee finds Ji-wook sitting lifelessly at the bench by himself, she approaches him and gently wraps her arms around Ji-wook. Bong-hee comforts Ji-wook that everything will be okay, she gently soothes his back. Ji-wook tells Ji-wook that he was scared Mr Bang will die when he couldn’t feel his pulse. Bong-hee is scared and upset too but she tries her best to soothe Ji-wook’s worry.

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Hyun-soo has been summoned without a warrant, although Hyun-soo is not happy with it he still cooperates. Yoo-jung asks Hyun-soo about his alibi which Hyun-soo stares at her blankly knowing she has already branded him as the culprit anyways hence this interrogation is pointless. Hyun-soo states he worked to earn a living, he delivers stuff so she can always asks the recipients of the deliveries for their verdict. Yoo-jung comments on how he has a good memory which Hyun-soo taunts her that ever since he been falsely prosecuted for Chef Yang’s case he remembers everything just in case it happens again. With no proof or anything Yoo-jung has to let Hyun-soo walk away.

Everyone is keeping Mr Bang company, Young-hee is talking non-stop in hoping his voice will wake Mr Bang up. Hyun-soo suddenly walks into the room which causes everyone to look at him with hatred in their eyes. Hyun-soo explains he came here because he was worried about Mr Bang. Bong-hee scoffs in disbelief and Hyun-soo laughs in disgust. Ji-wook threateningly walks up to Hyun-soo and states he asked to meet him somewhere else, not in this hospital room. Hyun-soo asks if he’s intruding which Ji-wook answers blankly he is intruding. Ji-wook gestures him to go outside so they can talk which Hyun-soo agrees and follows after Ji-wook.

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Ji-wook and Hyun-soo ends up going to a bridge to talk, the bridge they’re at has cars driving underneath the bridge as Hyun-soo requested a noisy place to talk. Hyun-soo states he’s about to say something important- he killed them all, from Bong-hee’s ex-boyfriend to Chef Yang he killed all these people. Hyun-soo asks Ji-wook why he’s not surprise which Ji-wook explains he already knew about it. Hyun-soo taunts Ji-wook that he should arrest him then, he approaches Ji-wook with both his arms out gesturing Ji-wook to handcuff him. Ji-wook tries to stay calm and replies he’ll be arrested soon anyways. Hyun-soo bursts out laughing as he remembers Ji-wook defending him during Chef Yang’s case. Ji-wook holds back his anger and explains he regrets letting him go too, if only he had figured him out sooner and not given him freedom neither Jae-ho, Chan-ho or Mr Bang will be injured.

Hyun-soo asks Ji-wook whether he understands how he feels now, the feelings of when someone important in your life dies or gets hurt. If he does then Ji-wook should try to understand him and leave him alone and consequently he’ll leave them alone too. Ji-wook holds out his hand asking if it’s a deal however Ji-wook slaps his hand away and states he does not want to agree to this deal.¬†Hyun-soo explains he wanted Ji-wook to understand him as he wanted to leave them alone too, however he might just have to kill them all now. Hyun-soo walks off which Ji-wook watches his back in total hatred. Ji-wook follows after Hyun-soo and starts punching Hyun-soo in the face, Hyun-soo does not fight back and questions whether Ji-wook is crazy.

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