Suspicious Partner ep 24 summary



There’s no evidence of Yeon-woo’s boyfriend attacking Yeon-woo hence Bong-hee heads off to search for evidence, Ji-wook being the caring boyfriend he is joins Bong-hee on the search. However to no avail nothing could be found despite searching through bins and toilet cubicles. Once Bong-hee and Ji-wook returns from their search the team cannot help but comment on the stench leaking from them. Ji-wook is more curious as to why Mr Bang and Eun-hyuk are still inside the office at the hour. Eun-hyuk and Mr Bang explains they have a lot of work unlike some people but definitely implying Bong-hee and Ji-wook. Ji-wook starts raising his voice they can work at home and not be inside the office, today is their first day yet they’re here. Mr Bang is confused because it’s the middle of the month, Eun-hyuk is also confused and repeats Ji-wook’s statement with his wide-eyes. Ji-wook quickly hides his comment and instructs Eun-hyuk to find a clue even if it means watching all the CCTV footages until his eyes hurt. Eun-hyuk explains he’s busy but Ji-wook is not accepting this excuse. Eun-hyuk finally gives in and says he will find the potential witness through social media since the witness is a high school student. Mr Bang, Bong-hee and Ji-wook all stare at him like he’s from another world as none of them uses social media.

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Bong-hee gets an update from Eun-hyuk, he updates Bong-hee that he managed to find the high school student however he simply needs to persuade her to be the witness now. After the call Bong-hee smiles brightly and comments on how dedicated Eun-hyuk is to the case. Ji-wook stares at her declaration in completely jealousy, he then remains speechless for few seconds but finally decides to defend himself. He also states he helped Bong-hee which Bong-hee agrees on, she smiles at Ji-wook’s childish jealousy. Bong-hee announce she will be with Yeon-woo today because her instincts tells her so, Ji-wook gets up and approaches Bong-hee, he says his instincts tell him to be with her today as well.

Mr Bang gets a call from someone, the person on the phone informs Mr Bang they found out who the other person in Chan-ho’s photo is. His name is Jae Ho and he recently returned back to Korea. The call soon comes to an end and Mr Bang gets up to go somewhere, he remembers Ji-wook’s order- to not do anything rash and investigate the case, however Mr Bang brushes it off and still heads out.

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Mr Bang leaves a voice message for Ji-wook, he has found details of the man (Jae-ho) and he’s heading to Jae-ho’s address right now, but he also sent Ji-wook the address to be safe. Ji-wook sighs in annoyance at Mr Bang’s stubbornness. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook to go to Mr Bang instead because she’ll be fine. Ji-wook hesitates to agree but decides this is a better option, he drivers to the side of the road to drop Bong-hee off. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook she’ll call him later and he should call her too.

Eun-hyuk manages to persuade the girl to be the witness but her agreement becomes more eerie as Eun-hyuk discovers a more shocking truth to the attack. The girl tells Eun-hyuk that the man hid the knife inside his cast. Eun-hyuk immediately calls the police but the man has already been released. At this point Bong-hee and Yeon-woo are saying goodbyes outside Yeon-woo’s apartment. Out of nowhere Yeon-woo’s boyfriend arrives and starts swinging the knife towards Yeon-woo and Bong-hee. Bong-hee easily pummels the man but once Bong-hee turns around to check on Yeon-woo, the man swings his knife towards Bong-hee but luckily it turns out to be minor cut. Ji-wook gets a call from Eun-hyuk which causes Ji-wook to rush back to find Bong-hee. Startled Ji-wook rushes to Bong-hee believing she is injured however turns out it’s nothing serious. She reminds Ji-wook that he needs to go find Mr Bang immediately. Ji-wook agrees but before he goes he gives Bong-hee a tight hug.

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Mr Bang reaches Jae-ho’s apartment but the door is already open, Mr Bang goes inside the apartment and find’s Jae-ho already dead. He gets a call from Ji-wook which he answers immediately but the next second Hyun-soo approaches him from behind, Mr Bang does not get a chance to speak to Ji-wook. Mr Bang’s reaction is very quick, he avoids Hyun-soo’s attack easily as he was previously a detective. Mr Bang manages to to push Hyun-soo against the wall but after a while Hyun-soo manages to get the upper hand, he dominates the fight leaving Mr Bang panting in pain. Ji-wook hears the abnormal sounds over the phone, he immediately steps on the car’s accelerator pedal. Once Ji-wook arrives to the apartment he finds Mr Bang already unconscious and with a bloody injury on his abdominal area. Ji-wook places his ears against Mr Bang’s heart to hear his heartbeat but nothing can be detected. Ji-wook pushes Mr Bang’s body from side to side, but to no avail Mr Bang shows no signs of waking or consciousness.

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