Suspicious Partner ep 23 summary



Ji-wook voices over:

“I hesitated to start this because I was afraid of it coming to an end. The moment I realised my feelings for you I ran away from you like a coward. And I failed because I started to have feelings for you without realising. “

Bong-hee is taken aback from Ji-wook’s sudden confession. She asks him why he confessed again which Ji-wook replies he suddenly had the urge to say he likes her otherwise he’ll be wasting time. Ji-wook requests Bong-hee to tell him what’s going on, he knows something is up but she’s not letting him know. Bong-hee freezes but thinks back to her discovery- Hyun-soo listening to the same song as the murderer. However Bong-hee cannot tell Ji-wook that she insists she’s simply lost in her own world recently and been feeling down. Ji-wook suddenly blurts out “Hyun-soo” which causes Bong-hee to jolt in shock because it seems like Ji-wook can read her mind. Ji-wook pressurises Bong-hee to tell him what she knows.

Bong-hee asks Ji-wook back on what he knows. Ji-wook hesitates but finally tells Bong-hee. He explains Hyun-soo potentially can be the murderer but this is just a speculation and he has no direct proof yet. Bong-hee expresses her anger, she shouts at Ji-wook for hiding his speculation, she also tells him to stop hiding stuff and he should stop liking her too. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee he cannot do so because he does not want to ruin their relationship because of Hyun-soo. Bong-hee becomes emotional she tells Ji-wook to think in her position. Ji-wook defends himself, he knows she’s having a hard time and feeling guilty but she’s mistaken, it’s simply an accident and he’s going through this accident with her no matter what. His decision will stay the same even if she pushes him away. Ji-wook vows to catch Hyun-soo so she needs to make a decision to go through this separately or do this together, he quickly adds he personally wants to do this together.

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Bong-hee’s friend (Yeon woo) has been attacked by her ex-boyfriend however her cut on her arm is not deep enough to be considered attempted murder, also the weapon is nowhere to be found. Therefore Bong-hee has 48 hours to find the evidence before Yeon-woo’s ex-boyfriend is released.

Bong-hee couldn’t sleep all night as she was too immerse into solving Ji-wook’s confession. She finally has decided her answer. The next day she approaches Ji-wook in such a hurry, she tells Ji-wook (whom just got out the shower) that they should live life shamelessly. Ji-wook is completely surprised by her that he jolts back. Bong-hee announce today is their first day which still confuses Ji-wook. Bong-hee quickly rushes off and shouts today is their first day of their relationship. Ji-wook finally digests what happened, he smiles in happiness and beams at her answer. Bong-hee goes back to her room and hides her face in embarrassment but smiles to herself the next second.

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Mr Bang gets a call from someone, the man on the phone tells Mr Bang that he’s found the identity of a man in Chan-ho’s photo. Mr Bang happily announces it to Ji-wook with a wide smile however Ji-wook’s reaction is not what Mr Bang expected. Ji-wook sighs to himself and reminds Mr Bang he told him to drop the investigation. Mr Bang asks Ji-wook whether he wants to hear the findings though. Ji-wook pretends he’s not interested but secretly hints he wants to hear it. Mr Bang explains he found out the man is called Kim Min Gu and he’s Chan-ho’s senior but that’s it, he will tell Ji-wook more once he has found out more information. Suddenly Ji-wook gets a call from Yoo-jung, she tells Ji-wook that they managed to identity the bodies that were inside the boiler. She starts telling one of the victim’s name, however Ji-wook manages to guess it, he says “Kim Min Gu” the same time as Yoo-jung. Yoo-jung is taken aback and asks how he knows this.

Ji-wook briefs the findings to his colleagues. Min-Gu’s death is on the same day as Hee-joon and from judging the injury on Min-gu it can be deducted that the murderer used the same weapon for both Hee-joon and Min-gu. The only lead they have left is the other man in the photo however Ji-wook prevents them to investigate anymore because at the end of the day, they do not have warrant and it’s the prosecutor’s job.

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Eun-hyuk visits Yoo-jung to requests for rights to investigate. Yoo-jung asks if Eun-hyuk suspects Hyun-soo which Eun-hyuk admits so however there’s no proof hence they need her to approve their investigation. Yoo-jung admits there is something off with Hyun-soo however she cannot describe what it is. Yoo-jung does not mind approving their investigation however she’s curious as to why they’re into this case. She asks if it’s for justice or for Bong-hee. Eun-hyuk replies it’s for both which leaves Yoo-jung in disbelief. She sulks that she already lost Ji-wook and him to Bong-hee but now she has to investigate for Bong-hee too. Eun-hyuk teases Yoo-jung whether they should find another prosecutor however Yoo-jung replies no, she will do it. Yoo-jung request Eun-hyuk to not be so harsh on her because they’re the only friends she has. Eun-hyuk gets up and is about to leave but he turns around to tell Yoo-jung to be careful of Hyun-soo and never personally investigate this by herself. There’s always strong investigators and she should rely on them instead. Yoo-jung reassures Eun-hyuk’s that she’s strong as well and more than capable. Eun-hyuk heads off but turns around again to tell her to be careful.

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