Suspicious Partner ep 21 summary



Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk returns from jogging which Bong-hee happily greets them. Ji-wook is confused by her happy expression which Bong-hee express seeing 2 grown up men returning from exercising is every girls’ dream. Ji-wook quickly urges Eun-hyuk to leave but Eun-hyuk refuses. Ji-wook quickly drags Bong-hee to the kitchen so she watches him cook instead of talking to Eun-hyuk. Bong-hee gives a thumbs up to Eun-hyuk for playing along.

Ji-wook informs Mr Bang that Hyun-soo found out about them searching into his past. Ji-wook requests Mr Bang to stop however Mr Bang does not respond and seems to be in his own thought. Ji-wook calls out his name and asks whether he’s listening which Mr Bang replies yes, he also agrees to Ji-wook’s demand. Mr Bang goes back to his desk and picks up the photo of Chan-ho and 2 mysterious men. He gives a weird look to the photo and sighs.

mr bang searching for culprit.png

Hyun-soo also has the same photo, he takes it out and it is apparent he has scratched all over one of the man’s face, leaving a many white scratches. He’s about to do the same to Chan-ho’s face but stops. He seems to be in deep thought and drops his pen.

Ji-wook, Bok-ja and Young-hee visits the cemetery of Ji-wook’s father. Bok-ja starts crying once she starts talking to the photos. She tells Ji-wook’s father he could have lived a happy life of watching his son grow up if it wasn’t for that ‘bad person’. Unsure who she’s referring to. Bong-hee and her mother also goes to Bong-hee cemetery. Young-soon tells her late husband that their daughter is capable and living well. Even though both Ji-wook and Bong-hee are visiting their loved ones in the same cemetery they did not see each other.

Ji-wook starts interrogating a client instead of helping him. Bong-hee, Eun-hyuk and Mr Bang intervenes to remind him of his position. Ji-wook calms down and explains he needs to know why he (client: Jung-ha) attacked the person. Jung-ha states he can foresee the future which confuses Bong-hee and Ji-wook. Jung-ha states “pizza” and the next moment Young-hee walks in with a large pile of pizza boxes. Once Jung-ha leaves the whole group sums up the situation- Jung-ha states he has the power to foresee the future and he witnessed the man attacking the part-timer therefore he intervened before the accident happen. However there’s no proof the man whom he attacked carried any weapon. Ji-wook states he will drop the case however Young-hee refuses as he pays his salary and the maintenance of the firm therefore he should accept every case.

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Jung-ha visits the firm again, he suddenly says be careful with the cup and the next second Young-hee accidentally drops the cup on the floor. He sheepishly smiles and says he’s one step too late. He then suddenly comments on how there’s a chance of 2 people dying soon. Young-hee quickly goes to get a medical check up and Mr Bang goes outside to get a lucky charm. However for Bong-hee, Eun-hyuk and Ji-wook life goes on as normal. Bong-hee cannot find Ji-wook in sight which Eun-hyuk explains Ji-wook goes on a picnic every year on the same day because his family once promised to go on picnic on that day, therefore they don’t disturb him on this day. Bong-hee replies she understands Ji-wook’s feelings and how she knows he actually wants someone to disturb him because it feels really lonely.

Bong-hee arrives to the location and sees Ji-wook sitting there by himself staring in air. She approaches him which Ji-wook is shocked about but smiles at her presence. She explains she wanted to disturb him and Ji-wook beams at her response, he gestures her to sit down.

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Bong-hee watches a child cycling happily which catches Ji-wook’s attention. Bong-hee explains every time she sees a child cycling it makes her happy because her father promised her he’ll teach her cycling but he never did as he passed away. Ji-wook suddenly urges Bong-hee to get up so he can teach her how to cycle. Ji-wook is being extra patient, he holds onto the back of the bike and Bong-hee slowly adjusts herself onto the bike and make herself adapted to how it works. Bong-hee suddenly stops as she sees a man taking photos of women with his camera. Bong-hee finally remember him, he was the person who took advantage of her on the subway but pretended he didn’t. Bong-hee starts her pursuit, she starts cycling rapidly towards him, the pervert also recognises her, he starts running away. Bong-hee manages to catch him, she snatches the memory stick from his hand. She angrily shouts at him for still living the same pathetic lifestyle. The pervert tells Bong-hee that he saw what happened to her on the news, he felt bad for her. He also adds that he saw quite a few murder happening on top of the apartment building and he was scared hence why he moved away. Bong-hee simply looks at him angrily but Ji-wook seems to have caught onto a lead thanks to the pervert’s testimony.

Once Bong-hee and Ji-wook are in the car they finally digested what the pervert said. Bong-hee explains she went onto the rooftop to get some fresh air and couldn’t see what was opposite, therefore potentially she could have witnessed a murder on the opposite flat without knowing. Both of them head to the flat to confirm whether this hypothesis could be true. However once they’re at the neighbourhood they bump into Yoo-jung and Ji-hye, naturally Bong-hee and Ji-hye starts bickering.

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As soon as Bong-hee and Ji-wook arrives to the rooftop theres a strong stench. Ji-wook immediately notice stains of blood and brownish puddles leaking from the boiler. Ji-wook immediately calls the ambulance and police as he has to assume the worse. Bong-hee watches the bodies being taken away, she concludes what happened: she witnessed something she shouldn’t have hence causing Hee-joon to be murdered and then her being framed as a murderer. Coincidentally Hyun-soo happens to be passing the area and sees the bodies being taken away. He reassures himself that everything will be alright cause he took care of it perfectly.

Ji-wook apologises to Bong-hee, he should have noticed the bodies before, he feels like he’s failed as a prosecutor. Bong-hee teases him that he should not let personal feelings affect his professionalism. Ji-wook becomes flustered and explains he is being very professional right now. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that she’ll give him the reply to his confession. Ji-wook is delighted and smiles happily. He immediately hugs Bong-hee however she pushes Ji-wook away as she will choose the date and time carefully, it has to be proper when she gives him the reply. Ji-wook asks if they can go out tonight however Bong-hee refuses, she suggests the day after tomorrow but Ji-wook asks if they can do tomorrow instead. Without any choice Bong-hee has to agree to tomorrow since Ji-wook is so eager. Ji-wook happily leaves the room, completely beaming with happiness and unable to hide his smile.

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