Suspicious Partner ep 22 summary



Young-hee senses something strange going on between Bong-hee and Ji-wook. He confronts them however both rejects they’re dating. Young-hee throws a fit as he does not believe their words, he threatens to throw water and money on Bong-hee. Ji-wook asks Young-hee why he’s so interested in their relationship anyways, Young-hee shouts back why he can’t be interested. Ji-wook states Young-hee is banned from future meetings now. Young-hee is shocked and cannot mutter another word, he holds his head to soothe his headache.

Today is the day. Bong-hee will give Ji-wook her answer, both are beyond excited and getting ready happily. As Bong-hee is walking to meet Ji-wook she bumps into Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo happily greets him and Bong-hee tries her best to hide her shocked expression with a smile. The next second a motorbike comes out of nowhere and Hyun-so quickly grabs Bong-hee of harm’s way. This causes all of Bong-hee’s document and Hyun-soo’s phone and earphone to fall onto the floor. Bong-hee and Hyun-soo immediately goes to pick up the stuff however Bong-hee notices Hyun-soo is listening to the song she heard on the night of Hee-joon’s murder. She pauses in shock which catches Hyun-soo’s attention. She immediately hides her expression by pretending to be concern that the phone is broken. Hyun-soo ensures her it’s fine and it is not broken. The atmosphere is tense as Bong-hee finally realise why Ji-wook is looking into Hyun-soo.

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Everything seems strange. Bong-hee thinks back to her conversation with the banner man. She showed a picture of Hyun-soo to him to asks whether he was the person who asked him to take down the banner however the banner man answered no. However once Bong-hee showed a photo of Chan-ho he energetically agreed the man whom asked him to take down the banner is him. Bong-hee calls the banner man once again, she promises she will not cause him any harm, she simply wants to know whether the man who was with her the other day was the person who asked him to take down the banner. Banner man hangs up immediately and does not answer. The drama skips back to Hyun-soo visiting the banner man. Hyun-soo threateningly tells him that his 3 children are really beautiful, he asks him how they can be so pretty. Hyun-soo explains this is a common blackmail technique. Banner man immediately crouches down in fear. Hyun-soo shows a photo of Chan-ho to banner man and if anyone asks then he better say it was Chan-ho whom requested it to be taken down.

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Bong-hee reassures herself that everything is a mere coincidence, she tells herself that listening to the same song does not make Hyun-soo a murderer. However Hyun-soo’s evil smirk cannot escape Bong-hee’s mind. Bong-hee breathes in and out, she tells herself that she has a brain and she must use it. She thinks back to Hyun-soo’s plead to her; he approached her purposely to gain her sympathy, and gave her the shoes to see whether she recognises him. Everything is making sense now, all of Hyun-soo’s weird behaviour falls in to place. Bong-hee’s eyes starts tearing up. She made Ji-wook defend a murderer. Hyun-soo follows Bong-hee from behind, he watches the upset Bong-hee with a frown. Hyun-soo seems to be troubled, he tells the faraway Bong-hee to not recognise him because if she does then he’ll have to get rid of her. Hyun-soo seems to be troubled by this thought and sighs in annoyance.

Bong-hee arrives to the café, she sees Ji-wook and Yoo-jung together. Bong-hee is not upset about them being together however she pretends to as she needs an excuse to hide her sadness (after discovering Hyun-soo to be the murderer). Bong-hee is not prepared to tell Ji-wook that he defended a murderer. She walks away acting like she’s annoyed at Ji-wook for hanging out with Yoo-jung. Ji-wook chases after her and asks whether she okay, he hopes she hasn’t misunderstood anything. Bong-hee admits she’s not happy with Ji-wook being close to Yoo-jung but she’s okay nonetheless. However she will give him a reply to his confession on another day. Ji-wook is okay with her suggestion but he still has to point out how Bong-hee does not look ‘okay’. Bong-hee makes up a lie, she suddenly felt pressured to accept his feelings that’s why she’s behaving like that. Ji-wook does not believe her lie but will accept it as Bong-hee does not want to speak about the ‘truth’. 

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Bong-hee calls Eun-hyuk so she has someone to tell her worries to as she does not have anyone else to talk to. She confess on how scared she is right now, her feelings are the same as when Hee-joon died but she’s even more afraid now. She knew she did something wrong but unsure what went wrong. Back then she could have handled the situation by herself but now she has more people around her, the more people she has around her the more scared she becomes. Eun-hyuk asks Bong-hee whether she’s talking about Hyun-soo. Bong-hee looks at him with a shocked expression and Eun-hyuk explains he’s quick witted.

Bong-hee brainstorms by herself with no lead she decides to find the banner man however once she steps out she sees Hyun-soo waiting outside. Bong-hee is startled however she explains she’s surprised to see him outside here, Bong-hee quickly hides her shocked face with a smile and asks why he’s in this area. Hyun-soo approaches Bong-hee and states he’s here to deliver something. Hyun-soo also explains he wanted to see her today and just happened to bump into her therefore it must be his lucky day. Bong-hee laughs and says she’s flattered. Hyun-soo approaches closer to Bong-hee however Eun-hyuk manages to get there in time. He calls out Bong-hee’s name and approaches them, he asks Bong-hee whether she called for courier service. Eun-hyuk tells Hyun-soo that he feels close to him since he sees him so often now. Eun-hyuk urges Bong-hee to go back inside since she’s working too hard and it’s late now hence she shouldn’t go anywhere, he pushes her back inside but before he disappears with Bong-hee he asks if Hyun-soo wants to come inside since their clients are like their ‘family’. Thank god for Eun-hyuk. Once they’re inside Bong-hee asks Eun-hyuk whether Hyun-soo came to see if she knew his real identity, Eun-hyuk replies “probably”. Eun-hyuk asks Bong-hee if she’s planning to tell Ji-wook however she rejects the idea because she do not have the courage to tell Ji-wook they potentially helped a murderer.

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After Jung-ha’s trial, Ji-wook asks Jung-ha whether his predictions are always true. Jung-ha confirms it so and he’s not lying about foreseeing 2 people drying. Ji-wook brushes it off as he does not believe it, he bids Jung-ha farewell but suddenly a car out of nowhere hits Jung-ha. Jung-ha shoots into the air and collapses, blood continuously leaks from his head. Ambulances soon arrives to take Jung-ha to the hospital. Ji-wook paces back and forth talking to Jung-ha’s girlfriend over the phone, he pleads her to quickly arrive to the hospital because Jung-ha refuses to do the surgery unless she arrives. Ji-wook goes back to Jung-ha’s side to persuade him agreeing to the surgery however Jung-ha tiredly replies he does not have long to live and rather use it to see his girlfriend than to risk losing his own life. Jung-ha suddenly sees glimpses of the future, it’s of Ji-wook crying painfully. Jung-ha uses his last breath to tell Ji-wook to not cry so much and everything will be aright. Jung-ha’s girlfriend manages to make it on time, they exchange few words before Jung-ha passes away.

Ji-wook voices over:

“All of us have lost someone. Some lost a family member. Some lost a friend. Some lost a lover. Whether the person was kind or evil, there is no one who’d didn’t lose someone in their course of life. Therefore, life is cruel. If that’s true, during this cruel, limited period of time and in a way, in this brief lifetime, the one thing we can do is… “

After the traumatic circumstance just now Ji-wook realises how precious life is, he instantly asks to see Bong-hee. Once Bong-hee is in sight he runs up to her and embraces her. He requests Bong-hee to like him back now, he knows he said he’ll wait for her but she should like him back in this instant.

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