Suspicious Partner ep 20 summary



It’s the first trial for Seong-eun’s case. Ji-hye explains Seong-eun has committed murder in such a brutal manner. Eun-hyuk defends his client, although she admits to murder however they should also acknowledge the fact she’s been verbally and physically abused for the past 20 years. Bong-hee and Ji-wook watches over the trial. Once the trial is over Bong-hee seems to have thought of something, she goes to Mr Bang and requests all the information regarding Seong-eun’s case. After a short while Bong-hee does not even care about her appearance anymore and works diligently at the case. Eun-hyuk asks Ji-wook what’s the matter with Bong-hee which Ji-wook explains Bong-hee becomes like this when she works on something challenging or when she uses her brain a lot. Mr Bang states her hair will become messy. Ji-wook adds it will soon become greasy and she doesn’t shower anymore.

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Bong-hee approaches Ji-wook in her messy self which causes Ji-wook to jolt in shock. Bong-hee declares she’s done a lot these past few days which Ji-wook nods in agreement as her appearance says it all. Bong-hee explains she’s also been in the detention centre and the thing that she was most worried about was when her mother visited, she didn’t wanted to make her mother worry so aways reassured her. Bong-hee witnessed Seong-eun and her son exchanging reassuring looks to each other, if the son really liked his mother then why would he let her take the blame. Bong-hee suggests another hypothesis- Seong-eun’s son visited the house the day before the murder, he argued with the dad and left. Once Seong-eun returns she sees her dead husband, she assumed the murder was committed by her son therefore she took the blame by stabbing the already dead husband. Bong-hee also explains Seong-eun’s husband takes a certain type of medication therefore his death could have caused by cerebral haemorrhage. Bong-hee requests Ji-wook to allow a post-mortem request as they might have missed out something. Ji-wook smiles at Bong-hee with a proud look. He pulls Bong-hee towards him and gently hugs her, he tells her to not misunderstand because it’s simply a hug from her senior. But as Ji-wook touches Bong-hee he cannot help but notice how dirty she is, overtime he touches her he looks at his hand.

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Turns out Bong-hee’s hypothesis is true. Yoo-jung tells Eun-hyuk that the charges of manslaughter will be dropped however she will charge Seong-eun for abusing a corpse. Eun-hyuk thanks Yoo-jung, Ji-wook also thanks Yoo-jung, however she tells them to not thank her because she knows they don’t mean it. After talking to Yoo-jung, Eun-hyuk and Ji-wook passes on the message to Seong-eun.

Ji-wook decides to visit his mother, however it’s not Bok-ja that he’s referring to but his birth mother. Ji-wook is at an indoor cemetery and starts crying once he speaks to his birth mother, he apologises for not coming to visit often but today he misses them a lot.

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Hyun-soo receives a call from the woman that was assaulted (the one he helped before). She notifies him that a lawyer has contacted her asking her about the assault. Hyun-soo is unpleased with Ji-wooks behaviour and his interest in the past event, he calls Ji-wook to confront him about it. Ji-wook pretends to be in shock and apologises for his behaviour. Hyun-soo tells Ji-wook he does not need to be sorry however he is curious as to why Ji-wook is being like this. Ji-wook simply states Hyun-soo lied to him. Hyun-soo laughs in disbelief, he asks Ji-wook whether he hasn’t lied before in his life. Ji-wook replies he doesn’t know people lie that much, even if they do then people should know how to differentiate between important lie and not-so-important lie. Hyun-soo questions Ji-wook what he’s done wrong however Ji-wook simply explains he went snooping around because it’s a habit he got from being a prosecutor. Ji-wook reassures him that once he become suspicious he always looks into it but he couldn’t find anything. Hyun-soo nods in a not-believing-manner. Ji-wook promise he won’t go snooping around anymore however Hyun-soo replies he’s lying. Ji-wook quickly admits he is lying and laughs it off. The tension between them increases.

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Ji-wook returns and Bong-hee happens to see him, she asks whether something is wrong because Ji-wook seems out of it. Ji-wook hides the confrontation from Bong-hee, and instead talks about his family. The drama skips to Ji-wook visiting Bok-ja, he tells his adoptive mother- Bok-ja, that he visited his birth mother’s cemetery. Bok-ja also tells Ji-wook that his mother visited her in her dreams few days ago. The drama skips back to Ji-wook and Bong-hee’s conversation, Ji-wook has 2 mothers, his biological mother is his ‘current’ mother’s best friend. He lost both his parents in a fire accident, his dad died instantly and his mother died few days after fighting a tough battle in the hospital. From that day onwards Ji-wook was looked after by Bok-ja whom he calls mother now.

The drama skips to Bok-ja showing lots of affection to Ji-wook. Ji-wook tells his mother to not do this because others will think he’s a mummy’s boy. Bok-ja sulks. Young-hee walks into the restaurant and agrees with Ji-wook. Bok-ja angrily asks her husband- Young-hee, why did he come in here. Explains Ji-wook’s close relations with Young-hee now! Bok-ja and Young-hee starts bickering. The drama skips back to Bong-hee and Ji-wook conversation. Bong-hee also admits she has 2 fathers. However once Ji-wook wants to know more she hesitates and informs him she’ll tell him more next time.

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Ji-wook has a nightmare, it’s the scene of his dying father laying lifelessly in the sea of flames. Ji-wook starts to stir at the scene and soon jumps up from the nightmare. He starts to sweat and panic. Bong-hee looks through her little scrapbook which contains photos of her family, she looks at her mother fondly and then her father. She gently touches the photo and smiles, almost like her father is in front of her. No don’t tell me Bong-hee’s father murdered Ji-wook’s father?!

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