Suspicious Partner ep 19 summary



Chan-ho manages to swim to land, he’s out of breath and tired but he slowly crawls onto land. Hyun-soo calls out to him and jokes he looks like he’s about to die but every word is sinister. The drama skips back the dinner, Ji-wook brings up that he was meant to meet Chan-ho but never got the chance. Bong-hee explains the meeting was cancelled abruptly. Ji-wook tells Yoo-jung to check every CCTV spot from Hanmoo Park to the spot where his car was found. Yoo-jung agrees. Mr Bang gestures to Ji-wook that Hyun-soo is not showing any signs of agitation. Ji-wook tells himself that the only time he saw Hyun-soo agitated was when he declared the person he beaten up assaulted a woman hence he deserved it. Ji-wook instructs Yoo-jung to also look into Chan-ho’s past- whether he has assaulted a woman before, however Hyun-soo still shows no signs of agitation.

Eun-hyuk drives Hyun-soo back, he apologises for having a bad dinner topic. Hyun-soo explains it’s okay because they’re all lawyers therefore it’s normal to talk about cases. Eun-hyuk asks Hyun-soo why he chose Bong-hee as his lawyer which Hyun-soo explains Bong-hee was also wrongly accused which was similar to his case. Eun-hyuk explains many murderer approaches Bong-hee with the wrong intention. They both smile and laugh together but the tension is high.

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Bong-hee helps Ji-wook with the dishes. Ji-wook can’t help but stare at Bong-hee as he cleans the dishes. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that the house was so crowded few seconds ago but now it’s quite empty therefore it feels quite lonely. Ji-wook gets closer to Bong-hee until they’re eye-level, he tells Bong-hee that he likes how quiet the house is in. Bong-hee becomes shy and splashes him with water, she tells him off for looking at her with ‘those eyes’. 

Eun-hyuk gets a call from one of his frequent clients. She tells Eun-hyuk that her husband has died, Eun-hyuk goes to her house immediately and finds her sitting next to her husband’s body lifelessly. She asks Eun-hyuk whether it’s a lawyer’s responsibility to keep their client’s information a secret which he admits so however he also cannot hide the truth either. She tells Eun-hyuk that she didn’t kill her husband but wants to admit doing do. Eun-hyuk asks himself: will he keep his client’s story a secret or tell the truth. 

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Ji-wook asks Bong-hee whether she’s bothered by Hyun-soo. Bong-hee stays quiet unsure what to say. She asks what will happen if Hyun-soo is a murderer, she made him defend a murderer for no reason. Ji-wook comforts Bong-hee, he states there’s always a presumption of innocence, although Hyun-soo lied about his alibi but that’s it, he hasn’t found anything else. Ji-wook requests Bong-hee to believe him. Bong-hee asks whether he’s really telling the truth however in Ji-wook’s mind he admits he’s lying, theres definitely something off with Hyun-soo. Bong-hee requests Ji-wook to be honest with her if he ever finds out anything.

Ji-wook explains to Mr Bang that Hyun-soo has a serious issue or trauma regarding women. Mr Bang asks Ji-wook whether he should meet up with the women who got assaulted, Ji-wook replies yes but he should be careful. Before Mr Bang heads off Ji-wook requests Mr Bang to keep this a secret and not tell anyone else. Mr Bang asks whether he means ‘anyone’ i’ts referring to Bong-hee. Ji-wook admits so, he knows if Hyun-soo turns out to be a murderer he can’t hide it from Bong-hee but he wants to at least reveal it in a manner that won’t hurt her.

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Yoo-jung confronts Eun-taek’s client (Park Seong Eun). She deducts what happened- she pushed her husband down during a fight which caused him to die from fracture, then she used a knife and stabbed his stomach. Seong-eun admits the charges and explains she hates her husband, pushing him down once is not enough she couldn’t resolve her anger. After the interrogation Eun-hyuk and Yoo-jung shares a short conversation about Bong-hee. She asks Eun-hyuk whether he really thinks Bong-hee is innocent, Eun-hyuk replies he does not believe his clients as it’s just work but he does believe in Bong-hee. He defended her because he knew she was innocent. Yoo-jung asks what’s his reasons behind his statement however he simply replies he’s unsure. Eun-hyuk walks away and Yoo-jung asks one finally question- can they have a meal together once in a while. Eun-hyuk coldly walks away.

Bong-hee joins Ji-wook who is sitting down and looking over the information regarding Eun-hyuk’s case. Bong-hee asks Ji-wook why he’s so interested in Eun-hyuk’s case which Ji-wook replies there’s something off about it and Eun-hyuk is acting weird. Bong-hee denies that comment as Eun-hyuk has always been weird.

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Eun-hyuk practises some questions with Seong-eun’s son as the prosecutor may ask him these. Eun-hyuk asks him when did his father started abusing his mother, he replies his father was always violent towards her. He explains he really pities his mother which causes Eun-hyuk to interfere his speech, it’s apparent that Eun-hyuk is annoyed by his words but something is holding him back to confront him. Ji-wook happens to overhear everything, he asks him whether his father only abused his mother or did he abuse him too. Eun-hyuk calls Ji-wook’s name to prevent him from speaking however Ji-wook does not listen and even helps himself to a seat. Ji-wook starts interrogating him however Eun-hyuk quickly interrupts to put a stop to this interrogation.

Ji-wook confronts Eun-hyuk, he asks if he’s hiding something. Eun-hyuk becomes irritated and defensive. Ji-wook repeats his words and asks again. Eun-hyuk explains Seong-eun went out to get grocery but once she came back her husband was already on the floor. Seong-run deducted the person who could have done this was her only son, therefore she tries to take the blame by stabbing her husband’s body another time. Eun-hyuk tells Ji-wook he’s obligated to remain confidentiality and cannot use it as service. Ji-wook speaks back and tells Eun-hyuk lawyers cannot conceal the truth while serving clients. Eun-hyuk states the importance is helping his client and her wishes. Ji-wook snorts; the importance is capturing the guilty. Ji-wook raises his voice, it does not make sense for the Seong-run to take the blame. Eun-hyuk speaks back he will give his client what she wants no matter what. Ji-wook questions Eun-hyuk whether he can take the consequence.

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