Suspicious Partner ep 18 summary


Ji-wook updates Mr Bang that they went to Hyun-soo’s place but discovered nothing important but just to be safe he brought along the photo to see whether Mr Bang can notice anything they couldn’t. Mr Bang states it will be difficult but they’ll try his best. Mr Bang catches Ji-wook staring at Bong-hee, he asks whether he’s not planning to tell Bong-hee about Hyun-soo. Ji-wook replies he was planning to but now he’s going to wait till more confirmations before throwing out accusations.

Moo-young throws out Hee-joon’s case file to Yoo-jung and Ji-hye. He instructs them to re-investiagte because he finds it hard to accept the verdict of the trial. He went to the scene many times to find possibilities, he also wondered whether someone was holding a grudge against him and killed his son instead, but it’s none of that. It has to be Bong-hee. Yoo-jung replies she’s also read the case file before. Moo-young admits fabricating one of the evidence however the knife that Ji-wook found could have been fabricated as well. Moo-young believes Ji-wook did that to save Bong-hee. Yoo-jung defends Ji-wook and states he will never do something so low however Moo-young does not believe so.

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Young-hee sulks for the whole day as the team refuses to help him with his trial. Bong-hee approaches him and asks whether he wants her help because she’s willing to as long as he stops calling her ‘Ms. Lack of evidence’. Young-hee quickly changes his tone and speaks nicely, he explains the whole situation is unfair and his insurance won’t cover it if it’s a DUI. Since they’ve agreed on this, Young-hee starts treating Bong-hee like a princess. He does the chores for her and frequently offers her drinks.

Hyun-soo sees Mr Bang searching around the area, Hyun-soo quickly does a detour and turns around. Hyun-soo visits the bar and asks the owner whether lawyers came by. The owner replies lawyers did visit and they even spoke to the couple too. The owner asks Hyun-soo whether his alibi hold up which Hyun-soo replies yes. Hyun-soo leaves the bar and is trying to figure out what’s going on, he asks himself whether he’s being suspected right now.

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Yoo-jung drunkenly informs Ji-hye that she’s pretty which Ji-hye awkwardly agrees but mumbles she only thought that when they’re not so close. Yoo-jung elaborates that Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk were good-looking too so she felt proud whenever they’re together. Ji-hye could not care less but agrees just to brush Yoo-jung’s drunkness off. Ji-hye sees Bong-hee with Eun-hyuk and Ji-wook, she states the one who has it all is Bong-hee now. Yoo-jung immediately looks over and stands up in frustration. Ji-hye holds onto Yoo-jung’s arm to stop her from leaving because she will only embarrass herself by going outside. Yoo-jung snatches her arm back and runs outside, she calls them to stop. Yoo-jung starts crying as she cannot express her current feelings, Eun-hyuk coldheartedly gestures them to go which they agree, they leave Yoo-jung standing there by herself.

The knife used to kill Chef Yang is found inside Chan-ho’s car, it is assumed he has ran away and abandoned his car. Hyun-soo watches the news with a smile and afterwards he meets up with Bong-hee. He informs Bong-hee that he lied to her before, he lied about his alibi. He can’t actually remember what he did that day so made it up on the spot, if he didn’t make it up then she wouldn’t have believed him hence why he lied. Bong-hee asks why he’s telling her this now which he replies everyone turned their back against him but she was the only person who believed him. He’s telling her this because he wants to be truthful to her. Hyun-soo apologises. Bong-hee smiles and thanks him for being honest with her. But once she turns her back against him her smiles disappear knowing something is up.

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Hyun-soo insists to walk Bong-hee back. As they’re walking back Bong-hee sees the man who’s responsible for the banner- the one she put up declaring she’s looking for the murderer. She approaches him and asks how he’s been recently, they start chatting away. Hyun-soo immediately turns his back against them pretending he’s tying his shoe lace as he’s scared the banner man will recognise him. Banner man asks Bong-hee whether someone has reported to her because someone came to him and told him to take it down. Bong-hee immediately asks what the man looks like however Banner man is unsure and replies he don’t remember except the man was young. Bong-hee asks him when did this scenario happen which he replies around spring (before he sent her those shoes). Bong-hee asks him again whether he really does not remember what the man looks like which he insists he does not, he doesn’t even remember his breakfast. Hyun-soo tells himself to test the man. He ‘finishes’ tying his shoe lace and approaches Bong-hee and the man. The banner man looks at Hyun-soo then asks if they’re friends; seems like he does not remember Hyun-soo at all. Ji-wook calls Bong-hee to see where she is, she replies she’s with Hyun-soo which Ji-wook request her to bring him to their dinner/ interrogation session. Bong-hee and Hyun-soo leaves but Hyun-soo takes another look at banner man before leaving.

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Yoo-jung’s is in her own thoughts as she’s unsure whether to accept Moo-young’s request or not. She thinks back to Ji-hye’s advice. Ji-hye explains there could be a possibility of Ji-wook fabricating evidence as Bong-hee and Ji-wook were close even when they were in a mentor and probationary officer relationship. He would seldom compliment Bong-hee and they were once spotted at the hotel together. Yoo-jung seems to have made up her mind, she gets up and leave her office.

Bong-hee and Hyun-soo arrives, Ji-wook greets them by lifting the kitchen knife and waving at them. Hyun-soo asks whether he needs help which Ji-wook jokes back asking if he’s skilled with knives. Bong-hee drags Ji-wook upstairs to discuss something, she wants to know why he didn’t tell her about Hyun-soo’s fake alibi. Ji-wook explains he didn’t tell her to know because he wanted to be more certain first. Bong-hee sulks, he should have told her because this information is important to her. Ji-wook apologises but he also wants to know why she knows. Bong-hee explains Hyun-soo beat him to it and told her everything. Ji-wook asks Bong-hee for her thoughts on Hyun-soo which she replies she neutral, however she wants to know why Ji-wook is so curious towards Hyun-soo as it’s unlike him. Their whole conversation is heard by Eun-hyuk.

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Once they go downstairs they see Yoo-jung waiting for them, she explains she’s here for work, however she still joins them for dinner. Ji-wook cannot escape the topic of Chan-ho, he brings him up during dinner. He tells Hyun-soo that Chan-ho is currently being searched by the police. Hyun-soo replies as normal, he saw it on the news. Eun-hyuk asks whether he knows him personally but Hyun-soo replies he doesn’t, he’s shocked that a police officer- Chan-ho is being searched.

The dinner topic becomes even more serious when Yoo-jung announce to Bong-hee that she’ll be reinvestigating the case, she will bound to find something. She’ll search through every drop of evidence and will definitely find something.

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