Suspicious Partner ep 17 summary



Ji-wook voices over:

“This is what one poet said. We can generally predict the start of things. But we can’t generally predict the end of them. In my case, it was the opposite. I had to experience the end of things many times in my short life. I hesitated to start this because I was afraid of it coming to an end. The moment I realised my feelings for you. I ran away from you like a coward. And I failed, because I started to have feelings for you without realising. I just realised it late. I wonder when and with what incident it began. I realised it too late that I can’t figure out the starting point of it. The only thing that I know now. I can’t get my head around it. I just know my relationship with you that I can’t stop going further”

After the kiss Bong-hee seems to be startled and leaves immediately back to her room. Bong-hee stands blankly inside her room unsure how she’s supposed to feel.  Ji-wook sighs to himself because judging from Bong-hee’s reaction it’s a rejection.

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Chan-ho is driving Hyun-soo to their next target. Chan-ho keeps nervously looking back to watch Hyun-soo’s expression. Whilst Hyun-soo is distracted Chan-ho uses this chance to brake the car and run for him. However Hyun-soo manages to grab Chan-ho, they start fighting however Hyun-soo overpowers him. Chan-ho tries his best to win the fight but to no avail he no longer has a choice but to jump from the bridge they’re on to escape from Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo’s eyes widen in shock at Chan-ho’s sudden behaviour. He gasps for air and looks around frantically, he approaches the side of the bride to see the ripple of water. Hyun-soo becomes flustered but soon calms himself down and tells him that 4 people have disappeared now and he has 3 more people to kill.

As Bong-hee is stepping out her room she sees Ji-wook waiting outside. The atmosphere is awkward but they decide to discuss the earlier event. Ji-wook tries to start the topic but Bong-hee interrupts, she tells him it’s not the ‘first kiss’ so they should not be hung up on something like this. Ji-wook shakes his head and states he does not want to forget about it. Bong-hee explains she’s trying her best to not like him just like he requested, Bong-hee corrects herself that she does not like him anymore at all hence she will not be swayed by this event. Bong-hee explains she actually enjoys their current life, she’s living somewhere nice and working with nice people. She thanks Ji-wook for turning her down. In Ji-wook’s mind he instantly regrets rejecting Bong-hee, he wishes he can tell her that but lost the chance as Bong-hee has already decided their relationship status.

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Young-hee helps a man to push his cart to the top of the hill-road, once he’s done he gets into his car to call someone for chauffeur service (Young-hee is drunk). As he’s calling someone he sees the cart rolling down and is about to hit a woman. He instantly starts up his car and hits the cart to prevent it from rolling on top of the woman. However once the police arrives Young-hee gets into trouble instead for drink driving. Young-hee is bewildered by the results and demands to know whether the equipment is not broken instead.

Bong-hee tries to avoid seeing Ji-wook but it’s kinda hard when they’re living in the same house. Ji-wook requests Bong-hee to hear him out. He regrets rejecting her and he’s sorry for taking to long to confess. He does not expect her to like him again or re-consider her decision, he’ll respect whatever she has decided however he would like her to respect him too- let him like her and he’ll wait for her to look at him once again. Bong-hee stares at him with her eyes wide open. Ji-wook smiles gently at Bong-hee and tells her to breathe. He cooly walks into the kitchen but once Bong-hee is out of site he hides under the kitchen counter and exhales. Guess Ji-wook was only pretending to be cool and calm.

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Ji-wook tells Mr Bang that is something is off with Chan-ho and Hyun-soo. Last night both him and Bong-hee arrived to the discussed location however Chan-ho was nowhere to be found. Chan-ho then sent a message to Bong-hee explaining something came up and they’ll have to reschedule. Ji-wook immediately called him but the phone appeared to be off. Ji-wook explains he does want to believe Hyun-sooo is a nice person and he’s hoping he’s thinking too much but at the end of the day it’s better be safe than sorry.

Eun-hyuk approaches Bong-hee as he sees her sitting by herself daydreaming. He asks whether she’s okay because he’s here to give her a counselling session. Bong-hee explains in a nonsensical manner that Ji-wook makes her mad, happy and sad at the same time. She elaborates that love is all about timing. Eun-hyuk agrees and does his ‘laugh’. Bong-hee questions what she should do now but before Eun-hyuk can reply she states it’s too late now and whatever Ji-wook does it won’t sway her. But that does not last long. Ji-wook approaches them and tells Bong-hee that he’s going to meet Chan-ho. Bong-hee plays hard to get and tells Ji-wook she does not care. Ji-wook walks away but keeps looking back.

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Bong-hee can’t stop thinking about Ji-wook’s confession to the point she squeals aloud to herself that she should stop thinking about it. Bong-hee rushes out the car and tells Ji-wook that she won’t consider his confession because she went through such a hard time and out of nowhere he’s telling her that he likes her. Ji-wook stays quiet. Bong-hee shouts at him for discovering it so late and she will do anything to make him suffer too. Ji-wook earnestly nods in agreement. Bong-hee sighs as she becomes even more annoyed at his agreement, Ji-wook is confused and asks how he should reply. Bong-hee sharply glares at Ji-wook then informs him that she’ll make him wait longer than 7 minutes so he better wait. He might even wait forever, and die waiting. Ji-wook happily nods. Bong-hee wails in annoyance and storms off. Ji-wook chases after her and grabs onto her arm, he tells her to change her attitude because they’re in a working area now and he’s her senior so she should show some respect.

Ji-wook and Bong-hee arrives to Chan-ho’s workplace and one of his colleagues informs them that Chan-ho is using his holidays leave right now. The timing is too coincidental that it seems like Chan-ho knew this day will come where he has to take time off work. Bong-hee and Ji-wook are planning on how to sneak into Chan-ho’s apartment but they happen to bump into the landlady. The landlady asks whether they’re interested in the apartment because they look like newlywed that’s interested in the property, needless to say they immediately say yes. Landlady explains the apartment was put on the market around May 10-20th (before Chef Yang’s murder). They start discussing about the possibilities of Chan-ho putting his apartment on the market which makes the landlady look at them suspiciously. Bong-hee catches on and smiles sweetly at the landlady and tells her they’re newlywed therefore they have something to discuss. Landlady believes Bong-hee’s word and leaves them to talk. They start searching through Chan-ho’s belongings and Bong-hee finds a photo of Chan-ho and 2 other men. She immediately calls Ji-wook over.

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