Suspicious Partner ep 16 summary



Hyun-soo confronts Chan-ho. He threateningly approaches Chan-ho and asks why he left traces of his footprint at the crime scene and also the button of his shirt. Hyun-soo explains Chan-ho always cleaned up nicely yet he made such a mistake. Hyun-soo aggressively pushes Chan-ho against a car using his elbow. He will let this slip for now but if this happens again he’ll consider it as his intention to betray. Chan-ho stays quiet as he is clearly intimidated by Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo explains 3 people have disappeared so far and he needs 4 more people to disappear. Hyun-soo asks Chan-ho to repay his crimes. As Hyun-soo touches Chan-ho’s face, Chan-ho flinches in fear. Once Hyun-soo is walking away Chan-ho can finally look up but his eyes flicker with fear.

Bong-hee updates Eun-hyuk that she ended her one-sided relationship with Ji-wook. From now on she’ll like Ji-wook as a fan and nothing else. Eun-hyuk is confused and asks what difference do they have which Bong-hee explains if she’s a fan she does not have any expectation. She really has stopped liking him and she thinks she 98% done. Eun-hyuk looks at Bong-hee and remembers her drunk declaration of loving Ji-wook till she die. Eun-hyuk asks whether she wants his help because he can make her feel better, however, she must come closer and start laughing with him. Eun-hyuk is purposely asking Bong-hee to do this because it makes Ji-wook jealous. Ji-wook sees them laughing together happily and is angered, he instantly grabs the hose and aims it at Eun-hyuk. However as Mr Bang is next to him he cannot turn on the hose, he awkwardly places it back down.

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Ji-wook overhears Bong-hee telling Eun-hyuk that she’s going to meet Hyun-soo. Before he starts following Bong-hee, he asks Mr Bang for his finding on Hyun-soo. Mr Bang reports back his findings are what Hyun-soo reported- he does not have any family or acquaintance. Ji-wook requests Mr Bang to find out whether anyone in his family died from a crime.

Bong-hee is having a quick catch up session with Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo has quit his job and Bong-hee is offering him help however he rejects her offer as he already feels bad for not paying her much for legal fees, however he can buy her meals now and again to thank her. Ji-wook suspiciously creeps into the coffee shop and pretends to be surprised upon seeing them. After the catch-up Bong-hee confronts Ji-wook, she wants to know what he hasn’t told her and what he’s hiding from her with Mr Bang; why are they so interested in Hyun-soo. Ji-wook is about to tell Bong-hee about Hyun-soo’s weird alibi but Bong-hee’s mother calls her and he doesn’t get the chance to. Ji-wook reassures her that he’ll tell her next time so she can visit her mother first as there’s no hurry. Hyun-soo seems to have caught onto Ji-wook having his suspicions against him.

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Bong-hee meets up with her mother for a quick catch-up. Young-soon asks her daughter about her boss, whether he’s good-looking and kind. Bong-hee energetically claims he’s handsome to the point he seems to have a halo on top of his head. As Bong-hee starts talking about Ji-wook she starts shedding tears as Ji-wook had rejected her. Bok-ja listens into their conversation and snorts to herself on how exaggerating Bong-hee is. Coincidentally Ji-wook also visits his mother, Bok-ja runs out to meet Ji-wook. Ji-wook is curious as to why his mother is meeting him outside instead of inside the shop however she replies there’s some strange women inside, one is enough but when there’s two it makes her feel uncomfortable. Bok-ja affectionately hugs Ji-wook and notices he’s lost weight, she comments on it but Ji-wook brushes it off claiming he’s fine. Bok-ha smiles at Ji-wook and wonders to herself how Ji-wook managed to grow up so big and strong, it feels like yesterday when he was crying in her arms. Ji-wook replies he doesn’t feel like he’s grown up at all because he’s a coward.

Ji-wook has remembered something, Chan-ho was present at Hyun-soo’s trial. Chan-ho’s face was filled with fear too. Using this as a lead Ji-wook immediately visits Chan-ho to see whether there are any clues. Ji-wook asks Chan-ho whether he knows Chef Yang however he replies no, Ji-wook asks whether he knows Hyun-soo which Chan-ho says no as well. Chan-ho explains he inspects the scenes therefore it’s common for him to attend the trial. Ji-wook states he can check whether that’s really the case, or whether he specifically visits Hyun-soo’s trial only. Ji-wook hands him a business card and says if he ever needs anything he can help him.

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Yoo-jung calls Ji-wook to notify him they found the frame that he’s been searching for, she asks whether he wants to see it. Ji-wook asks whether she can send it over however she refuses because it’s evidence. Yoo-jung states if he wants to see it then he needs to come over. Ji-wook immediately leaves. Ji-wook arrives to Yoo-jung’s office and immediately asks to see the photo without another word said. Yoo-jung is disappointed by Ji-wook’s lack of interest in her but nonetheless updates Ji-wook what the Deuteronomy means. Ji-wook concludes it being an act of revenge.

Chan-ho seems to have made up his mind, he calls Ji-wook but Ji-wook cannot hear it as his phone is in the bag. Without much choice Chan-ho calls Bong-hee, Chan-ho tells Bong-hee that he’s found something, he found out the person who bought her the shoes. Hyun-soo manages to hack into Chan-ho’s phone and hears the whole conversation. Bong-hee agrees to meet him and heads out. But before she heads out she decides to call Ji-wook to let him know where she’s heading off to. Ji-wook’s phone is in the bag so he cannot hear Bong-hee’s call either. After seeing the evidence that Yoo-Jung gave him Ji-wook decides to leave without another word said. He checks his phone and notices a message from Bong-hee – she’s going to meet Chan-ho at the park.

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Chan-ho is waiting at the park and seems to be more and more worried by the second. He paces back and forth. His phone starts ringing which he cautiously answers it, he nervously greets Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo asks where he is which Chan-ho tries to play it cool and explains he’s at the park for some fresh air. Hyun-soo states the park is big and dark but he thinks he’s found him now. Chan-ho’s eyes widen in fear, his hand starts shaking.

Bong-hee is crouching down at the car park; she previously got off her car but hesitated in going inside the park to look for Chan-ho. Ji-wook is immediately relieved to see Bong-hee, he approaches her with the car and horns it to get her attention. Bong-hee jolts and tells Ji-wook he gave her a fright. Ji-wook sternly replies he should be the person saying that. He asks whether she’s out of her mind; how could she go to such a place. She may be thoughtless but even this is too much. He asks what she’s going to do if something happened to her. Ji-wook asks her to think of him as well, what he’s going to do as well if she’s injured. Worry is plastered all over Ji-wook’s face. Bong-hee stays quiet. Ji-wook calls her for being a nuisance. Bong-hee fights back her tears and asks him what she can do, he wasn’t answer his phone. Ji-wook angrily states she should have waited for him, Bong-hee admits she did. She came here by herself but something felt wrong so she waited for him at the car park. Both stays in silence.

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Bong-hee and Ji-wook arrives home. Bong-hee heads off to her room but Ji-wook follows after her and holds onto her arm to prevent her from leaving. He apologises to Bong-hee and she asks whether he means it, Ji-wook says yes. Bong-hee approaches closer to Ji-wook’s face because she previously rubbed out her contact lens and cannot see his face clearly. She stares at Ji-wook’s face and smiles because he is being sincere with his words. Ji-wook hugs Bong-hee tightly almost like he’s scared he’ll lose her. Bong-hee is surprised by his action, she’s unsure whether to hug him back or not, she simply stiffens her hand into a fist. Ji-wook gently pushes Bong-hee away from him so she’s facing him directly. He places his hands around Bong-hee’s face and kisses her on there lips.

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