Suspicious Partner ep 15 summary



Ji-wook bumps into Hyun-soo while he is returning from meeting the couple. Ji-wook requests Hyun-soo to drink with him before he goes. However once Ji-wook returns he finds the whole group in a drunken mess. Ji-wook and Hyun-soo starts drinking together. Hyun-soo tries to start a conversation, he tells Ji-wook that he has no family left and they all seem to leave him. Ji-wook thinks for a while and says something similar happened to him too. Ji-wook asks whether Hyun-soo has a girlfriend which he replies no, but he’s wondering whether Ji-wook is going to introduce him to someone. Ji-wook quickly replies no because the only girl he knows is Bong-hee and she slightly lacking. Ji-wook explains he’s asking these questions because people asks these questions when they’re trying to get close with one another. As the conversation flows Ji-wook cannot help but look at Hyun-soo almost like he’s analysing him.

Ji-wook happens to be walking along the corridor and sees Chef Yang’s sister, he requests her to tell him why she hid the photo frame. He asks whether there was something in it because the crime scene seems off. The drama skips back the day when Chef Yang’s sister discover the crime scene, she immediately tries to rub off the blood written Deuteronomy on the photo frame. The drama skips to Hyun-soo strolling through the park and imagines a woman happily strolling through the park too, he looks at her fondly but soon she disappears from his imagination.


“But if a man happens to meet a girl pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die”


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The drama skips to the last night’s drinking session, Bong-hee questions why the real murderer continues targeting her despite putting the blame on her already.

Hee-joons answers in his mind:

“Because you had witnessed something you shouldn’t have. But unfortunately, you weren’t there. And you couldn’t recognise me when you encountered me. I’m going to continue to keep my eyes on you. If you never find out who I am, I’ll always be remembered as a good person to you”

Hyun-soo calls Bong-hee to thank/ apologise for all her help and the trouble he’s caused. Ji-wook happens to see Bong-hee answering the call and immediately places his ears next to the phone so he can hear better. Yoo-jung angrily watches their interaction and starts crying. Ji-hye asks Yoo-jung why she’s crying in the hallway which Yoo-jung angrily shouts at her for asking insensitive stuff before storming off. Ji-hye sighs to herself and comments on how she was cooler when she didn’t know her well. Ji-hye shoves Bong-hee to revenge for Yoo-jung, this causes Bong-hee to fly into Ji-wook’s arm. Ji-wook manages to catch her and they share an awkward moment together.

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As Bong-hee and Ji-wook are leaving the building they bump into Moo-young as they enter the elevator. Bong-hee immediately freezes up and clutches her own hand in fear. Ji-wook goes in first to guide Bong-hee and to make her feel reassured. Bong-hee follows after but it’s clear she’s feeling uncomfortable. The elevator arrives to their level but Ji-wook refuses to get off, instead he closes the elevator’s door after Bong-hee so the elevator only has him and Moo-young inside. Ji-wook turns to Moo-young and threatens him to never touch Bong-hee again because he will do the same to him. With that said Ji-wook leaves the elevator and finds Bong-hee waiting outside for Ji-wook, before Ji-wook can explain his action to Bong-hee. Bong-hee warns Ji-wook to never interfere in her business again. Ji-wook defends himself claiming it’s his business too however Bong-hee refuses to believe it because it only became his business when he interfered. Bong-hee pleads him to never do this again, he already lost his job as a prosecutor for helping her therefore he cannot risk losing more. Ji-wook explains he made the decision himself and she has nothing to worry about. Bong-hee agrees with Ji-wook, this really might be an ill-fated encounter. Bong-hee warns him, just like how she listened to his requests she wants him to respect her wishes too. With all the courage Bong-hee gathered she quickly walks away. Bong-hee stops at the nearest tree and rest on it to re-charge her mental self. She tells herself this is real difficult. Ji-wook follows after Bong-hee and sees her hitting her head against the tree.

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Eun-hyuk happily approaches his colleagues while holding a box of cake. He asks whether they want to go home together and have a meal, and he’ll treat them too. Mr Bang rejects the idea as everyone is still very hungover and feeling awful. Eun-hyuk looks at the depressed Ji-wook and Bong-hee, he tries to laugh it off but clearly upset about the rejection. Eun-hyuk opens the cake box he bought and notices 3/4 of the cake is already gone, he laughs it off with his ‘usual laugh’. 

Eun-hyuk goes to a local park and takes out his camping gears. He starts a mini picnic just by himself. He places few candles on the cake and makes a wish, he also wishes himself happy birthday and starts eating the cake. Yoo-jung wishes him happy birthday and explains the 3 of them always went to this park so she happened to go pass it and saw him sitting by himself. Yoo-jung tells Eun-hyuk that she’ll be on her way and starts walking off but secretly hinting him to stop her, Eun-hyuk seems to have something to say but holds it back. Yoo-jung walks back to Eun-hyuk and asks whether she can sit down since her legs hurts. Eun-hyuk replies “no”. However Yoo-jung does not listen and plops herself next to Eun-hyuk.

Ji-wook takes a break from his work and starts typing a message for Eun-hyuk, he tries various ways of wishing Eun-hyuk happy birthday but none of them seem right. Ji-wook continues editing and deleting his draft copies, but none of them are to his liking. Ji-wook walks around to get inspiration for his message but accidentally bumps into Bong-hee causing him to send a single letter with the sounding of “h” to Eun-hyuk. Eun-hyuk smiles at Ji-wook’s message almost like he knows what Ji-wook wants to say to him. Yoo-jung asks Eun-hyuk whether he hates her and Eun-hyuk quickly says he does. However the drama skips back to last night, where they were drinking and playing truth or dare. Mr Bang asked Eun-hyuk who he hates the most in the whole world. Eun-hyuk explains there’s someone he really hates but at the same time he can’t hate her. Although Eun-hyuk told Yoo-jung he does not like he, he does not mean it at all. Yoo-jung accepts Eun-hyuk’s reply and leaves quietly as she really believes he hates her.

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