Suspicious Partner ep 14 summary



Bong-hee, Eun-hyuk and Mr Bang are having drinks together and Ji-wook joins them/ take care of them. Ji-wook express his disgust in the drunken Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk whilst they do not seem to care and even shoot love arrows at him. Without much choice Ji-wook takes the asleep Bong-hee back to her bed, once Ji-wook places Bong-hee on her bed he can’t help but look at Bong-hee’s sleeping face and his hand unconsciously approaches her face. Eun-hyuk also wakes up and finds the taxi driver has driven him to the wrong location however the driver insists this was the address he instructed. Eun-hyuk finally realise what he’s done- his drunk self told the driver to go to Yoo-Jung’s address. Eun-hyuk apologetically requests the driver to drive to his ‘real’ address. As they drive past Eun-hyuk spots Yoo-Jung walking along the park, his head completely turns and looks at Yoo-Jung while the car is passing by.

Ji-wook is showing his authority the next morning. He shouts at his team for being incompetent in looking for evidence yet they have time to go drinking. He continues venting his anger which causes everyone to stay quiet. Ji-wook purposely picks on Eun-hyuk and asks him to find the missing photo frame. Eun-hyuk is confused as he has a lot of jobs already however Ji-wook has decided which means Eun-hyuk cannot say no. Bong-hee stays quiet in fear as well and Ji-wook looks at her intensely, she must look through all the CCTV footages and if she doesn’t find anything, she must find something, as long as she brings something.

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It’s the day of the trial. Ji-hye presents her evidence, it’s been confirmed that the fingerprint and DNA on the button found matches with the suspect- Hyun-soo. Moreover theres traces of Hyun-soo’s footprint at the crime scene. Ji-wook admits the button found at the crime scene do belong to Hyun-soo however he dropped it before the crime. Hyun-soo was helping the victim to move the furniture as the victim could not reach the bottom. Ji-hye rejects the idea and claims whatever Ji-wook is claiming it’s only a conjecture. Ji-wook also states it’s a conjecture to claim Hyun-soo dropped the button on the day of the murder. Ji-hye stays quiet in defeat.

The witness appears on the stage and insists she saw a man exiting Chef Yang’s household, she points at Hyun-soo claiming he was the man who exited. Ji-wook asks  the witness to describe the scene, for example what Hyun-soo was wearing. The witness describes the man being thin and wearing all black with no bags. Ji-wook has caught a flaw in her statement, he explains the family of the victim reported many items to be stolen yet the victim described Hyun-soo to be not carrying anything. Ji-wook presents a bag containing all the stuff that is reported to be stolen. All of those items put together could fill up this big bag, and he hasn’t even included the missing big painting yet. Ji-wook recites the victim’s declaration, she described Hyun-soo being slim therefore it can be concluded he couldn’t have hidden any of the items under his clothes either.

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Chef Yang’s sister comes onto trial. Ji-wook asks her to confirm whether she came to the crime scene at 1pm. Chef Yang’s sister confirms it without another speck of doubt however Ji-wook proves her wrong as he presents the CCTV footage of her going pass the area at 11am. She stays completely silent as she’s caught lying. Ji-wook raises his voice and demands to know if she murdered her own brother however she aggressively replies no and frantically shakes her head. Ji-wook explains she never got along with her brother as he always caused troubles by having affairs with different women, and one day she can no longer stand it and murdered her own brother. Ji-wook asks her to speak up. She burst into tear claiming she wants to cover her brother’s monstrous acts. Once she arrived to the scene her brother was already dead and on the TV it was playing all the evil acts her brother has done to women. So she cleaned up every single evidence making it look like it’s committed by a robber. She wanted to uphold her family reputation, she never done anything wrong. Ji-wook questions her back- who is going to preserve the woman’s reputation. It’s an ultimate win for Bong-hee, Ji-wook and Hyun-soo.

Bong-hee goes to Ji-wook’s room to let him know the bathroom has ran out of essentials, however, once she arrives to his room she finds an asleep Ji-wook. With much hesitation Bong-hee takes Ji-wook’s tie off to allow him sleep in a more comfortable position. However Ji-wook slowly stirs awake and finds a very close-up Bong-hee. Bong-hee stutters she only wanted to undo his tie so he can sleep better. Bong-hee quickly excuses herself but Ji-wook grabs onto her hand to prevent her from leaving, he apologises but he wants Bong-hee to stay with him for another 5 minutes. Bong-hee agrees and sits on the floor. Ji-wook closes his eyes and slowly drifts into sleep again, Bong-hee also falls asleep shortly.

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The judge has decided to acquit Hyun-soo as the prosecutors could not find any evidence where he committed robbery or murder, and Ji-wook cannot prove he is innocent either. Therefore it’s been decided Hyun-soo is acquitted. However the news does not seem to be taken well by Ko Chan-Ho (forensic dude) as his face completely turns black and seem to be frightened at the thought of Hyun-soo being released.

Ji-wook and the gang, which includes Hyun-soo, are celebrating their victory. Ji-wook is obviously unpleased at the outcome and something seems to be bothering him. He goes outside to take some fresh air and Mr Bang joins him shortly. He tells Mr Bang that he feels uncomfortable because the real culprit has not been captured yet. Mr Bang comforts him that it’s the prosecutors’ job to capture people.

Ji-wook gets a call from the couple that were at the bar on the night Hyun-soo reported to be at. Ji-wook asks whether he remembers a man sitting by himself which the man answers yes because not everyday you see someone by themselves so he remembered him well. The lady suddenly remembers they have a video of their night, she hands it over to Ji-wook. Ji-wook sees a man sitting by himself however it’s not Hyun-soo, he asks the couple whether there was another man sitting by himself however they’re adamant there wasn’t. Ji-wook tries to analyse the situation, he looks around the noticeboard and discovers something strange, everything that Hyun-soo reported to have done during the day of the incidence is on this board, however these documentation notes were written by other people.

Ji-wook voices over:

“That’s what I got as Jung Hyun-soo’s full account of what he did on the day of the incident. He actually listed alibis without making it explicit. From here on, it’s only my imagination and speculation. Jung Hyun-soo was here some time after the incident and happened to see the photos as well as the note. He has good memory, so after getting arrested unexpectedly, he remembered this photo and the notes he saw that day, then fabricated a believable story of what he did that day. He staged himself in busy or crowded area so that we can’t confirm it. What’s he trying to hide by telling such a lie? “

All this time the murderer was Hyun-soo and not Chan-ho. Chan-ho helped to cover the murder but he never murdered anyone. Hyun-soo was the person who delivered the shoes to Bong-hee, the person who killed Hee-joon and also the person who killed Chef Yang.

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