Suspicious Partner ep 13 summary



Ji-wook sternly tells Bong-hee to not fall for him, Bong-hee is surprised by his sudden words and asks what he means but Ji-wook remains silent. Bong-hee explains there’s many things she wants to ask but she knows he will not answer. Ji-wook gently nods his head but in his mind he asks himself whether he regrets his decision. Like she can read his mind she tells Ji-wook she does not regret liking him. Bong-hee asks if she can ask him a favour- to hug him once. Ji-wook grabs Bong-hee and hugs her tightly. Bong-hee slowly wraps her arms around Ji-wook. Both stays quiet.

Bong-hee ends up crying all night due to the rejection. With little time to de-puff her eyes before work she uses cold spoon compress. Ji-wook happens to see her action and offers a cold towel but Bong-hee immediately rejects it because he told her to not like him hence he should stop being so nice to her. Ji-wook awkwardly agrees. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook that she will reset herself, to the time when she did not like him. Ji-wook hesitates but agree, he asks whether she’s going to continue living here and Bong-hee gives a short reply which is a “no”.

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Bong-hee is crouching down and holding in her tears, Eun-hyuk happens to be exiting and sees a sad looking Bong-hee. He approaches Bong-hee and asks whether she is okay which Bong-hee requests him to speak gently because she is very sensitive at the moment, to the point she might burst. Eun-hyuk comedically replies he hopes she dries up properly. Bong-hee wishes to never cry in front of Ji-wook again and Eun-hyuk suggests her to cry it all out. Eun-hyuk kindly crouches next to the sobbing Bong-hee without saying another word.

Ji-wook and Bong-hee are on a field investigation where they’re looking for the chance of an undiscovered CCTV camera. Bong-hee comments on how she never knew he’ll work so hard which Ji-wook replies he’s doing this for himself because he simply wants to understand the case better. Ji-wook is really listening well to Bong-hee’s request of being nasty to her as he forces her to climb into the house so that she can open the main door for him. Ji-wook investigates around the house and cannot help but notice how weird the house is. Ji-wook asks Bong-hee whether she can guess why the owner (victim) took down the picture frame. Before Bong-hee can reply they hear the front door opening. They both quickly run into hiding as they’re illegally trespassing someone’s house without a permit. Yoo-jung discovers them and grabs onto Ji-wook which causes Bong-hee to defensively grab onto Yoo-Jung. Both the girls warns each other to remove their hand however none of them are willing to which causes Ji-wook to make the decision and push both their hands away.

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Ji-wook plays it cool and explains they’re simply investigating the house. Yoo-Jung brushes it off but requests to speak to Ji-wook for 10 minutes however Bong-hee must wait for them and not be in the conversation. Ji-wook refuses by grabbing onto Bong-hee and guiding her out however Yoo-Jung is not letting them escape like that. Yoo-Jung threatens to arrest them if they leave like that. Without much choice Ji-wook has to listen to what Yoo-Jung wants to say with Bong-hee waiting outside.

Yoo-Jung tells Ji-wook that Hyun-soo has previously been convicted of assault. Ji-wook calmly replies yes. Yoo-Jung explains the previous victim suffered many wounds and a broken ribcage, if the police did not arrive Hyun-soo would have killed the victim already. Yoo-Jung states the old Ji-wook would have caught criminals like him yet he’s working so hard to defend him.

Ji-wook visits Hyun-soo and throws out the photo of the victim he’s injured before. Ji-wook explains many people killed someone due to the ‘spur of the moment’ however in this case it’s easily identifiable that Hyun-soo was determined to kill the person. Hyun-soo asks Ji-wook whether he’s had someone close to him that’s been hurt before. Hyun-soo elaborates he wanted to protect someone and thought to himself that once he has power he will do anything to protect this someone, however once he saw this person his anger took over, he wanted to kill him. Hyun-soo frantically hits the photo and crumbles it up. Hyun-soo finally realise what he’s saying and tries to correct his speech, he explains he was a little worked up but one thing he knows is that he never killed the chef.

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