My Secret Romance ep 13 summary


Yoo-mi quietly leaves the car, she wipes away her tears and pushes her bike away from Jin-wook and his car. Without saying goodbye Yoo-mi is leaving Jin-Wook again. She voices over how she’s grateful for Jin-wook being her first and last love. Why is she leaving him yet again?! Jin-Wook wakes up and finds Yoo-mi no where to be found. He looks at the empty seat with no emotion.

Jin-Wook voices over:

“Lee Yoo-mi, I didn’t know your name or your age…I waited for three years for a girl I didn’t know anything about. I can do it. Whether it’s 3 years or 30 years I won’t go anywhere and look for you. I’ll wait for you so come back when you’re ready”

Hyun-tae is working on his book and sees Yoo-mi returning. She tells Hyun-tae that she broke up with Jin-Wook. Her heart aches so much and she’s no sure what to do now. Hyun-tae embraces Yoo-mi and gently pats on her back in a comforting manner. He reassures Yoo-mi that everything will be alright.

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Jin-wook’s father is enraged at his son’s behaviour. He tells Jin-wook’s secretary to pass on a message to his son- don’t come back and the company isn’t his either as he no longer has the right to be the heir. Jin-Wook receives the message but couldn’t care less because his life is missing Yoo-mi. He wonders around the beach aimlessly, knowing he won’t see Yoo-mi here but there’s no where else to go.

Jin-Wook gathers his courage to visit his mother (Ae-Ryung). Ae-ryung is delighted to see her son and holds back her tears. She asks whether he has decided to visit her, she knows that he sends a bouquet on her every birthday but pretended she never knew. She was waiting for him to visit her. Jin-Wook fights back his tears by abruptly trying his mother’s abalone porridge. He continues to scoff down the abalone porridge while rubbing his teary eyes.

Their heartfelt reunion slowly comes to an end when Ae-ryung tells Jin-Wook that Yoo-mi came by earlier and she only realised who she is after she left (from watching the news). She also informs Jin-Wook that Yoo-mi said she has someone she wants to make the abalone porridge for but does not have a chance despite liking this ‘person’ so much. Jin-Wook smiles in relief and looks down. Ae-ryung urges Jin-Wook to go find her because she wants him to be happy. Jin-Wook tightly hugs his mother and then tells her he will visit again.

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Yoo-mi is doing a bit of tiding up around her apartment, she places her collection of romance books into a box. She picks up her mother’s erotic movie and does not throw it into the box, instead she gently cleans it and places it back onto the shelve. Yoo-mi is folding clothes whilst watching the TV. Mi-hee appears on the TV as it’s a live broadcast too. The interviewers cannot reject the chance of digging more information regarding Jin-Wook, they immediately bring up the relationship Jin-Wook has with Yoo-mi. However instead of fanning the situation Mi-hee calms it down. She explains she’s an erotic actress but her daughter can have romance too, people shouldn’t be so interested in others’ business. Who cares about one-night stand, love can happen anywhere and anytime. People fall in love and they should never hesitate. Mi-hee sends a direct message to her daughter- don’t be afraid and go wherever she wants to go.

Hyun-tae happens to walk in while Yoo-mi is watching her mother’s live broadcast. He asks Yoo-mi if she wants to borrow his scooter which Yoo-mi immediately says yes, and heads out to find Jin-Wook. She texts Jin-Wook to meet up and of course Jin-Wook heads straight to the arranged location. However as he’s making his way there his father calls him, he angrily tells his son to return. Jin-Wook replies happily he will give up his role as the heir and his father can hand the position to someone else. He can give everything up but Yoo-mi. A business can always be started again but if he loses Yoo-mi it will be a lifetime regret. Jin-Wook starts sprinting back to his office, where Yoo-mi asked to meet.

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Jin-Wook is out of breath and panting outside the elevator waiting for it to arrive. Yoo-mi calls out his name and Jin-Wook turns around immediately. He looks at Yoo-mi fondly like his ‘everything’ has returned. He opens his arms wide open and Yoo-mi runs straight to his embrace. Jin-wook gently strokes her hair. Their public display of affection gathers many attention but that does not matter anymore.

The news about Jin-wook’s and Yoo-mi’s romance is spreading like wildfire, although there’s mixed feelings about this couple, the news slowly dies down and Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi can enjoy their peace. Jin-wook’s father seems to have digested the news as well, he even dines with son. He asks whether his son enjoys leaving his company and Jin-Wook answers without a care in the world that he is happy. His father scowls at him as Jin-Wook took away majority of the staff. Jin-Wook explains his father should be happy because they’re closer now, they’re even eating together. Jin-Wook asks if he’s happy but his father quickly says no, Jin-Wook teases him asking whether he wants to stop meeting however his father quickly comments they should at least meet once a month. Jin-Wook questions whether he can bring Yoo-mi next time however his father denies this idea. Jin-Wook sighs and explains he only met up with him because Yoo-mi asked, but since his father is acting like this then he will stop meeting him. They both burst out laughing together because they know it’s just a joke.

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Hyun-tae tells Hyeri that he’ll be travelling around for some time, he’s unsure when he’ll come back. Hyeri sulks which confuses Hyun-tae, he explains she told him she’s going to Hong Kong anyways. Turns out the plan is out the window because Hyeri has used up all her holiday. Hyun-tae asks Hyeri whether they can still be drinking buddies when he’s back and Hyeri asks him back with a question- instead of drinking can they go on a date instead. Hyun-tae tries to hide his smile and Hyeri fans herself to calm herself down. Hyun-tae asks whether she wants to go to South America together and Hyeri quickly agrees. She smiles in delight and cheers together- today marks their first day of dating.

Mi-hee is getting married again, however, turns out the man she’s re-marrying is Dong-Goo’s father meaning; it’s her second marriage with the same man. Instead of not enjoying the wedding Yoo-mi is giving her mother the most sincere blessings. After her mother’s ceremony Yoo-mi and Jin-Wook stays behind in the altar and holds a mini celebration with just them. A ceremony that’s similar to a wedding but with only each other to witness the other person’s love.

Yoo-mi voices over:

“It really feels like a dream”

Jin-Wook voices over:

“I already told you that you’re not just a dream to me. I’m going to be by your side and eat the food you make me, for the rest of my life”

Yoo-mi voices over:

“I love you”

Jin-Wook voices over:

“I love you more”

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I know there are mixed feelings about this drama and I really wanna sing some praises too but it’s hard. I can honestly say this is one of the most painful drama to watch, please don’t start hating… I can explain why, but first let me say the good points. I do/ did liked the storyline and how it was progressing, it reminded me of “Fated to Love You”, I watched the Korean version which is the re-make of the Taiwanese. I haven’t watched the Taiwanese so I cannot judge but I did enjoyed the Korean version, there were some really touching and heartbreaking scenes. But in this drama I feel nothing, but just nonsense and more nonsense. I agree this drama being an easy drama to digest and have it on in the background, but for those that are full concentrated (me) it’s really lacking in many ways.

First of all there was this fixation in one-night stand, yes, her mother is an erotic actress and her life was ruined because of her mother etc etc, but I really feel like as a person Yoo-mi should really control her own emotions and behaviour. She was bullied but it doesn’t mean she can’t live as a normal person, plus it wasn’t even serious bullying, hey it could have been worse. I do pity her, people teased her for her mother’s job and I do understand why Yoo-mi feel ashamed but she’s in her 20s, please, get yourself together and don’t use a past interaction to determine your whole life. I know it can be traumatic but I’m sure she had some good times in her life too… this drama tried to make her seem like the symbol of pity but the amount they tried to emphasis on her pain made it exaggerated and unrealistic.

Moreover I hated how the drama made Yoo-mi suddenly forgive her mother. They are mother and daughter and there shouldn’t be any overnight grudge but I feel like how Yoo-mi created such a big deal about her mother’s job, her anger should have lasted longer… And then to make it more ridiculous her mother did the live broadcast and was like trying to cheer her daughter up?! By mentioning the one night stand?! Then telling her to chase after Jin-Wook and don’t care about what others’ think?! You what. But it doesn’t end there, Yoo-mi was actually touched by her mother’s words and went straight to find Jin-Wook. What? Am I missing something here? Did I miss an episode or perhaps a whole drama? I don’t get it whatsoever. She disliked her mother, her mother ruined her life, her mother used her to become famous again, she forgive her mother, then her mother egged her on through TV and then everything became perfect. What? I honestly thought the live broadcast was cringe-worthy and I wished they did not do it at all. It was such a disappointment and lame way of reuniting the bond between Yoo-mi and her mother…

Yoo-mi’s and Jin-wook’s love is one word- lame. They’re cute together, yes, visually. But if we are talking about chemistry they’re just cringe and boring. I don’t find their interactions cute and I don’t understand how they could fall in love with each other as well. People can fall in love in one second but I don’t see how they could in any of their interactions, their relationship has been through nothing. We got the Hyeri and Jin-wook’s father and then the whole-media-craze-interest in Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi’s love life. But really? They were so repetitive that I thought it was lame and it did not even count as  them overcoming a hurdle together. It was more like Yoo-mi being sad then Jin-Wook doing his best to fix it whilst Princess Yoo-mi does nothing. Boring. I thought the ending could be better but even in the last episode we have Yoo-mi running away from Jin-Wook, yet again, and him being the beg he is.

Now let’s focus on Hyeri and Hyun-tae, I actually enjoyed their interactions because Hyun-tae seemed like a nice oblivious dude and Hyeri was this deluded girl that had a mindset of a 10 year old girl that’s in love, I mean what could be better. Their interactions was actually fresh and more cute than Yoo-mi and Jin-Wook, but that doesn’t mean they were a pairing worth fan-girling over. In fact I felt like the ending ruined this pairing, Hyun-tae loved Yoo-mi till the end. His generous acts towards her proved he loved her and was willing to let her go to make her happy but then he is suddenly moving on to Hyeri. He even planned to go on a trip by himself and didn’t consider Hyeri even once… but suddenly she confessed and he’s like oh hey let’s date… right. I can see why Hyeri liked Hyun-tae, it was hinted but Hyun-tae liked Yoo-mi throughout and he went on the trip to forget about her too, but suddenly he decides to date Hyeri. It’s so out of his character that it made the ending even more lame.

Overall, I do have many thoughts and opinion on this drama. There were too many flaws to be named and I can’t sit here all day writing about it because others may like it. Everyones’ tastes are different and I hope you respect my opinion too :). Although I bashed this like no tomorrow, I understand why people may like this drama; it’s lighthearted and easy to digest, and some scenes are cute. But if you ask me honestly if I recommend this, it’s a no. A huge no.