My Secret Romance ep 12 summary


Yoo-mi rushes home and confronts her mum, she blames everything on her mum. Yoo-mi demands to know why she said those stuff on the TV. Mi-hee defends herself claiming the conversation flowed like that and she didn’t have a choice. Mi-hee disses Jin-wook for being a disgraceful man because he was the person who acted like Dong goo was his child while they were dating, but now he’s no where to be found. Yoo-mi explains her and Jin-Wook aren’t even dating, they’re only a one-night stand and nothing else. Yoo-mi pleads to know why her mum exposed her secret, she wanted to keep it a secret till the day she dies but her mum had ruined everything. Yoo-mi asks whether she feels happy for selling her daughter out on TV. She never considers her feelings or hardship, how can she even call herself a mother. Mi-hee shouts back, she will never mention her again on TV so Yoo-mi should just live a life of not having a mother. Yoo-mi asks whether her mum even knows how difficult it is to live as an erotic actress’ daughter. Even when she is all covered up she feels naked to the public. Yoo-mi storms out and sees Hyun-tae waiting outside her door.

Mi-hee is lost in her own thoughts, she thinks back to the conversation she had with Yoo-mi- Yoo-mi asks whether she can still call herself her mother. Mi-hee answers tearfully she can because she gave birth to her. Jin-Wook is driving aimlessly as Yoo-mi is not returning any of his calls or text, however thinking back to his conversation with Hyun-tae, Yoo-mi might be at the beach since they met at the East Sea.

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Yoo-mi’s at the beach watching others having fun, she tells herself that she cannot find a better place to run away to. Yoo-mi is strolling around she looks at a restaurant debating whether to go in or not as there’s a sign saying “2 customers or more”.¬†As she is looking at the sign the owner chucks a bucket of water on Yoo-mi as she did not see Yoo-mi standing there, the owner awkwardly goes back inside due to her mistake. Yoo-mi stands outside soaking wet and digesting what just happened. A kind-hearted woman approaches Yoo-mi and apologise for the owners behalf. She also invites Yoo-mi to her restaurant to dry off. She offers Yoo-mi a towel and then abalone porridge as she just happened to be having lunch. Yoo-mi tries the abalone porridge and is delighted by the taste, she asks whether there’s any secret in making the porridge so delicious. She thinks back to her conversation with Jin-Wook, how he misses his mother’s abalone porridge.

Yoo-mi goes and explore around the town using the bike the lady lent her. As Yoo-mi is cycling she goes past Jin-Wook without realising and Jin-Wook neither saw her as he was looking the other way. Jin-Wook stops by the beach and reminisces the memory he had with Yoo-mi on the beach. He states he does not miss the Yoo-mi in his memory but the real Yoo-mi. Yoo-mi is the same, she cannot help but think back to her early memories with Jin-Wook. She notices a 500 won coin on the floor and picks it up but accidentally drops it which causes it to roll on the road. The 500 won continues rolling but suddenly stops as someone stopped it with his foot. Turns out the person is the one and only Jin-Wook.

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Jin-Wool picks up the 500 won coin and approaches Yoo-mi, he tells her that he looked everywhere for he and asks whether she has any idea how hard it was. He gently hugs Yoo-mi and pulls her into an embrace. He explains he hesitated to look for her because she once asked him to not search for her. Yoo-mi asks Jin-Wook why he lost so much weight and Jin-Wook answers he starved for her. Yoo-mi starts shedding tears as she is very touched by his words. Jin-Wook begs Yoo-mi to never run away from him again.

Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi are strolling through the beach, he tells Yoo-mi one day his mother suddenly left him and he was so lonely, he had no body to depend on. He didn’t wanted Dong Goo to be lonely like him¬†hence why he wanted to be the ‘father figure’ for Dong Goo when he discovered Dong-Goo could potentially be his child. Yoo-mi asks whether he resents his mother but Jin-Wook explains he’s does not because she was born in the ocean and being in the city must have bored her. No matter how big the house is it’s no match for the ocean. Yoo-mi tells Jin-Wook that she hates her mother, she blamed her mother for everything after discovering her mother’s past history. Yoo-mi was always worried people about how others will judge her so she wore really conservative clothing. She asks whether she sounds like a fool but Jin-Wook simply gently strokes her head and wraps his arms around Yoo-mi.

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Yoo-mi and Jin-wook spends the whole day playing on the beach with sparklers. Both Yoo-mi and Jin-Wook are resting on top of Jin-wook’s car. Yoo-mi tells Jin-Wook she’s happy, thanks to him. She dated such an attractive man to the point she feels like it’s a dream. Jin-Wook tells Yoo-mi it doesn’t feels like a dream to him because he doesn’t want it to be a dream. He pulls Yoo-mi into an angle that’s facing him and says there’s many things he still hasn’t done with Yoo-mi, and from now on he will do it all with her, he’ll never let her go again. Just like the first time they shared the night together, Jin-Wook is deep asleep and Yoo-mi is awake. She looks at Jin-wook’s asleep face and thinks back to all their memories. Instead of running away and abandoning Jin-Wool, Yoo-mi stays and kisses Jin-wook’s on the lips.

Yoo-mi voices over:

“Thank you. I’m thankful that my first love, and my last love is you”

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