Suspicious Partner ep 12 summary


Yoo-Jung confronts Eun-hyuk as he steps outside the building. She demands to know why he’s ignoring her calls; is he and Ji-wook going against her or something. She questions why she’s being childish herself and sighs. She continues speaking, she was bad but he’s bad too. Yoo-Jung asks whether he knows Ji-wook has a girlfriend now, and she’s a murder suspect too. She questions herself again, why is she blabbing to herself. Eun-hyuk looks at her and says it’s been a long time but she should get going. Eun-hyuk requests they only run into each other from now on and leaves.

Hee-joon’s father (Moo-Young) is shopping for a cake as today is his son’s birthday. As he waits for the staff to put the cake into the box he spots Bong-hee strolling the street happily. Annoyed with what he saw he approaches her, he threateningly asks how she has the confidence to smile. Does she even know what date it is today. If Hee-joon’s alive now he would be blowing out his candles, he’ll be holding his son’s hand but instead he’s buying him a cake that he can’t even blow out. Moo-young grips onto Bong-hee’s neck and starts strangling her. He wishes himself was a criminal or someone that does not know the law because he would have killed her ages ago. Bong-hee is struggling to breathe, she’s gasping for air with tears in her eyes. Moo-Young finally loosens his grip and walks away. Despite trying to regain her composure Bong-hee tells Moo-Young that she never committed the murder. Moo-young demands her to bring the real criminal, until then she will always be a murderer in his eyes.

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Bong-hee pretends to be happy and shows Ji-wook an evidence that they can trust Hyun-soo, he’s in a picture of a polaroid thats labelled the same day as the murder. Ji-wook comments that they cannot use it as evidence which Bong-hee agrees but it does show they can trust Hyun-soo’s statement. Bong-hee goes back to her room and unravels the scarf around her neck, she looks at the red mark on her neck and holds back her tears. Ji-wook abruptly enters her room after knocking once. Bong-hee hides her neck with her hand but only partly covering the mark. Ji-wook approaches closer and closer to examine the mark. He grabs Bong-hee’s hand to see it clearer. He asks her what happened but Bong-hee refuses to tell. Ji-wook reassuringly tells Bong-hee to confide in him. Ji-wook intensely looks at Bong-hee, Bong-hee shakes her head and refuses to say because she does not want to talk about it. Ji-wook asks whether she’ll be okay and Bong-hee nods, Ji-wook understandably nods then leaves the room.

There is something off with the case but they cannot put their finger on it. Ji-wook states it could be murder but then again, the victim suffered not just one injury but many wounds. Ji-wook and Bong-hee goes to the places Hyun-soo visited that night to find an alibi. However it starts raining and they go shelter under a roof. Bong-hee starts playing with the rain and Ji-wook can’t help but smile at her actions.

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Bong-hee and Ji-wook are heading to the trial but before they step in they bump into Moo-Young, Bong-hee automatically holds her neck and looks down in fear. Ji-wook notices how frightened Bong-hee is and holds her hand to lead her inside the building. Bong-hee and Ji-wook are against Ji-hye and Yoo-Jung. Ji-hye presents her charges- Hyun-soo planned to burgle the house but was discovered hence committed murder. The judge ask whether Hyun-soo admits the charges, Ji-wook stands up and states they deny all charges, although they’re claiming he stole something from the house however there is no proof the missing object is done by the defendant. The prosecutors have also failed to find the missing object, and the missing object is no where to be found in the defendant’s house or workplace. They also checked his bank account and found no trace of monetary benefit. Ji-wook explains Hyun-soo is never a thief from the start because to qualify as a ‘thief’ the person must be proven guilty of robbery and committed murder at the chance of robbery itself. Therefore the defendant cannot be accused of murder. Bong-hee smiles at Ji-wook approvingly but Yoo-Jung angrily looks at Ji-wook.

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After the trial Ji-wook and Bong-hee walks out together planning their next step, Bong-hee energetically explains if they keep on battling like this they will have a high chance of winning. However Ji-wook is not as energetic as Bong-hee, it’s apparent he’s lost in his own thoughts too. He notice Yoo-Jung staggering towards her car and abruptly approaches her. He asks whether she is okay and needs someone to drive her. Yoo-Jung refuses however Ji-wook does not take it as an answer and insists to drive her. Yoo-Jung agrees. Bong-hee looks at the leaving Ji-wook all disheartened and Eun-hyuk happens to be passing the scene too and sees everything. Eun-hyuk ends up giving Bong-hee a lift back home. Bong-hee tells Eun-hyuk she’s jealous of girls that gets sick easily, because her mother gave birth to such a healthy girl she can never use being sick as an excuse. Eun-hyuk unsure what to say burst out laughing, Bong-hee tells him to not use ‘his laugh’ which Eun-hyuk automatically stops and his face becomes instantly serious.

Bong-hee lifelessly walks into the house like she has lost a war or something. Eun-hyuk also walks into his house and seems to be lost in his sadness. A drop of tear leaves his eyes which he quickly rubs away.

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Ji-wook takes Yoo-Jung back to the entrance of her apartment. He asks whether she doesn’t need to go to the hospital which Yoo-Jung insists she’ll be fine after some pain killers and sleep. Ji-wook nods and leaves but Yoo-Jung grips onto his arm. She asks Ji-wook to go inside, even for a cup of tea. Ji-wook coldheartedly snatches his arm back and requests her to not be like this. You-jung explains she loved him too much that his love couldn’t compare, she was thirsty for love to the point she was always anxious. But after their break-up she realised it still has to be him, even if it means dying of such thirst. She simply wants to be by his side. Ji-wook stays quiet and looks straight at Yoo-Jung.

Bong-hee wanders around the house completely in her own world, she cannot seem to concentrate on anything and simply wasting time. She aimlessly touches everything whilst waiting for Ji-wook’s return. Every second she becomes more and more worried. Bong-hee goes out to the entrance to wait for Ji-wook. She walks back and forth, questioning why it’s taking so long for him to come back. Finally she sees Ji-wook. Bong-hee’s eyes are completely fixated on Ji-wook. She runs up to him and embraces him tightly. She tells him that she thought he wouldn’t come back tonight. Bong-hee confesses- she likes him, she likes Ji-wook. Ji-wook raises his hand to hug Bong-hee back but in the last second he drops it back down. He tells Bong-hee to not fall for him.

Ji-wook voices over:

“Not everything that begins progresses. Some things stop as soon as they begin…┬ábecause every┬ábeginning is frightening”

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