Suspicious Partner ep 11 summary


Ji-wook wakes up and finds an asleep Bong-hee next to him, he lays back down on the sofa and watches Bong-hee’s sleeping face. Bong-hee’s head starts tilting and Ji-wook catches her head. He slowly uses his other hand to hold her head up so he can place her head resting on the sofa’s arm. However Bong-hee slowly stirs away and finds Ji-wook cuffing her face. Ji-wook quickly tells her to not misunderstand, Bong-hee asks him what for, Ji-wook quickly explains he’s touching her face and he hopes she does not misunderstand his intention. Bong-hee laughs because it’s fun to tease him.

Ji-wook voices over:

“This is the definition of the word “beginning’. The first step of an act or circumstance. Or the first of an emotion. The beginning is always thrilling. The beginning is often quite clumsy. But this is…worse than being clumsy”

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Young-hee asks whether Ji-wook is dating Bong-hee because he saw her exiting in one of his rooms. Ji-wook explains he is letting Bong-hee stay at his house because she has no where else to go. Young-hee does not believe him and asks again, it’s okay to tell him… tell him that he does like Bong-hee.

Eun-hyuk sees Bong-hee carrying an errand, he calls out to her. Bong-hee tries to keep the conversation short but Eun-hyuk senses her displeasure in him, he asks whether she knows about the issue between Ji-wook and him. Bong-hee makes an awkward face because Eun-hyuk caught on quick. Eun-hyuk explains to Bong-hee that Ji-wook called him because he wanted him to take the case (Bong-hee’s case).  Bong-hee’s not sure whether it’s a compliment because she became a murder suspect just to make them reconcile. Eun-hyuk does his awkward laugh and sighs, he knows Bong-hee hates him but he wishes her to put a limit on it. Bong-hee replies he really does not like people who cheat on their signifiant other. Eun-hyuk does his awkward laugh again. Bong-hee asks Eun-hyuk why he is always smiling and laughing. Eun-hyuk replies if he does not do that then he can never approach Ji-wook again. He doesn’t know any other way to get close to Ji-wook. So heartbreaking.. Bong-hee is touched by his words and replies she can never be a prosecutor because she will try to understand someone’s crime and would rather plead for mercy. Eun-hyuk smiles at her comment and compliments Bong-hee for being kind. Bong-hee laughs at his comment because she’s a ‘murderer’. Eun-hyuk smiles at Bong-hee. P.s. He’s way too cute. 

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Ji-wook happens to be on his balcony and sees Bong-hee laughing with Eun-hyuk, he’s already showing a pissed-off face. Mr Bang joins him and comments on how close they look. Ji-wook is triggered, he indirectly shows his jealousy, if Bong-hee is in her right mind she will never be friends with someone like Eun-hyuk. Mr Bang smiles at him, knowing his emotion is clearly jealousy. Ji-wook’s had enough of their cosiness, he turns on the hose and sprays water on Eun-hyuk.

It is Young-soon’s first day at work, everything is going happily for her until she sees Bok-ja, who is her new boss. Bok-ja asks Young-soon’s whether this is the first time they’ve met, despite clearly knowing they’ve had a deep history of bickering. Young-soon replies she’s been reborn and had forgotten everything in the past. Bok-ja warns Young-soon to be careful from now on. Young-soon angrily dusts her apron and wraps it around her waist. Young-soon’s informs Bok-ja she’ll work hard from now on because she cannot afford losing her job as her husband is bedridden and her daughter does not have a stable job. Bok-ja slowly becomes quiet as she pities Young-soon.

Yoo-jung is interrogating Hyun-soo (a man suspected of murdering a celebrity chef). Yoo-jung explains all the evidence against him, he’s a courier delivery man and there’s evidence of his fingerprint inside the chef’s house. Hyun-soo stays quiet which Yoo-jung laughs at because he knows about the rights of staying quiet. He finally replies and says even if he speak he won’t believe her anyways. Yoo-jung is as coldhearted as ever, she informs him he’s right because she will not believe him.

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Bong-hee has been chosen as Hyun-soo’s defence lawyer. All her colleagues praises her because she is surprisingly useful. Bong-hee is off to meet Hyun-soo, she asks Ji-wook whether he wants to join her however, Ji-wook questions her back, does she know why he wanted to open his own firm. Bong-hee shakes her head. Ji-wook replies he wants to boss people around and make them work. Eun-hyuk overhears their conversation and energetically volunteers himself to work with Bong-hee. Ji-wook has no choice but take Bong-hee as he does not want Bong-hee spending time with Eun-hyuk.

Bong-hee heads into the building first and bumps into Yoo-Jung. They share a hostile greeting. Yoo-Jung’s had enough and cuts to the chase, she wants to know whether Bong-hee is really dating Ji-wook, Bong-hee replies she’s not obligated to say anything. Yoo-Jung insists she has the right to know but Bong-hee replies people talk about their rights whenever they’re disadvantaged. Yoo-Jung explains she really liked Bong-hee the first time they met, so why does it have to be her. Bong-hee agrees, she really liked her too and is slightly worried that Ji-wook’s ex is someone so pretty. Yoo-Jung asks again whether she is really dating Ji-wook. Bong-hee says yes but her awkward eye gaze screams she’s lying. Yoo-Jung laughs, she knows Bong-hee is lying because he will never choose her when herself is around. Ji-wook joins their conversation and admits Yoo-Jung is around but he still prefers Bong-hee. He wraps his arms around Bong-hee and guides her away.

Bong-hee walks away awkwardly unsure how to act with Ji-wook’s arm around her. Ji-wook notice her awkward behaviour and asks whether she is okay, Bong-hee finally exhales the air and explains she forgot how to even breathe. Ji-wook stares at her in disbelief. Bong-hee asks whether he’s giving her a hard time because she’s acting like his girlfriend. Ji-wook explains he can’t exactly leave his employee as a liar.

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Bong-hee finally meets Hyun-soo, she asks his reason for choosing her despite having a low winning rate compared to other lawyers. If he’s planning to ask her how to cover-up a crime then he can forget it. Hyun-soo snorts and laughs at her comment. Bong-hee asks why he’s laughing. Hyun-soo states this is driving him crazy, yes, he killed him, he even stabbed him. Bong-hee and Ji-wook stares at him worryingly. Hyun-soo asks whether there’s another way out than admitting a false charge. Bong-hee stays quiet. Hyun-soo explains Bong-hee is his only ray of hope. Bong-hee cannot help but remember her plead to Ji-wook of when she was a suspect. Hyun-soo explains he’s a delivery man and he’s been to that neighbourhood many times, and that’s the evidence they’re using against him. Hyun-soo becomes flustered, he doesn’t even know why he’s in this seat right now, he feels so lonely, he has no one on his side. The situation scares him, he’s been thinking that there might be someone who actually believes him then he can have someone to rely on. Both Bong-hee and Ji-wook are touched by his words, they stay quiet. Bong-hee cannot help but relate her past self to Hyun-soo.

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