Suspicious Partner ep 10 summary


Bong-hee has left a goodbye note for Ji-wook, by the time Ji-wook sees the note Bong-hee is already gone. He looks around the house visualising Bong-hee tidying the bits and bob, and also refuelling his food stock. Ji-wook goes into Bong-hee’s empty room and notice she has left her bb cushion, once he opens it, it’s empty. He comments to himself that Bong-hee keeps leaving this item. Even when he cooks Ji-wook unconsciously serves 2 portion of paella, finally realising his mistake he angrily pours Bong-hee’s portion into his. Ji-wook lifelessly eats but ends up picturing Bong-hee’s eating face instead. Poor Ji-wook is missing our lively Bong-hee. 

Ji-wook hands in his resignation letter to Young-hee, Young-hee replies he’s heard Ji-wook is going to open a firm. Young-hee offers to invest in it however Ji-wook rejects as he does not want ‘black money’. Young-hee angrily shouts at him because his money isn’t earned by being a thug or a mafia. Ji-wook immediately starts recruiting people for his new firm, he goes to Mr Bang (Prosecution Investigation Officer/ Ji-wook’s ex-colleague) and drags him into a corner to inform him about a job offer. Mr Bang asks whether Ji-wook wants him to jump ship. Ji-wook corrects him, he simply stated he wanted an office manager like him but didn’t specifically recruited him. With that said Ji-wook asks him to keep quiet about this and leaves.

ji wook open firm.png

Ji-wook’s new office isn’t the most grand but it will have to do, he ends up setting an office inside his home, with few desks and chairs, his office his complete. Young-hee hears about it and cannot stop himself being curious, he sneaks inside and takes a peek but quickly leaves before Ji-wook discovers him. Young-hee informs Eun-hyuk that Ji-wook is opening a firm and he’s planning to join Ji-wook. Eun-hyuk encourages Young-hee as he’s losing the power struggle inside their current company anyways. Eun-hyuk asks Young-hee whether he should work with Ji-wook too which Young-hee agrees happily because they need lawyers that earns money or Ji-wook will go bankrupt. Eun-hyuk is happy with Young-hee’s reassurance but not sure whether Ji-wook has forgiven him. Young-hee informs Eun-hyuk that Ji-wook is going to hire a lawyer today and it could be him.

Turns out the lawyer that Ji-wook wants to hire is Bong-hee. He visits Bong-hee at her Tae Kwon Do class. He asks whether she’s giving up too easily and Bong-hee replies nothing is easy to give up,  whether it’s love or work. Ji-wook asks whether she’s dumping him. Bong-hee is confused. Ji-wook explains he previously asked her to come back and work for him. Bong-hee thought he said it because he was drunk, Ji-wook confirms he sincerely meant it. Bong-hee moves closer to him as she does not have her glasses on her and also she can’t see his expression so she’s unsure whether he’s really sincere. After looking at his face intensely, Bong-hee knows he’s not lying. Ji-wook offers to pay her in advance so they can buy her contact lens. Despite all that Bong-hee rejects his job offer because it took a lot for her to stop being a lawyer and if she goes back it will be really shameless of her, plus she will bother him. Bong-hee walks away but Ji-wook calls her to stop her track. He states Bong-hee’s best trait is being shameless and if she loses it then she’s the same everyone else. Ji-wook tells her to reconsider before giving him an answer.

ji wook offer bong hee job.png

After Bong-hee’s short but careful consideration she decides to accept Ji-wook’s offer. She runs out of the building with her luggage, Ji-wook is waiting for her inside his car, he smirks at her predictable behaviour. He gets off his car and comments on how she accepted it quicker than he expected. Bong-hee tries to hide her happiness and explains 7 minutes is still a long time. Both of them get on the car. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee, even though she’s a hassle she must stay with him because she’s a ‘hostage’. Until he finds the criminal she needs to be with him as she has clues he’s unaware of. Yay Bong-hee and Ji-wook are reunited again!

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Bong-hee returns back to Ji-wook’s house/ office and discover Mr Bang, Young-hee and Eun-hyuk are there too. Due to the sudden business of the office it causes a great commotions, Ji-wook covers his ears in annoyance of the sound. Young-hee demands to know who Bong-hee is, after thinking for a while he realise Bong-hee was the suspected culprit for Hee-joon’s case. He demands Ji-wook to explain why he recruited Bong-hee because with her they may go bankrupt at this. Eun-hyuk interrupts explaining he will earn the money so Young-hee does not need to worry. Ji-wook snaps, he shouts he’s going to work by himself, Mr Bang asks whether he wants him to leave and Ji-wook replies he can stay. Young-hee quickly comments he will stay too and Eun-hyuk uses this chance to appeal Ji-wook and jumps in the bandwagon. He comforts Ji-wook that he’ll help him no matter what. Ji-wook had enough and kicks Eun-hyuk out the house. Eun-hyuk tumbles on the grass and shouts after the disappearing Ji-wook- everything will work out and he approves Bong-hee’s position.

ji wook kick eun hyuk away.png

Eun-hyuk is waiting for Ji-wook outside his house, once Ji-wook leaves his house he requests to speak to him. Ji-wook refuses however Eun-hyuk continues to plead, he wants to explains himself. They’re at the bench and Eun-hyuk asks Ji-wook whether he remembers they once buried a time capsule together and now he wants to open it together. Ji-wook is irritated and asks him to stop speaking metaphorically, he wants him to get straight to the point. However they’re interrupted by a bunch of high schooler, one of the kids throws a cigarette at Eun-hyuk’s foot. Eun-hyuk angrily lectures them and Ji-wook joins in. Ji-wook recognises one of the high schoolers and so does the high schooler, he calls Ji-wook the ‘stuck up lawyer’. Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk stands up angrily however quickly quieten down when they realise how tall they are. Eun-hyuk explains they were just planning to pass by. Eun-hyuk and Ji-wook turns around and sees more high schoolers approaching them. Eun-hyuk mumbles to Ji-wook they’ll be charged if they raise their fist first so they need to wait for them to hit them first, and they also need to hit less than them. Ji-wook replies they need to be hospitalised less than 3 weeks. Eun-hyuk looks around slyly and notice there’s no CCTV around. They quickly flee but bumps into more high schooler, it soon turns into a full-on battle. Though Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk are no fighters, they use any sorts of tactics and moves to win which includes pulling hair and bitting.

ji wook and eun hyuk fight.png

Both Eun-hyuk and Ji-wook are tired out, they’re laying on the floor side by side. The drama skips to back to the past, Eun-hyuk is holding a bouquet and practising his confession. He turns around the corner and sees Yoo-Jung confessing to Ji-wook. Ji-wook is startled by her declaration and stays quiet, Yoo-Jung asks what he will do: to date or never see each other again. Ji-wook shyly responds, he stutters he wants to date. Eun-hyuk’s heart is completely crushed. From that day onwards Eun-hyuks spends his days as a third wheel, completely isolated by Ji-wook and Yoo-Jung while they’re all love-dovey. Eun-hyuk thought he could give up his feelings for Yoo-Jung but he couldn’t in the end. The man that Yoo-Jung cheated with is Eun-hyuk. 


“I thought about it and realise I’m in no place to give any excuses, Ji-wook”


“I won’t ever forgive you”

i wont ever forgive you.png

Ji-wook walks off. Ji-wook voices over how he can never cut off ties with Yoo-Jung or Eun-hyuk. The drama shows all the things they have gone through together. The trio were childhood friends and were always together; from being a child to a lawyer, they were always together. Ji-wook cannot lose them, they’re his everything, his only friends.

Ji-wook returns and avoids Bong-hee however Bong-hee refuses to let him get away, she grabs onto his face and realise his face is filled with cuts and bruises. Ji-wook acting like a kid that got into trouble by his mother he immediately report he won the fight, it was 2 against 30 people. Bong-hee tends his wounds and asks Ji-wook to call her next time because she’s a 4th degree Tae Kwon Do master. Ji-wook flinches every time due to the sting but the next second his gaze would fixate back on Bong-hee.

Young-hee and Mr Bang forms a plan together to make Ji-wook agree on hiring Eun-hyuk. Young-hee lays on the floor and demands Ji-wook to hire Eun-hyuk while Mr Bang tries to flip the table in anger. Ji-wook simply replies it’s up to him and walks away. Bong-hee is watching the TV and comments on how it’s a pity the celebrity chef has died, Eun-hyuk asks why and Bong-hee replies the chef is good-looking. Ji-wook immediately joins and comments on Bong-hee having low standards. Eun-hyuk also comments on how women’ tastes are weird.

Bong-hee voices over:

“A little while after that a suspect for the murder of Yang Jin Woo got caught. He could be another wrongly accused suspect like me”

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