Suspicious Partner ep 9 summary



Bong-hee watches Ji-wook’s shocked expression, and judging from his expression she knows the ex-girlfriend he previously mentioned is Yoo-Jung. Bong-hee is overwhelm by the awkwardness and creeps away. Yoo-Jung asks whether he is curious what she’s been up to recently however Ji-wook insists he’s not and would prefer her to state her matter and leave. Yoo-Jung corrects him, they were never in a relationship where they need to give a reason to see each other. Ji-wook urges her to say what she wants and leave. Yoo-Jung comments on him being cold however Ji-wook replies there’s nothing more between them. Ji-wook walks off and Yoo-Jung grabs onto his arm. She tells him their relationship can never be forgotten. Ji-wook says again- they really have nothing between them anymore. Bong-hee joins their conversation after analysing their conversation topic, she addresses Ji-wook as “honey” and affectionately pulls his arm (to pretend to be Ji-wook’s girlfriend). Yoo-Jung looks as Bong-hee, Bong-hee introduces herself as Ji-wook’s current girlfriend. Yoo-Jung asks whether they’ve met before because she remembers her, Bong-hee confirms so. Ji-wook is completely lost at the change of situation, he instructs Yoo-Jung to leave. He grips onto Bong-hee’s arm to lead her out. Yoo-Jung asks again, whether Jin-wook is really dating Bong-hee. He hesitates to answer and Bong-hee confirms it by linking Ji-wook’s arm. She claims she’s dizzy after spending a ‘crazy night’ with him, which causes Ji-wook to look at her with disgust.

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Ji-wook makes sure he’s out of Yoo-Jung’s site before confronting Bong-hee about her strange behaviour. Bong-hee defends herself, claiming she only did it to repay his kindness; he once helped her from embarrassment when Hee-joon and Ji-hye were laughing at her. Bong-hee asks whether he really does not remember it and Ji-wook’s memory suddenly has been triggered, he remembers stroking her greasy hair. He asks Bong-hee for a wet wipe instantly and scrubs his fingers. Bong-hee is happy at his attitude because he also scrubbed his hands back then as well.

Ji-wook is completely lost in his own world to the point Bong-hee feels bad interrupting his thoughts. Bong-hee decides to not tell him it’s her stop so he can continue driving and daydreaming. Once they arrive to Ji-wook’s office, he finally realise Bong-hee is with him, he asks why she is here however Bong-hee questions herself too. Ji-wook lifelessly drifts inside and Bong-hee walks away. Eun-hyuk happens to see Bong-hee and stops his car to greet her, he asks whether she’s here to see him and Bong-hee angrily declares this is not a private land and she has right to be here. She suddenly snaps and continues ranting. Eun-hyuk stays quiet and stares in shock, Bong-hee finally realise how rude she’s behaving, she apologise for taking her anger out on him. Eun-hyuk smiles, he’s happy she’s not angry at him, he even welcomes her to take her stress out on him in the future. Bong-hee thanks him and they wish each other farewell. As Bong-hee is walking away Eun-hyuk watches her from his side mirror.

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Ji-wook attends Young-hee’s birthday party, a party consisting only Ji-wook, Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk. Ji-wook gives a birthday present to Young-hee which is a handwritten letter and a boxed present. Young-hee is delighted at the handwritten letter and opens it immediately, turns out to be a resignation letter. Young-hee throws the letter at Ji-wook’s face, unable to accept his resignation. Eun-hyuk senses something is off with Ji-wook and asks him whether he’s okay however Ji-wook angrily replies he does not need to report anything to him, Ji-wook walks away in annoyance. The next second Eun-hyuk gets a call from Yoo-Jung, he cancels the call. Eun-hyuk finally realise Yoo-Jung is back in Seoul. Yoo-Jung runs into her office and asks Ji-hye whether she knows someone called Bong-hee. Ji-hye says yes and explains Bong-hee is a horrible person; she murdered Hee-joon. Yoo-Jung reads the news regarding Bong-hee intensely and mumbles, she really liked Bong-hee too but keeps seeing her in unfavourable situations.

Bong-hee creeps into Ji-wook’s room, she sees him resting on his lounging chair listening to sad music. Suddenly Ji-wook looks over and notice Bong-hee, he approaches her and asks whether she’s hungry. Bong-hee immediately nods yes; an excuse to hide her weirdness (watching him listen to music). As they eat Bong-hee can’t help but stare at Ji-wook as she wants to know the whole story regarding him and Yoo-Jung. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee to not ask with her eyes, Bong-hee immediately asks the question with her mouth. Ji-wook explains he went over to Yoo-Jung’s place and found out she was with another man. Bong-hee is angered by the story and rants about Yoo-Jung. Ji-wook laughs at her anger, clearly happy that someone is siding with him. Bong-hee tells Ji-wook to use her as a stress ball and vent to her because it’s better than keeping it bottled inside.

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Bong-hee is having a meal with the man that works at the forensic team (Chan-ho), the news about a chef being killed appears on the TV. She asks whether he was at the scene and Chan-ho answers yes, but as a forensic staff of course. Bong-hee questions why would someone kill another person, Chan-ho answers he’s not sure but everyone has their own reason to kill someone. Bong-hee replies what situation is there to justify murder. Bong-hee gets worked up and elaborates, she wants to know what the murderer was thinking when he murdered Hee-joon and then blamed it on her. Chan-ho smiles snd replies he’s unsure. They leave the restaurant together, he asks Bong-hee for her next steps since there’s no traces of shoes or footprints. Bong-hee replies that she’ll catch the culprit no matter what, especially he left a declaration message as well so he’s bound to come back. Chan-ho comments on how fearless Bong-hee is. Bong-hee says she’s more scared of not being able to catch the culprit and staying as a key suspect for the rest of her life. Bong-hee wishes him goodbye and is about to leave but he suddenly grabs onto her shoulder, Bong-hee is startled by his actions and jolts. He insists to give her a lift back, Bong-hee reluctantly agrees sensing but something strange at the same time. She is about to get on and Ji-wook grabs onto her, he angrily tells Bong-hee they’ll catch the culprit together. Ji-wook is annoyed because she’s meeting the forensic man and hearing the results without him. Turns out Ji-wook and Bong-hee are heading home together, Bong-hee asks Ji-wook whether he knows he’s unconsciously nice to her, he corrects her that he’s consciously nice. Bong-hee asks whether he likes her, but before she finishes her sentence Ji-wook says he likes mankind.

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Ji-wook’s mother (Bok-ja) is having a meal with Young-hee. Young-hee advises Bok-ja to tell her son to give up on the idea of opening a firm because he will go bankrupt for sure. However Bok-ja refuses to listen because she knows his son is smart and capable. She is barely listening to Young-hee’s advice and busy flicking through the candidates’ CV. Something catches her eyes, she sees Young-Soon’s CV (Bong-hee’s mother) and is completely delighted because she can start her revenge. Young-Soon successfully gets the job and is raring to start, little does she know the owner of the pizza store is her arch rival Bok-ja. Everything is going well for Young-Soon but definitely not for Bong-hee. She’s at her financial limits now, with no clients her income is going below 0. Bong-hee has no choice but sell all her furnitures because she can no longer afford to rent the office, it also means Bong-hee’s career as a lawyer comes to an end.

Bong-hee is shopping for grocery and bumps into Ji-wook, she happily exclaims it’s destiny but Ji-wook corrects her, this grocery store is the nearest to his house therefore it’s not really fate. Bong-hee comments on how it’s rare to see him buying food, Ji-wook replies he has to buy food because who else will feed her. Bong-hee is grateful for all his help and offers to pay for everything in his trolley so he should choose anything he wants. Ji-wook does not hold back and chucks everything inside his trolley until it’s completely full.

Bong-hee voices over:

“Thank you for what you’ve done for me all this time. Since I don’t have anything but a thankful heart, I’ll return your kindness some time in the future”

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