My Secret Romance ep 11 summary


Yoo-mi and her colleagues are having a leaving party. Yoo-mi sings a heartfelt song emphasising the pain she’s going through, while she is singing she thinks back to her happy days with Jin-wook; from the day they met to their more recent days. It’s her colleagues turn to preform, the senior of the catering team uses this chance to tell Yoo-mi not to make mistake at her new work place. Yoo-mi apologises for all the trouble she’s caused and the team leader reassures Yoo-mi that she’s improved, for a newbie she did very well. She gently smiles at Yoo-mi, a very warm smile which she never did before. Yoo-mi is finally close with her colleagues but now she has to leave.

The next day, Yoo-mi packs up her belongings at her work with a heavy heart knowing this is the real goodbye. She looks over her recipe book and sees the recipe for “abalone porridge”, she can’t help but remember the conversation she had with Jin-wook- how his mother enjoys making abalone porridge. Everything she does, she can’t help but relate it back to Jin-wook. Yoo-mi goes home and packs her personal belongings. Her mother watches unhappily, she questions why Yoo-mi has to move so far away, to a countryside too. Yoo-mi tries to stay positive and insists it’s for the better as she gets to save money. Yoo-mi’s mother sulks as no one will look after Dong Goo when she is gone, Yoo-mi pleads her mother to stop bothering Hyun-tae just so she can go to the broadcasting station. Yoo-mi goes outside to throw away the garbage, she brought along the treasure box unsure whether to throw it away or not.

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As time goes on, Yoo-mi isn’t exactly enjoying her job, everyday is the same and her colleagues aren’t exactly nice people either, well she isn’t having that communal feel. Although Yoo-mi was the person who left, unconsciously, she thinks Jin-wook will come and find her. Jin-wook is the same, he goes back to his old self; a busy man that does not consume his meals. Jin-wook’s father informs his son to take over his position because he’s going to step down, however he must act smartly from now on because if he behaves ‘strangely’, he will hand his position to someone else.

Hyun-tae visits Yoo-mi, he tries to comfort her by teasing her; the book that she reads religiously has been released. Yoo-mi is annoyed at his comment and playfully hits him. She’s planning to go back to Seoul this weekend which causes Yoo-mi to become curious as to why he’s here, Hyun-tae answers he was planning to get some fresh air but ended up here. Yoo-mi is pleased by his answer and teases him, did he miss her that much to the point he unconsciously travelled her. They laugh together, but Hyun-tae knows Yoo-mi is secretly unhappy due to the-whole-moving-away-from-Seoul-situation. He asks whether she is okay and Yoo-mi replies she is fine because Jin-wook seems to be coping so sooner or later she’ll be too. Although Yoo-mi says that her heart is aching every second. Yoo-mi and Hyun-tae soon bids each other farewell after the short reunion, however, Hyun-tae has few words for Yoo-mi before saying goodbye.


“Yoo-mi, did you know? I only recently found out I like you. I like you. I don’t know when it started. But, I found out too late. I could have won you over, but I was a little too late. I just wanted you to know. I felt wronged trying to get over my feelings on my own”

Yoo-mi stays quiet, unsure what to say to Hyun-tae. She hugs him and gently pats his back. Hyun-tae does not say anything knowing this is the rejection already. Yoo-mi apologises, a heartfelt apology. From a distance, Jin-wook is watching them, clearly upset but does not approach them.

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Yoo-mi’s mother (Mi-hee) is nervous for the broadcast. She stands nervously whilst waiting for her turn to go on stage. Mi-hee’s ex-colleague approaches Mi-hee, Mi-hee thanks her for her recommendation, although she does not mean it, a thanks is still a thanks. Her ex-colleague arrogantly brushes it off, claiming it’s nothing since she begged so much to the director so it’s only right to recommend her. The show begins and Mi-hee’s ex-colleague completely outshines her. It’s Mi-hee’s turn to speak, she starts talking about how she needs to earn money for her 3 year old son. The audience and the interviewers becomes interested in her topic and asks her questions regarding her situation. Mi-hee gets carried away and mentions Jin-wook, she tells the interviewers and the audience that her daughter used to date him. But now they have broke up and she’s working somewhere else. The crowd is completely speechless but Mi-hee is excited since her popularity can soar back up.

Hyeri visits Jin-wook, she offers him a lunchbox that she made but Jin-wook hesitates to receive it because he does not want to confuse Hyeri. Hyeri seems to understand Jin-wook’s hesitation and explains, she’s simply worried about him and the lunchbox does not represent her feelings. Jin-wook tastes her lunchbox and comments on how she needs more practise. Hyeri snatches it back playfully and Jin-wook uses his chopsticks to stop her, they smile together. Hyeri comments on how she sees him as a man- from the first day she met him till now. Jin-wook advise Hyeri to find another man because there are many better people than him. Hyeri hesitantly nods and wipes away the drop of tear forming in the corner of her eye.

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Hyeri is clearly upset knowing nothing can make Jin-wook like her back, she heads to a local restaurant and drinks to her heart’s content while eating pig skin. As she does not have many friends she calls Hyun-tae to join her. Hyun-tae asks whether she was rejected. Hyeri admits it, she has been rejected by Jin-wook so many times already. Hyeri states she will use this chance to go travelling by herself, Hyun-tae is curious and asks where she is going. Hyeri simply replies she’s going somewhere with lots of handsome men. Hyun-tae stares at her blankly. Hyeri asks if he’s had a one-night stand with a random woman before and Hyun-tae answers he has no comment. Hyeri announce she will live a free-spirited lifestyle. She suddenly asks what Hyun-tae thinks of her and whether Hyun-tae wants to travel with her to Hong-Kong. Hyun-tae is taken aback by her offer and stays quiet. Hyeri emphasises she simply wants to eat dim sum.

Yoo-mi sees the interview of her mother, she starts to panic but calms herself down, hoping no one will know the person her mother is referring to. She works as normal but hears voices, gossiping voices about her mother being an erotic actress. Yoo-mi quickly leaves her position and runs away to a quieter place but everywhere she goes she hears negative statements about her. Jin-wook also sees the news and is startled by it. His father calls him but his secretary snatches the phone off, he tells Jin-wook to go, to find Yoo-mi and not let her go. He is telling him as a close friend. His secretary asks whether he knows what he’s saying and Jin-wook reminds his secretary to not act cocky because he’s his boss, with that said Jin-wook dashes inside his car and drives to find Yoo-mi at her new workplace.

Yoo-mi is nowhere to be found in her workplace but one of Yoo-mi’s colleague notify Jin-wook that Yoo-mi has left. Jin-wook quickly heads to Yoo-mi’s apartment but bumps into Hyun-tae instead. Hyun-tae immediately punches him and grabs onto Jin-wook’s collar. Jin-wook takes the hit and asks where Yoo-mi is. Hyun-tae stays quiet.

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