My Secret Romance ep 10 summary


As Yoo-mi is walking along the street she sees Hyeri sitting on a bench like a drunken mess, she approaches her and asks whether she is okay. Hyeri declares her life is ruined thanks to Yoo-mi. She laughs at Yoo-mi and brands her being a one-night stand. Hyeri also brings up the fact that Yoo-mi’s mother is an erotic actress and Yoo-mi should be ashamed instead of turning things around. She feels embarrassed to be with Yoo-mi and if she’s a one night stand then she should act like one and get lost. With that said, Hyeri heads off to Jin-wook’s house, she waits for him to come back. Hyeri angrily approaches Jin-wook. Hyeri declares she’s always wondered about the woman Jin-wook was dating, but turns out he’s simply dating a one-night stand. He’s being too much since she’s liked him straight 10 years, she starts hitting him on the chest demanding to know why a one-night stand is more important than their relationship. Jin-wook simply replies Hyeri, that the one-night stand changed his life, and that’s how important Yoo-mi is to him. Hyeri is lost for words, she falls onto the floor and starts wailing.

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Jin-wook’s father visits the restaurant underneath Yoo-mi’s apartment, he sees Dong Goo sitting by himself therefore he approaches him. As no one is around him he uses this chance to take one strand of Dong Goo’s hair for DNA testing. However before he gets a chance Yoo-mi’s mother arrives and angrily demands to know what he’s doing, Jin-wook’s father requests her to go away ’cause it’s not any of her business. Yoo-mi’s mother is angered by his words; she has every right to know what he’s doing especially he’s touching somebody’s child. They start bickering as neither party will budge.

Yoo-mi is in her room and lost in her own thoughts as Hyeri’s comments are affecting her a lot. She hears her mother arguing with someone downstairs, she quickly goes down to see the commotion. Jin-wook also arrives to the scene as he heard his father is at the restaurant. Before Yoo-mi can even comprehend what’s happening her mother declares Dong Goo is her child, she gave birth to him herself. Jin-wook and his father are completely confused, all this time they thought Dong Goo was Yoo-mi’s child.

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Jin-wook asks Yoo-mi whether Dong Goo is really not his son, Yoo-mi confirms it again and is starting to become flustered and annoyed. Jin-wook mumbles, questioning what he’s been doing all this time. Yoo-mi is shocked at his response and asks whether he was only kind to her because he thought Dong Goo was his child. Jin-wook stays quiet. Yoo-mi explains she was moved by his actions, but all along he was doing it because he misunderstood. Jin-wook stays quiet. Jin-wook’s father walks to his car and angrily gestures his son to leave as well. Once his father leaves Jin-wook walks back to Yoo-mi and requests they talk, he reaches for her hand but Yoo-mi snatches it back requesting they speak later.

Jin-wook’s father shouts at his son for choosing the wrong woman; Yoo-mi is a gold-digger because her mother is an erotic actress. Jin-wook is angered by his words and warns him to be careful with what he’s saying. He asks whether his father is embarrassed too because he’s always talking about grand children. His father snaps back, he declares Yoo-mi should brace herself since she is messing around with Daebok Group. Jin-wook warns his father to not touch Yoo-mi, he will not stay still like he did when his mother left him.

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Hyeri cannot hold in her sorrow and emotionally collapse during broadcast. She cries while holding a spicy chicken feet. Her behaviour has caused the public to speculate whether she had broken up with the Jin-wook. However once they start digging the information about Jin-wook and Hyeri, more things arises, for example, they found out Jin-wook has a ‘secret child’ and the mother of the child is an employee of Daebok Group. Yoo-mi reads the news in the toilet cubicles and starts to panic. More women walk into the toilet and start gossiping about the news without knowing Yoo-mi is in the toilet too, they gossip about Yoo-mi; speculating she is the ’employee’ and the ‘mother of Jin-wook’s child’.¬†

Yoo-mi is trying her best to not be in the public eye. She lowers her head even when she’s waiting for the bus. Jin-wook is about to get off his car and approach Yoo-mi but his secretary warns him not to because it may cause Yoo-mi to run away. Yoo-mi lifelessly walks around the street until Hyun-tae happens to see her and drags her to the batting machine where she can release her stress. They walk back in a comfortable silence and Yoo-mi asks Hyun-tae why he’s not asking anything about the tabloids. Hyun-tae laughs and asks back whether he needs to say anything. Yoo-mi states he was right; Jin-wook and her are really different people in a different world. If she continues to like him it will only bring her pain. Yoo-mi laughs at her dating experience and Hyun-tae tries to comfort her by roughly messing her hair up, and requesting her to read meaningful novels instead of erotic¬†ones now as it can help her dating style.

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Hyeri interviews Hyun-tae, she asks him the definition of a holiday and he answers a Holliday is like dating, you have fun while learning new places, theres also sadness when you go home; in that sense it’s similar to dating. Hyun-tae asks whether Hyeri has travelled alone before, Hyeri is surprised at the sudden question and replies no. Hyun-tae requests her to travel alone because it’s really similar to dating. The interview comes to an end. Hyeri compliments Hyun-tae’s flow at the interview. Hyun-tae also thanks her back and reminds her to take his advice because she is old enough for true love rather than a crush. Hyeri snorts at his comment but can’t seem to take her eyes off him at the same time even though their conversation has ended.

Yoo-mi is lost is her own thoughts, she wander around Daebok group reminiscing her memories. She suddenly gets a test from Jin-wook requesting to meet up. Jin-wook apologises for contacting her so late; he had many things to do. Yoo-mi thanks him for everything he’s done for her but if she stay it will be uncomfortable for both of them therefore she requested a transfer. Jin-wook is stunned by her words and asks her to say it again. Yoo-mi simply repeats, it’s the best decision for them. Jin-wook knows this is hard for her, but he does not want her to go. Yoo-mi leaves his embrace and states she didn’t come here to get his approval, she still has some pride left. Yoo-mi walks away with tears rolling down her face but she knows this is the best decision for both of them. Jin-wook is speechless, he clutches the wheel and tearfully hits it. Both are hurting just as much as the other person.

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