Suspicious Partner ep 8 summary


Ji-wook gently applies an ice pack on Bong-hee’s ankle, Bong-hee is taken aback and calls his name gesturing him to stop, but Ji-wook is completely immersed into applying the ice pack on her ankle. Soon Ji-wook falls asleep and Bong-hee reminds herself to not fall for him again. Bong-hee takes the ice pack from his hand and gently pushes him down so he can sleep in a more comfortable position. Bong-hee can hardly believe this is the man who suffers from insomnia.

The drama skips back to Hee-joon’s father telling Ji-wook that he thought he’ll be different from his father- they will think they’ve fixed a prosecutor’s mistake however they’re the one in the wrong. The drama skips to a young Ji-wook who is calling after his father, his father is clearly injured in a sea of flames. Young Ji-wook cries in despair and a man approaches him however once the man’s face is unclear. Ji-wook wakes up in a jolt and is sweating buckets.

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Enter Cha Yoo-Jung (Nara from Hello Venus), she happens to see a group of men trying to steal a woman’s laptop. She confronts them about it and once they try to hit her she easily beats them up. Coincidentally Bong-hee is sitting outside, she hears the ruckus and and joins the fight, she fly kicks one of them. Turns out Yoo-Jung is a prosecutor, Bong-hee introduces herself and explains she’s also a lawyer. Yoo-Jung even takes Bong-hee to the hospital as Bong-hee injured herself while preforming the high jump kick, luckily it’s nothing serious but Bong-hee’s leg is in a cast. Before they say bye to each other Yoo-Jung gives Bong-hee her business card, likewise Bong-hee gives her business card to Yoo-Jung too. They compliment each other before before saying bye.

Bong-hee returns and Ji-wook is very worried because he thinks he’s the one who caused the injury (he surprised her the night before and Bong-hee slipped). Seeing how apologetic Ji-wook is to the point his whole attitude is gone, Bong-hee has to take advantage of it. She tells him that he did injured her however he can stop apologising because she forgives him. Ji-wook suddenly carries Bong-hee, Bong-hee smiles in complete bliss however Bong-hee is too heavy for him. Ji-wook piggybacks her instead. He carries her to her room and places her down on the bed, he asks whether she needs anything and Bong-hee requests water. Throughout the whole night Ji-wook treats Bong-hee like a princess. Bong-hee is in complete bliss.

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Ji-hye approaches Yoo-Jung and greets her, she explains Yoo-Jung is her role model and always wanted to meet her since she became a prosecutor however did not get a chance because Yoo-Jung went abroad to study her masters. Joo-Jung corrects her that she never intended to go abroad but it was more like she went into the hiding because she cheated on her ex-boyfriend (ex-boyfriend is Ji-wook) Ji-hye also mentions she cheated too, she slept with her friend’s boyfriend (meaning Hee-joon). Hmm, this conversation sure went deep quickly. Yoo-jung asks who is the person she cheated with however Ji-hye becomes flustered, she asks Yoo-jung back the same question but she also refuses to say. Yoo-jung adds that she is going pretend she forgot about her sins and approach her ex-boyfriend again, she’ll beg for his forgiveness.

Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk are out on a team meeting bonding session, Ji-wook is clearly uninterested in the bonding session and does not even bothering clinking his drink with his colleagues. Bong-hee also arrives, she is with her friend and 2 unknown man (recruiters for a law firm). Ji-wook watches Bong-hee from his table. Bong-hee is doing all sorts of drinking performance, Ji-wook looks at her disapprovingly, Eun-hyuk asks whether Bong-hee got a job with them and Ji-wooka angrily replies he does not not, neither does he care. However Eun-hyuk says he does know few things about that law firm, Ji-wook automatically leans his head towards Eun-hyuk so he can hear better.

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Bong-hee leaves the restroom and Ji-wook is waiting for her outside, he calls her name and Bong-hee approaches him. Ji-wook pretends he does not care but asks why she’s drinking with those guys. Bong-hee happily replies, she’s having a preliminary interview. Ji-wook snorts at the idea and comments the interview is strange since it’s at a bar. Bong-hee remains optimistic and insists she does not care because this is a golden opportunity. Ji-wook is annoyed and explains she’s simply grabbing a rotten rope, Bong-hee does not mind and declares she only has this path left. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee to continue waiting because an opportunity will appear for sure. Bong-hee becomes teary and tells Ji-wook she cannot wait and pretend she’s okay, plus she’s an inconvenience to him right now; she cannot be a burden forever. With that said Bong-hee returns back to the table and one of the man announces to Bong-hee she’s been accepted to their firm. One of the man tells Bong-hee that she’s very attractive and appealing so she’ll be good for attracting clients, she should wear short skirts because they love it. Bong-hee is confused and asks what they means. They explain she simply visits clients and says a few word; it’s not a hard job, she just needs to look pretty. Bong-hee is offended and asks why they didn’t tell her from the start. Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk overhears everything. Bong-hee laughs at the idea of “short skirts” and “revealing tops”, she is about to throw a glass of alcohol on them but Ji-wook appears in time and takes the glass away from her. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee to not waste her energy or alcohol on guys like them, he drinks the alcohol and leaves with Bong-hee.

Bong-hee is annoyed and humiliated, she speeds walk away and Ji-wook catches up to her. Bong-hee requests him to leave her alone because she’s really upset right now. Ji-wook asks Bong-hee to go back to him, he wants her to work with him again. Bong-hee asks what he means by that and suddenly Ji-wook falls asleep on her. Bong-hee is unsure what to do with the asleep Ji-wook and cautiously places her hand on his back.

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Ji-wook wakes up and finds himself completely naked. He thinks back to the night before, he remembers himself falling asleep on Bong-hee and pushing her on top of the sofa. Ji-wook clutches his covers and repeatedly says “this can’t be”. He cautiously walk down the stairs and jumps at the sight of Bong-hee. Bong-hee gives him a cheeky smile and asks whether he slept well, Ji-wook asks why she is behaving like that and she should stop it. Ji-wook hesitantly asks whether they “did it”. Bong-hee teases him and replies she’s not sure. Ji-wook concludes they did it and brands himself as doomed. Bong-hee returns to her room and laughs in an evil manner; just like last time he never told her, now he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Bong-hee calls the guy from the forensic team as he left a missed call, she requests to meet in person to hear the results. Ji-wook is curious as well but Bong-hee dismisses him therefore Ji-wook exits his house first. Yoo-Jung is waiting outside his house, she greets him. Ji-wook is stunned and stares at her without saying a word. Bong-hee finishes the call and sees Yoo-Jung, she is about to greet her but notices the awkward air between Yoo-Jung and Ji-wook.

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